0C12O4OZC3E877 Sixteen awg cl2 ofc in wall speaker twine, gearit pro collection sixteen awg gauge (250 feet / 76. 2 meters/white) ofc oxygen loose copper ul cl2 rated in-wall speaker twine cable for domestic theater and automobile audio

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  • make certain this suits
  • by means of coming into your version wide variety.
  • top class ofc oxygen loose copper speaker cord – use this gearit pro series ofc oxygen unfastened copper speaker cord cable that’s construct with excessive stranded conductors offers top class sound first-rate with for home theater and vehicle audio gadget
  • ul cl2 rated for custom installations – you may ensure you get the very best protection trendy whilst you operate this gearit pro series ul cl2 rated speaker twine for in-wall set up or to pair with banana plugs, spade pointers, or bent pin connectors to attach your audio system for your a/v receiver or amplifier with this gearit pro series speaker cord.
  • advantage of ofc (oxygen free copper) – right here are the statistics approximately ofc oxygen free copper vs cca copper-clad aluminum. With ofc twine you may have extended conductivity to carry greater modern in your amplifier. Also it’s going to help reduced the stress on the motors electric device which ofc oxygen loose copper is enormously endorsed whilst you are installing speaker wire within the vehicle. Other than the sound and conductivity development the ofc speaker wire will tons higher corrosion resistance and advanced warmth absorptions over the cca speaker cord.
  • highest nice fabric and tier 1 manufacture manner – the cable is fabricated from ofc oxygen free copper, making sure excessive constancy sound fine and supplying maximum’s conductivity and durability without paying the additional fee. The product undergo many states of checking out to make certain the best overall performance and reliability of the goods.
  • seasoned collection lifetime guranteed – we stands for the best quality product and consumer delight. In case you are not glad with the product in anyway we provide an easy go back policy. All product include our pinnacle rated lifetime guarantee carrier.

from the producer

gearit 16awg oxygen free copper (ofc) speaker cable, seasoned series

extremely excessive overall performance clean, rich and particular sound

  • high-strand remember 99. Nine% oxygen free copper.
  • conductors are shade-coded to distinguish polarity making this speaker twine ideal for custom installs.
  • this wire is rated for in-wall use.
  • a tough, yet flexible insulated jacket around the cord facilitates to attain top notch undistorted sound from your audio system.
  • audiophile excellent speaker cable

  • oxygen unfastened copper.
  • naked copper conductors.
  • rip cord.
  • outer and inner % jacket.
  • 99. 9% oxygen free cable.
  • natural copper conductor.
  • decrease distortion.
  • decrease impurities.
  • limit copper air pockets.
  • sequential markings published without delay on the jacket at 1ft intervals provide users an accurate set-up.
  • it comes wrapped around a spool that allows for handy meting out, measuring, slicing & storing.
  • choosing the proper speaker wire

    american twine gauge (awg) refers to the thickness of the wire inside the cable. The decrease the gauge quantity, the thicker the wire. With a purpose to select the right gauge speaker cable, the speaker impendence score will want to be taken into consideration. Speaker impendence refers to the resistance a speaker offers to the cutting-edge furnished via an amplifier.

    impendence (like resistance) is measured in ohms, and selecting a cord that an amplifier or receiver can take care of is critical.

    an vital attention is that the cord gauge is appropriate for the impedance of audio system and the wire duration. Please observe the chart furnished as a guiding principle to assist in locating the first-rate gauge on your device’s overall performance.

  • 16awg copper conductors
  • sixty five strands
  • in-wall rated
  • dual inner and outer % jacket
  • colour-coded to differentiate polarity
  • product description

    gearit 16awg 2-conductor speaker wirethis 16awg 2-conductor speaker wire from gearit lets you effortlessly connect your audio system to amplifiers or receivers. Excessive-strand count number 99. 9% oxygen loose copper (0. 16mm x 65 strands) conductors are shade-coded to differentiate polarity making this speaker twine best for custom installs up to 100ft. This wire is cl2 rated because of this it’s miles certified for in-wall use. Effortlessly use this cord with banana plugs, spade hints or bent pin programs. It comes wrapped round a spool that lets in for handy meting out, measuring, reducing & storing. A hard, but flexible insulated jacket across the cord allows to acquire outstanding undistorted sound from your audio equipment. Sequential markings published at once at the jacket at 2ft intervals deliver users an correct & worry-loose setup. It is brilliant for in-domestic, automobile, auditorium, college, church or enterprise setti


    50 Feet, 100 Feet, 250 Feet, 500 Feet

    8 reviews for 0C12O4OZC3E877 Sixteen awg cl2 ofc in wall speaker twine, gearit pro collection sixteen awg gauge (250 feet / 76. 2 meters/white) ofc oxygen loose copper ul cl2 rated in-wall speaker twine cable for domestic theater and automobile audio

    1. MotorHead

      All AWG (American Wire Gauge) measurements are very specific, and intended to give the user a quantitative reference point for current carrying capability. I measured this wire with a micrometer, and it is nowhere near 16 gauge; it is somewhere between 20 and 21 gauge (if such a thing exists). Further, it is advertised as OFC wire that is “…tinned…”, but the tinned layer is thick enough that it makes up a significant amount of the wire’s thickness. I would avoid this product simply because it is not what it is advertised to be. Caveat emptor!Read more

    2. AudioDreamer

      This is not 16 AWG speaker wire!The actual wires are more like 20 AWG according to my wire strippers.I would recommend staying away from this product if you want true 16 gauge wires!Read more

    3. T.K.

      Updated: the company offered me money for a review, then didn’t pay up or return my messages… the wire is good, but clearly a shady company…Clearly a high quality wire with a tough jacket that works well for running through floors/walls. It even conveniently has length markings at every foot, which is a nice touch.Read more

    4. April

      This is not 16 AWG. It compares more to 20-22 gauge speaker wire. Very disappointed with the false information. I only use 16 or 14 guage wire, and this nowhere near close. This speaker wire is the type/size that would come with an all in one box set from radio shack from the 90s. Not Professional at all.Read more

    5. RossB

      A great, thin speaker wire. I needed something narrow for my surround (back) speakers, because my wIreless transceiver (JBL) inlets are so close together, I would get at least daily, a loud “pop” from arching. Tried narrow banana plugs, wrapped each one in electrical tape, and that did not work either. I feel like this is going to allow enough space, while carrying good signal.I believe this would also make good in-wall speaker wire.Read more

    6. Shreevathsa J.

      Was looking white 16 guage wire and ended by buying this to setup up a 7.1 home theater system.Audio quality carried sounds good as well.Not very sturdy, so had to use clips to keep them straight.Serves the purpose and looks tidy on light colored walls and roof.Read more

    7. James Bartko

      Blends into the background for wall mounted speakers. I gave a 5.1, 6.1 and a 7.1 surround-sound systems all within the same room and all are wired systems and cannot see a one without close attention. No hiss or loss of signal within it’s operating limits for it’s gauge.Read more

    8. Rob Rom

      Really great buy. The wire is solid and the the sheathing feels nice and durable. I have my two rear surround speakers at about 20 ft from the receiver and the audio quality does not falter. This is great for all your wiring projects, would definitely buy from again.Read more

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