0C12O9UNNL6380 Klein gear aepjs1 wireless speaker, transportable jobsite speaker plays audio and solutions calls arms free, durable sufficient for worksite use

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because the american leader in hand tool manufacturing klein equipment has been putting the bar for first-class on account that 1857. This wireless jobsite speaker keeps that lifestyle with its 5 watt excessive satisfactory sound and 2 meter drop protection.

klein tools doesn’t simply make notable products, we make wonderful products that get up to the needs of the professionals who use them each day… given that 1857.

wireless jobsite speaker

the klein tools aepjs1 is a powered speaker that gives 5 watts of awesome sound for smart phones, capsules, computers and different audio devices through a wireless bluetooth* connection or wired auxiliary input. It solutions calls hands unfastened with the integrated speakerphone and can be magnetically connected to any steel floor, attached to klein’s lighted tool bag (cat. No.)

  • 32. Eight feet. (10 m) connectivity range (in open space)
  • 10-hour battery existence
  • drop blanketed up to 6. 6 feet. (2 m)
  • connects wirelessly thru bluetooth or a stressed auxiliary enter

    effective rear magnet holds speaker to metallic surfaces

    1/4-20 threaded mount on backside allows attachment to any widespread tripod

    twist-lock flange mounts to klein’s lighted tool bag (cat. No. 55431)


    Standard, With Magnetic Strap

    8 reviews for 0C12O9UNNL6380 Klein gear aepjs1 wireless speaker, transportable jobsite speaker plays audio and solutions calls arms free, durable sufficient for worksite use

    1. Mike The Janitor

      I was pretty excited to find this Bluetooth speaker. It was exactly what I was looking for. I have a demanding work environment as I am involved in shipping and receiving. I wanted a compact speaker that was loud and magnetic. This is perfect! I alternate between a sit-down forklift, a stock picker and a stand-up lift CONSTANTLY. Occasionally, I work in areas that don’t require lift machinery and I put stuff away by hand. This speaker is fantastic for all those applications because I can just stick anywhere metallic! I keep my phone in my chest pocket, usually. I have walked about 30 feet or so from the speaker before it cuts out. The sound is pretty tremendous, too. It can hold it’s own to whatever suits your fancy in the world of music. Myself, I listen to a lot of New Wave, Disco, EDM, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, 80’s, 90’s and blah blah blah. This speaker has been a joy to have and use. Since recieving it, I have used it two full days and have yet to charge it. It has an automatic shut off when I’m away from the unit too long with my phone out of range. It will also turns itself off if it doesn’t sense activity. It was easy to connect to my phone with no hassle. It has been rained on slightly and seems to hold up well to that. I haven’t taken a call with it yet, so I can’t give you an idea on quality in that regard. I’ve included pictures so you can see how I use it in my particular work environment. The magnetic back is quite sturdy. When I’m working in our outdoor holding yard, it is bouncy because the terrain is rough. I’ll get knocked around in my forklift seat. But this little speaker just hangs on and keeps rockin’, dear reader. The only complaint I have (and it’s not really a complaint more than it is a suggestion for the manufacturer) is the outer casing. Although it’s durable, that orange you see around the unit is a hard plastic. I thought it might be a somewhat firm silicone in which to absorb the unit if dropped. I’m sure the plastic will protect it just fine. It just seems like in tougher work climates, silicone could be a better protectant. But, honestly, this has been a tough little speaker with great sound, connectivity and durability. I highly recommend this speaker for anyone in an active work environment. Or ANY environment with a piece of metal you can slap this onto!Read more

    2. BigB777

      This is a nice little speaker. Has proven to be rugged enough to live in my tool bag. Holds a charge for a long time. Good volume for lower noise environment but not able to overcome noise of a full-on commercial build site (not much could that would be allowed on site). Magnet is great design feature; attaches to lift, electrical box, stud, etc. Only knock is that speaker gets tinny and staticy at top volume with good metal tunes.Read more

    3. Matt

      By far the best Bluetooth speaker you can get for 40 bucks. 10 hour battery life is no joke, and the magnet on the back makes it easy to listen to music on the job site no matter what you’re doing. The sound quality is also much better than I expected from a 40 dollar speaker. I was happy to find this after looking at too many 60 dollar speakers in stores with 2-4 hour battery lives. I have recommended to several people already. Only negative is that it came with a charging cable, but not a USB power block, but most people should have an extra one lying around.Read more

    4. Deadeye Dick

      I was hoping I could use this for hands-free in my old jeep, or in my workshop, but it doesn’t have enough volume on the speaker to do much better than the speaker in my old clam-shell phone. The bluetooth range is good, unfortunately the speaker volume is not as good as the bluetooth range. So you can’t get too far away from it, or talk into it from much of an angle. But if you have your phone in your pocket and both your hands at work, it is a nice convenience, though, and being able to use a cellphone changer to charge it up is a nice feature. If you keep those limits in mind, it is a good buy if you buy it knowing that.Read more

    5. Jordan Simpson

      Most likely AYL makes this. However the magnet, grille stamping is exclusive for KLEIN TOOLS. Magnet is strong. Sound is good and range. Grille rattles and don’t attempt to snug up the grille fasteners because they will break very easily. Instructions are vague. Run time is nowhere near as advertised just like their rechargeable hard hat headlamp.Save your money.If you use 18 volt Makita tools then get their Bluetooth speaker offering.Read more

    6. Catullus

      I mostly think this is a very good job site speaker. It’s small enough to fit practically anywhere, and it has a very strong magnetic base that gives it a good deal of versatility. The battery life is decent. It claims to be built to withstand a drop of over six feet, and I believe it. It feels very solid.My only issue is that the sound quality really isn’t that great. I don’t know how to best communicate the sound quality to you, but I would say it’s probably the halfway point between the speaker built into my iPhone 7, and an actual high quality speaker. This isn’t hard to beat in sound quality, but if you need a durable and convenient job site speaker, this may be a good option. I certainly don’t regret getting it.Read more

    7. Kevin Kutnink

      I brought this speaker to use in my shop. It has replaced my radio and now I can listen to all of my music stored on my Iphone. It can be turned up loud enough to hear everywhere in my shop and outside. Speaker battery has lasted 16 straight hours so far, I have not recharged the battery yet. Not sure how long it will last, this speaker works way better than I thought it would. I’m going to make a mounting place in my boat so I can take it along boating.Read more

    8. Keith

      It is a decent speaker for a $20 speaker. Problem is, it’s not a $20 speaker. It’s a $40+ speaker. There are two things that make it better than the other $20 Chinese made speakers it is identical to: 1) it says Klein on it. 2) it has a magnet in the back. My advice: buy the $20 speaker, take the $20 you saved and buy a strong magnet and Dollar Tree super glue and you have the same thing.Read more

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