0C12O7BYEGL590 Osd 8″ trimless ceiling speaker 175w lcr home theater surround, contour transfer, ace870 (single)

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  • trimless grille: the osd trimless in-ceiling angled audio speaker is flush installed and is hardly ever seen for a hidden impact once established. Powerful magnets maintain the micro flange grilles attached for clean installation.
  • perspective: this in-ceiling speaker features a fifteen degree angled woofer for the bass driver and a pivoting tweeter for placement flexibility inside the ceiling, geared up for dolby atmos sound.
  • layout: for osd’s trimless in-ceiling lcr speaker, it’s miles flush hooked up, making it smooth to combination into the ceiling. Contour switches additionally can help you tailor the bass and treble in your preference.
  • woofer & tweeter: the capabilities on this speaker encompass a carbon fiber composite cone woofer and a pivoting 1 inch aluminum dome tweeter with high strength handling of 175 watts.
  • sound nice: whilst established to a wall or ceiling, the angled speaker solves your audio placement troubles and creates a more sensible sound photo while compared to everyday in-ceiling audio system.

from the manufacturer

osd audio dolby atmos equipped angled ceiling audio system

  • osd audio gives the whole thing you want to design and build a entire custom home or business audio answer. In-ceiling and in-wall speakers, amplifiers, custom manage merchandise, and greater are available to give you the correct audio experience, interior or outside.
  • dolby atmos ready angled ceiling speakers

  • with an osd audio angled in-ceiling lcr speaker, you’ll get imaging and staging which could in certain conditions be lost with ordinary, down-firing ceiling audio system. The angled speaker is a real problem solver because now not every area is right for domestic theater sound packages. The constant 15-degree angle of the mid bass driver plus a pivoting tweeter for placement flexibility permits those speakers to be established at once above the television display screen. The sound is directed far from the tv and toward the listener. You get sonic imaging that is close to what you pay attention from a traditional freestanding speaker device, but you may not see any speakers unless you look up. This speaker may be part of a 3-piece set to address the the front stage of a surround machine while both on-wall and in-wall speakers aren’t an option.
  • key capabilities

    the fixed 15-diploma attitude of the mid bass motive force plus a pivoting tweeter for placement flexibility lets in these audio system to be hooked up without delay above the tv screen. The sound is directed far from the tv and toward the listener.

    pivoting tweeters can be aimed closer to the listening location of your preference making these a herbal a part of your property audio system. In place of sound moving into one fixed path, it may be directed closer to you for higher performance.

    the mechanical homes of the kevlar cloth, power and the ability to expend strength, are best for speaker cone material. It keeps a uniform dispersion sample in any respect frequencies in its range and produces a cleaner sound to the listener.

    the speaker assembly is inserted into the hole inside the bracket and attaches to the bracket and drywall through six plastic mounting clamps (canine-legs) on the back of the assembly to ‘sandwich’ the drywall and mounting bracket.


    6.5", 8"


    ACE670, ICE630, ICE660, ACE870

    8 reviews for 0C12O7BYEGL590 Osd 8″ trimless ceiling speaker 175w lcr home theater surround, contour transfer, ace870 (single)

    1. Jared

      I’ve never been a fan of in-wall speakers but had to get them for my new house. I went from B&W bookshelfs, a b&w center, and paradigm bi-polars for my sides and rears. I can’t compare these to that, I only mention for my experience in audio quality.General: For a hundred bucks a speaker, these are great. I like that they are directional, they’re easy to install, and appear to be well built. The speaker grills are neat and clean, and overall the look is pleasing and simple.Audio: Good for movies and shows in general for sure. Clear, crisp audio, sounds how it should in my opinion. Music is another story. I’d only give these things a 6/10 if you want to listen to music and experience a wide tonal range. I found the lows partially muted and the mids somewhat dull, but I corrected this running Denon Audessey and adjusting the EQ of each speaker. Still, there’s only so much you can do to manipulate audio after it’s built. But again, I use mine mostly for movies, and I’m plenty pleased with them considering what I paid.Customer Service: This is kind of “meh” to me. I ordered six speakers, and four came in that were the downgraded version with worse bezels. This kind of aggravated me because I ordered six of the exact same speaker at the the exact same time, but whatever, people make mistakes. Still, I contacted them and they were indifferent to the situation and didn’t offer an apology or anything. I ended up order four more and returned the inferior ones when the new ones came in. Then, I had one speaker crackle badly when the volume was turned up. After emailing them, they said, “must have happened in shipping, you’re under warranty, just order another and return that one or send that one back and we’ll repair it and send it back.” Okay, that’s decent customer service, but why am I ordering SIX speakers and having trouble with FIVE of them? I mean, even on the new four, I had to tighten screws on the construction of the speaker on two of them. Screws were in, but were not even remotely tight. Barely even threaded. As far as I’m concerned, for a hundred bucks, I can tighten screws. But I shouldn’t have to, I wasn’t told I’d have to, and to add in the crap service, just make sure you know what you’re getting into before you buy these. You’re going to get some great speakers at a great price, but you may have some work ahead of you if you’re ordering a lot or need to install in a hurry.Here’s where I have to justify the five stars: My b&w’s were $800 a pair, and the paradigms were $1200. These are $120, and sound impressively full–for in walls. If my bowers sounded like this I’d return them. But for in-walls? I mean, maybe my expectations were low but these turned out great. So screw it. They get five stars. Would love to hear from someone who knows something about in-walls and tell me their thoughts.Read more

    2. Jay M Dbl-U

      Now that the speakers are installed and working, I love them. Great sound (using them as rear surround-sound), and I really like the look of the very slim covers that are held on magnetically. Only thing knocking my rating down a notch (I would have done 4-1/2 stars if Amazon had that option) was a little bit of a hassle during installation. The cams that hold the speaker against the wallboard don’t rotate out as you turn the screw. So I had to loosen the screw about half its length and then jiggle it up and down as I was tightening it to finally get it to turn out and drop down to position. If I ever have to take them out there could be a problem. But these appear very well made and I expect/hope I’ll get years of service.Read more

    3. saleem

      I ordered 4 pcs of these to complete my 7.2.4 system. the look of this speakers is perfect I like the color of it the size is big but perfect. a little heavy so make sure that your ceiling can handle the weight am still doing the installations work .I have done some test for the speakers all looks fine in hope this speakers will do what its supposed to do as Atoms I will add another review after my insulation done.Read more

    4. Tdub

      This is replacing a bad POLK RCi80 series in ceiling speaker. There is no comparison to the quality of OSD verse POLK. OSD wins with quality build, sound, installation and aesthetics. You will NOT be disappointed with this product.Read more

    5. Brian Phillips

      Was not sure how these would work or sound but took a chance and ordered them. I was looking for something to mount in the ceiling of my custom Ford Transit high roof camper. Just got these installed and am blown away by the enhanced sound. I wired these directly into the head unit rear speaker outputs and they work like a charm. The angled inset allowed me to aim them into the drivers cab area as my ceiling slopes up going into the back. Fills the entire cab with hard hitting mids and angelic highs.Read more

    6. rim

      Bought these for a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos setup and couldn’t be any happier. I almost went with more expensive speakers, but these suit the needs for height speakers at a great price.Read more

    7. Matt G.

      Great power handling and sound. Top parts and construction. A little too heavy for my dropped ceiling install so I had to support them to the rafters with long tie wraps, EZ PZ. I like the fact that the woofer is angled to the listener as well as an adjustable tweeter.Read more

    8. Ronald B.

      Ease of install. They were easy to install and the covers are magnetic, I chose not to paint my covers, but the instructions indicated they were paintable. They sound great for ATMOS speakers, I haven’t had any issues with sound distortion at all.Read more

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