0C12O5GTL0N614 Heavy duty weather evidence multi purpose enclosure amphenol broadband 9 x 9 x four (indoors approx. Eight x 8 x three-half of)

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  • make sure this fits
  • via coming into your model quantity.
  • enclosure measures nine inches wide with the aid of 9 inches tall by means of 4 inches deep.
  • cable retention slots allow techs to work out of doors the container.
  • continuous horizontal and vertical bosses deliver complete flexibility of mounting options.
  • heavy responsibility construction stands up to the factors year after year.
  • this enclosure works seamlessly with intense vertical splitters and designed for bds102vf, bds103vf, bds104vf, bds106vf and bds108vf fashions
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cable retention slots permit techs to work outside the field. Brief mount rail permits any actual flex issue to snap in with out screws. Non-stop horizontal and vertical bosses deliver whole flexibility of mounting options. Heavy duty structures stands as much as the elements 12 months after year. Enclosure measures 9 inches extensive through nine inches tall through 4 inches deep. Rain or shine, snow, sleet, hail, or wind, the infinity premise enclosure is designed with uv rated thermo plastic alloy to withstand the factors day in and day out


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8 reviews for 0C12O5GTL0N614 Heavy duty weather evidence multi purpose enclosure amphenol broadband 9 x 9 x four (indoors approx. Eight x 8 x three-half of)

  1. T. Ratliff

    I’m using this for a small bluetooth receiver and amp to power the speakers on our screened in porch. So far so good!I attached velcro straps to the box so that I can remove the electronics during the winter. Like other’s, I wish there had been a gasket to help keep the box more weatherproof. However, I realized that the 0.140 screen spline fits in the groove perfectly, and the box still latches pretty easily.Read more

  2. Dennis

    Enclosure is well made, and so many options for mounting components. Latch is secure, and works well. Only issue is the fact that this box has no weather seal whatsoever. Only a recessed area where the plastic door goes in a bit. I was surprised by this as some reviews mentioned a seal? I had purchased 2 of these, and neither came with a seal.Read more

  3. MJ

    I wanted to install Ring Wired Spotlight Cameras on the side of my house, but the 20ft cables on each camera were not long enough to reach to my outdoor outlet, so I got one of these enclosures to be a central junction where I could run an extension cord from the outlet to the box and then connect the 2 camera power cords into the junction box. It worked perfectly. Now I know I can use these for other areas where I need to run outdoor wiring such as POE outdoor CAT6 cables.NOTE: no rubber seal is provided, but you can easily use 0.140 inch Screen Spline to make a seal.PRO:SpaciousEasy to useCON:There is no gasket on the door so there is no seal provided. Rain should easily seep in. You can use 0.140 inch Screen Spline as a seal gasket. Cut to fit. Works perfectly.Read more

  4. DTrain

    I mounted this on the outside of my house in a somewhat protected area in order to house the amp and wireless music source for outdoor speakers. For this purpose it works well, providing easy mounting options and plenty of room for the amp, audio source device, and power brick. Power cable comes out the protected opening on the bottom. So as far as mounting and function it is great. The not-so-good is that the latch that keeps the door closes is a plastic pressure hook that slips through a fixed opening on the mounted part of the unit, and it doesn’t stay latched, meaning the door swings open on it’s own – leaving everything inside unprotected. Fortunately there is an opening under the latch where you could put a lock, and since I need to open the door somewhat often instead of putting on a lock I just slipped a heavy-duty twist-tie through and twisted it tight to hold the door closed. This could have been a bigger problem if I hadn’t realized it and the electronics had gotten wet, so be sure to check to make sure your door stays closed.Read more

  5. Markham T.

    This box was not only spacious enough for the odroid-c2 (same form factor as a Raspberry PI) but I was able to include a POE adapter for power and ethernet, a small 4 port USB hub and 4 RTL_SDR USB dongles for streaming various radio signals over the network. The only downside is it makes a very good seal so not sure how temperatures will be inside it during hot summers, but its not going to leak water inside.Read more

  6. Leopoldo Herrera Jr

    Needed an encloser for my coaxial cables in my house. Mostly my connections were in the crawl space under the house. Then added a HD Antenna. So I decided it was time for a more professional install.The box is a great size. Glad I didnt get the smaller one. Perfect for the 6 way splitter I also bought on amazon. Came with mounting screws. But no anchors for stucco. Also the grommets are very fragile. I tore one. it’s a great value would recommend.Read more

  7. Chris P. Singletary

    I currently am using this to hardware my outdoor network IP security cameras and other remote hardware devices. I have a small netgear gig switch inside the box mounted to the back plane along with a lightning arrestor for network protection. This box is absolutely perfect for this application. The switch can be mounted directly to the back (thicker plastic) where there are channeled grooves for perfect alignment.The gasketing around the door is not present as others have mentioned, but this door is meant to fit by tongue & groove type arrangement. No water will get past the door in this arrangement so the issues with putting gaskets in it are moot. You WANT the box to breath to some extent by natural ventilation forces or you will get water condensate forming inside. What it does is leak this air from the bottom not quite sealed wiring area (colder), up to the top not quite sealed door seal (hotter). This allows for air to constantly – though slowly to be changed out which vents the excess heat. Perfect for when you have a switch inside and need to keep it from over heating. Those that put a gasket on the door are circumventing this and defeating the natural cooling that can take place.Read more

  8. Papacorn

    Sort of disappointed with this product. While its big and roomy its not what is shown. The pictures here show it includes the pole mounting tabs. Guess what that is the reason I purchased this product. There is no seal or foam around the door and doesn’t feel very heavy duty. I think my wife has stronger Tupperware. . .Read more

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