0C17YHH7NGW256 Edifier r1280db powered bluetooth bookshelf speakers – optical enter – wi-fi studio monitors – 4 inch near subject speaker – 42w rms – wooden grain (black)

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  • make certain this suits
  • via getting into your model range.
  • bluetooth wi-fi – popular conventional bookshelf speakers now may be enjoyed without the trouble of wires. Actually connection to an iphone, android, pill, computer or mac.
  • studio sound satisfactory – clearly pleasant tuned sound replica from four inch bass and 13mm silk dome tweeter.
  • optical and coaxial inputs – digital inputs to enable lossless connection to maximum tv and computer systems.
  • remote control – regulate the extent and toggle inputs at your fingertips. Bass and treble control placed on the facet of major speaker.
  • 2 yr assurance – high-quality components in stable mdf wooden housing are constructed to closing. 24 month elements and exertions guarantee in america and canada.

product description

edifier’s classic audio system just got better it’s time to take our exceptional-selling speakers and provide a large improve. Prepared with all new capabilities of a modern-day powered audio system. New inputs consist of a brand new optical, coaxial and wi-fi bluetooth inputs. Enjoy hd audio for the first time. Modern fashion version black wood appearance to keep the conventional look with a new twist on the style of modern generation. Now your speakers can mixture in well together with your pc, television, record player or some other piece of generation. Aspect panel controls use the side panel knobs for adjusting the eq for your liking. The controls are positioned on the energetic/powered speaker. Twist the knobs at the side manage unit to in shape on your own non-public preference of sound. Alternate the extent with the aid of adjusting the knob at the lively speaker. Complete listing of inputs newly added inputs inclusive of optical and coaxial inputs upgrade our wellknown set of audio system into full hd set of bookshelf speakers. With the new additions, we’ve got additionally left the rca connections in tact for keeping the choice for rca or aux connections. Lots of our customers have trusted our rca inputs and cables covered. Additionally, acquire a wi-fi bluetooth connection among you and your supply like a smartphone or a laptop. Wi-fi far flung the newly blanketed far off enables you to effortlessly switch inputs, modify extent and power with using the protected far flung. All new far flung with the newly redesigned wireless faraway, control bluetooth related gadgets. Control playback with the buttons located within the rectangular with the bluetooth emblem.


Black, Wood Grain

4 reviews for 0C17YHH7NGW256 Edifier r1280db powered bluetooth bookshelf speakers – optical enter – wi-fi studio monitors – 4 inch near subject speaker – 42w rms – wooden grain (black)

  1. tyler.ksu

    Let me start by saying that I picked these up on Amazon to beef up the sound for my beginner home studio set up. Previously had been relying on sound from my headphones lined in to the headphone jack on my laptop. I didn’t want to always have to wear headphones to get all the range of frequencies and sounds that my laptop speakers had a hard time reproducing. I say all that because I’m not an “audiophile” and I usually buy equipment that sounds decent but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.These speakers had decent reviews overall with a few references to lacking bluetooth. I decided to purchase anyway and was initially very pleased with their performance. Mind you, I’m comparing them to the speakers on my laptop, so anything will sound 100 times better. The first few times I fired them up they sounded great. Decent low end and clean high end. Mids as others have said are just so-so. Optical to TV worked great too. When pushed, there is some distortion but I listen to a lot of EDM and Hip Hop and have found that to be pretty consistent with most set ups. I was willing to accept that for the price I paid.I thought I had the perfect pair of budget speakers and was really happy with this purchase. Until I tried the bluetooth. I should preface that I’m an android user which could be part of the problem (when tested connectivity on my wife’s Iphone everything seemed to work flawlessly).When connecting to my Xperia XZ1 through bluetooth the problems began. The first problem was initial connectivity. Took forever to pair and oftentimes had to turn the speakers on and off a few times to pick up. Tried connecting with my samsung tablet and couldn’t even get the Edifiers to show up in the device list while I watched every other device in my house start to populate on the list. TVs, laptops, portable bluetooth speakers, everything but these Edifiers.Once I finally did get the speakers to connect to my phone, I queued up Spotify and hit play and nearly blew the speakers the volume was so loud. I fumbled with the volume control on my phone to try to get it turned down and noticed that the controls on my phone would not control the volume on the speakers, that is until I got to the minimum setting on my phone which did mute the speakers. So I thought maybe everything was good. I turned the volume up just one setting on my phone thinking it would ease back in at a low volume on the speakers but that was not the case. It was crazy loud again. So phone volume settings basically only tell the speakers to mute or go to what seems like a default volume which as stated earlier is way too loud.I found this blaring volume level issue to be the case every time the speakers were powered on and first connected to my phone. To make sure I didn’t have some weird setting turned on in Spotify, I tested using the Music app and the same issues occurred. Add to the fact that the speakers don’t recognize volume adjustment from the device they’re connected to and those 2 issues render the bluetooth feature useless.My Xperia has bluetooth 5 so maybe that’s the case but still doesn’t account for the fact that my tablet couldn’t even find it (and I know bluetooth in general can be a bit finicky, but it wouldn’t connect at all).Everything else worked great through the wired connections and with my wife’s Iphone. So these speakers may still work for you if you don’t use android devices. Or maybe if your android devices are bluetooth 4 and not 5. I don’t know if that’s the issue but none of my other bluetooth headphones have the same issue connecting or adjusting volume so I have to think it’s something with the bluetooth technology in these speakers.I should mention that this is the second set of speakers as I returned the first set at Edifiers recommendation thinking maybe I had a defective unit. Just looks like these aren’t compatible with some android/bluetooth devices. Wish so bad they worked with my phone/tablet. Really like these speakers other than that.Read more

  2. K

    I bought both R1280T and R1280DB and compared them side by side. I expected them to have a similar output if not the same, but I was totally wrong. The T outperformed the DB in almost every aspect and every sound detail that I can notice. The DB has an obvious muffled sound like what you can hear from an old radio. DB is somehow lack of midrange and overpowered the bass while the T is balanced and not weak in any sound range. The only music genre I found DB sounds better is nu-metal, hard to describe why though. The other genres I’ve tried (jazz, smooth jazz, acid jazz, fusion, rock, punk rock, metal, death metal, grunge, disco, funk, soul, guitar hero, techno, pop, jpop, kpop) all won by the T. I like the DB that has bluetooth built-in but I can’t bear that its sound quality is beaten by a cheaper model.Read more

  3. M. Mueller

    After a lot of research and studying reviews, trying to sort out fake reviews from the real ones, I admit I made a huge mistake with these speakers. I specifically selected these because of Bluetooth connectivity, which is part of the title of the product. Unfortunately, the Bluetooth implementation on these speakers is SO bad, I consider this false advertising to claim it is a core product feature. When I received them, I immediately tested with my primary audio source, a video monitor. After pairing, and confirming I had a good pair, the sound would continuously cut every few seconds during play. I unpaired the speakers and tested pairing with two other sources, BT 4.2 and 5.0 and at distances ranging from 1′ – 6′. The effect was the same. The Bluetooth will pair, but the sound will continously cut in and out. Extremely frustrating. The speakers sounded decent, but since the primary selection criteria was BT connectivity, these are such a massive fail that it would be far more satisfying to destroy them with a baseball bat than send them back for a refund. And why on earth would I call their tech support? What could they possibly do other than waste my time. This is a bogus BT product. Full stop.Read more

  4. Chris

    PROS: Decent sound reproduction, good bass for their size, optical inputCONS: Low volume, no remote bass/treble adjustment, no mounting optionsI bought these for our bedroom for TV (internal speakers horrible) and music. Due to the very short stand on the TV, I couldn’t put a soundbar in front of it and didn’t want to mount the TV or soundbar to the wall. These speakers fit the bill (optical input, bluetooth, remote operation). Music sounds good through them. The highs aren’t particularly crisp but are natural. Midrange is very good and the low end is surprisingly good considering the size of the speakers. The bass is punchy and clean but definitely isn’t going to shake the walls though for most music, it’s fine. Hip Hop, EDM and other bass heavy music are not going to be done justice with these but what do you expect from a small bookshelf speaker? There is little to no distortion even at max levels.TV and movies sound OK through these speakers. Dialog is easily discernible, music and effects sound good but the lack of bass is almost distracting. Once again, you can’t expect much considering their size. Unfortunately there is no subwoofer out but one can be added through the speaker wires. Movies have so much more impact with rumbling bass, so these speakers fall short in that regard. Leaps and bounds better than my TV’s internal speakers though. No comparison.One of the biggest disappointments I have with these is the volume level. The speakers are only 21 watts each and it shows. I wish they had a bit more power. In a bedroom, small classroom or office the volume would be acceptable. You won’t be disturbing the neighbors or even a roommate. If I had to guess I’d say 75 decibels.If you’re going to be buying primarily for home theater use, I’d look elsewhere. A similarly priced 2.1 soundbar would be a better choice. All in all, these work for my purposes and I feel they’re worth the money. I’d purchase them again.Read more

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