0C12O9UQDAP580 Osd 70v mono 25w in-wall quantity control specific via-put smooth daisy chain install (white, almond, bone) mvc25

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  • daisy chain: the mvc25 capabilities a via output for smooth daisy chain set up that bypasses the transformer for extra daisy-chained extent controls and maximum flexibility.
  • design: the kit includes coloration healthy decor inserts, outer plates, and knobs with white, bone and ivory to in shape in a industrial setting masking workplaces, retail buildings, warehouses and extra.
  • volume manipulate: with 70 volts, this extent manipulate presents wonderful frequency reaction, low insertion loss, and dependable performance when elevating or lowering the device volume.
  • high energy: the mvc25 has 25 watts of strength. The speakers connected to the manage wishes the transformer placing to be same or much less than the rated watts of each 70 volt extent manage.
  • commercial: the osd 70v mono volume manipulate receives established right into a wall and daisy chained to different controls for flexibility. Reliable sound overall performance for packages in 25 and 70 volt systems.

product description

top-rated speaker design is engaged in the layout, engineering, and distribution of extremely good domestic and industrial audio merchandise. Our merchandise range in complexity from easy in-ceiling speakers to entire house audio systems – all with beautiful styling and high-cease sound nice. Our u. S.-primarily based research, development, and design crew is supported through a network of cutting-edge acoustical, mechanical, and electrical engineers. Collectively, we create merchandise that integrate the today’s era effectively of use for a high-quality sound enjoy.

osd offers rotary decora style extent controls which are an appealing opportunity to other industrial extent controls.

new daisy chain design adds thru output that via passes the transformer allowing additional daisy chained extent controls for maximum flexibility, no want for external splicing.

the removable enter/output terminal blocks, two in, out and two optionally available for thru output for daisy chain connection.

size is a preferred unmarried gang.

  • decora rotary style is an appealing opportunity
  • white and ivory plates covered
  • silver-plated contacts for noise-free operation
  • 25w commercial 70v decora rotary style

    an appealing alternative to other business collection attenuators, the daisy chain layout of the mvc-25 adds through output that with the aid of passes the transformer permitting extra daisy chained extent controls for max flexibility, no need for external splicing.

  • features a via output for easy daisy chain installation
  • low insertion loss and dependable overall performance
  • installs effortlessly for packages in 25 and 70 volt structures
  • size_name

    25W, 50 Watt, 100W

    8 reviews for 0C12O9UQDAP580 Osd 70v mono 25w in-wall quantity control specific via-put smooth daisy chain install (white, almond, bone) mvc25

    1. MikeC

      I used to install speakers in various rooms in my office using speakers and speaker controls from Radio Shack. Well, that’s no longer an option, so I went to Amazon and found this speaker control. It was very reasonably priced, much higher quality than the old ones from Radio Shack, and was very easy to install. There are instructions, but one almost doesn’t need them, it’s so simple. All that is required besides the control is a box for the wall. I got that at Lowes for about $.97. The control itself comes with different color knobs and faceplates to match various decors. Couldn’t ask for a better product.Read more

    2. BGS

      This volume control comes with 3 different sets of plastics to change its color which is really handy. It also has a Phoenix style terminal on the back for easy connection and junctioning to another room. The negative, it doesn’t have engraving on volume level like other controls. So it’s a mystery for non technical users.Read more

    3. steelnotplastic

      Good:1)Easy to daisy-chain if that’s your method,2) 3 colors included to choose from to match your other wall plate covers, although I dont know of any place still uses brown or tan.3) Pretty good PDF explaining how to wire these.Bad:1) I had to trim the Single-Gang Low-Voltage Mounting Bracket plastic interior so that this attenuator would fit through it and into the wall. It’s is a struggle to make this fit into the wall. There is no possible way this would fit in an old metal switch box. Unrelated: Here’s a tip: Don’t install it behind a light switch on the opposite side of the wall. It’s too deep and won’t fit. That was a dumb mistake on my part.2) The sound cuts out. I noticed if I pressed sideways on the knob, the sound would come back. Defective.3) The plastic green screw terminal attachments for connecting the wires make the job easier, but they are too loose where they snap onto the attenuator. I had one disconnect behind the wall. I had to use electrical tape on them to be certain they wouldn’t disconnect.4) The [+ and – ] stickers on the plastic green screw terminals fell off.5) I almost certainly did not need a 100W attenuator. It is extremely difficult to find information about sizing the attenuator. It seems as if it’s too big, the switching becomes vague.6) I called twice for assistance from their technical help, had to leave a message, says they will return the call , never once received a callback.Read more

    4. rick lyles

      Not an infinite sound adjustmentRead more

    5. Amazon Customer

      Very godo product, easy to install, golf sound and 3 different colorsRead more

    6. Fred C.

      Only draw back is there is no markings to give you start or mid point. I can add my own but then that takes away the finished look!Read more

    7. EDward H Paton

      It was easy to install and worked actually as advertisedRead more

    8. Hogan

      High quality, easy to install, and works as describedRead more

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