0C12O6VW0CQ652 Sony xb950b1 more bass wi-fi headphones with app manipulate, black

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  • make sure this fits
  • by way of coming into your version variety.
  • sense the electricity of extra bass. Connectivity era: wireless-bluetooth
  • excessive first-class wi-fi audio with bluetooth and nfc
  • optimize your sound settings with the sony headphones connect app
  • experience vast frequency reaction. 18 hours of battery lifestyles; rate time: approx. 4 hours
  • without problems take calls wirelessly with the built-in mic

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experience the liberty and love the bass with these bluetooth1 headphones with greater bass that supply effective, clear sound and up to 18 hours of battery life3. Locate the appropriate sound for every music with the sony headphones join app2, at the same time as you enjoy extensive frequency response for the last listening experience. Even take hands-free calls with the built-in mic. Freedom has in no way sounded better.


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3 reviews for 0C12O6VW0CQ652 Sony xb950b1 more bass wi-fi headphones with app manipulate, black

  1. joe hoyt

    UPDATE June, 2018!!!!!Though it did take them six months, I have to give credit where it is due. A short while ago, I was contacted by a representative from Sony customer support. They stated that after reviewing the service request I had placed about my broken headphones (the request was placed about six months ago), they would be willing to replace the headphones free of charge. There was the caveat that I had to still have the broken headphones so that I could verify the serial number, but once I did, they sent me new ones in the mail within a few days’ time. I was not required to return the old ones, I was not required to pay shipping; I was not required to do anything other than fill out the minimal paperwork it took to verify that I was a purchaser.Though it was not in the timeliest of manners, I do appreciate that Sony is willing to stand by their products. Customer support was friendly and helpful, and the process was painless from beginning to end, once it had been started.While I can’t necessarily recommend this particular product, due to its questionable build design and high chance for failure, I can in good conscious recommend Sony products once more.Hopefully, Sony will improve the build quality of the next line of their Headphones, as other than its propensity for breaking, they are some of the best sounding, most comfortable headphones I have ever owned.Here’s hoping they don’t break again, and a big thanks to Sony for standing by their products!TL:DR: DO NOT BUY THESE HEADPHONES! They are comfortable to wear, even for long periods. They sound great if you like bass tuned headphones. Terrible durability and will break from gentle use after only a short time (under a year). No customer support; Sony refuses to stand by their products, which is unacceptable, especially with a price tag this high.Full Review:From the moment I got the Sony MDR-XB950B1’s I fell in love. They were inarguably the most comfortable headphones I have ever owned, the sound quality was fantastic if you like bass tuned headphones, and even the battery life when used wirelessly left me little room to complain. Why then, do I rate these headphones so poorly?The reason is, that after only about 7 months of wear, the headphones broke. They were extremely well cared for, but even with the gentle handling they received, due to a manufacturing issue, they did not have the durability for longtime use. For a pair of headphones that cost $200, that is an unacceptable lifespan.I’ll include some images to show what I am talking about, but allow me to explain it here as well.For reasons I can only speculate at, there is a channel that is carved out on the rear side of the arms that hold the ear cups. I can only assume this is for a wire channel on one side, and they chose to make it symmetrical. Regardless of the reason, this is also a flex point, as tension will be placed on this hollowed out arm every time that you spread the headphones to put them on your head. For me, this is exactly where the headphones broke, as the hollowed out space compromises the strength of the plastic.Again, at the price tag that these ring in at, I cannot in good conscience recommend them to anyone, as you will likely be looking for a new pair of headphones again in a little over half a year.Now, it is possible that this is somewhat of an isolated incident, and that I simply received a defective pair. However, that does not excuse the next issue. If you do purchase these, and if they do break, you are on your own. When they failed I called Sony, being that they were still under warranty, and was informed that this was not something that the warranty covered. So, a manufacturer defect is not something the warranty covers? This leads me to believe (with a faint amount of sarcasm) that that warranty, or the extended warranty, is only good if the driver inside dies within the first week or so. After that, they won’t touch them.This was extremely disappointing, as I used to love Sony products, and would even recommend them over competitor’s products to my friends and family. However, it seems that at this point they have lost all pride in their craft, and refuse to stand by their products. I’ve had better customer experiences with brands like Logitech than Sony in recent years, and for a company that I used to respect so much, that’s very sad.I can’t explain how much I wanted to give this product a five star rating, as I did love them for the time that I had them. However, with the lack of longevity that these boast, and the refusal from Sony to stand by their products, I cannot recommend this, or any other product that they make. Unless something major changes, I will likely be looking for alternatives to Sony products in the future, and though it pains me to say it, I recommend you do the same.Read more

  2. Colin

    Here’s the gist of my review: Don’t invest $200 into a product made of plastic that will snap with the slightest pressure – especially because that is NOT covered under warranty. If you’re looking for comments on the audio quality, jump to the bottom of this review.The weak spot on these headphones is the 4 arms that connect each earpiece to the headband. Mine broke in 4 weeks. I put them in a tight backpack one day and rode a bike home. When I pulled them out, one of those arms was snapped. I do not understand why a company would make an expensive product out of brittle plastic. Cell phones, cars, macbooks, they’re all made out of aluminum, and none has a thin, extended piece vulnerable to breaking, especially a piece that by definition will have to be stretched/pulled apart to fit these headphones over one’s head. It’s kind of like if you made a baseball bat or a cooking pot that cost $200, but you made the handle out of thin plastic. Why?Here’s the worst part, when you call in to Sony’s warranty line, they will tell you that wear and tear for this model is not covered. You will have to pay to ship your headphones in, get them repaired, and pay to ship them back to you. There is one loophole though – return them to Amazon for free and Sony can’t do anything about it.Audio quality: A-/B+. Much better than the standard Apple earpods in the bass section, slightly better in the treble. Didn’t blow my pants off. The bass effect is a marketing ploy, you will never use it because it’s ridiculous (feels like it will damage my hearing). The normal mode has a good amount of bass as is.Convenience: Bluetooth is the best part about these headphones. Battery life is decent (4 hrs). The earpods will make your ears sweat if you are not in a room that is 68 degrees or below, though (i.e. walk with these outside, and you will have to wipe them off every 5 minutes). This is a positive and negative – fantastic for noisy offices, because the total isolation of your ear blocks out outside sound. Terrible for working out because the total isolation of your ear from the outside air means that there is zero ventilation.Read more

  3. Elizabeth

    I bought these headphones a couple months ago and have only worn them a handful of times. They are my first pair of good quality headphones I was just starting to get used to them and enjoy them when they broke on me. It would be one thing if I slammed them down hard or they broke after taking a few falls… but for them to break after slipping off my head into a carpeted floor just once is completely unacceptable. Especially for a “Sony” product. The break was clearly from poor construction, and not repairable without restricting the movement. I was hoping to contact that seller directly to see if I could exchange for a new pair, but the option isn’t available under my orders. Hopefully this can be resolved…Read more

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