0C12O4KT4TE393 14 awg cl3 ofc out of doors speaker wire, gearit pro collection 14 gauge (250 feet / 76. 2 meters/black) oxygen unfastened copper ul cl3 rated for outside direct burial and in-wall set up speaker cable

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  • top class ofc oxygen unfastened copper speaker wire – use this gearit pro series ofc oxygen free copper speaker twine cable that’s build with high stranded conductors offers premium sound excellent with for home theater and automobile audio gadget
  • ul cl3 rated for custom installations – you may make certain you get the highest safety wellknown while you operate this gearit pro collection ul cl3 rated speaker cord for in-wall set up or to pair with banana plugs, spade recommendations, or bent pin connectors to attach your speakers to your a/v receiver or amplifier with this gearit pro series speaker wire.
  • benefit of ofc (oxygen loose copper) – here are the statistics approximately ofc oxygen unfastened copper vs cca copper-clad aluminum. With ofc cord you’ll have multiplied conductivity to carry greater modern-day to your amplifier. Also it will assist decreased the stress at the vehicles electrical machine which ofc oxygen free copper is fantastically recommended when you are putting in speaker cord in the vehicle. Other than the sound and conductivity development the ofc speaker cord will a whole lot higher corrosion resistance and advanced warmness absorptions over the cca speaker wire.
  • maximum fine cloth and tier 1 manufacture process – the cable is made from ofc oxygen free copper, making sure high constancy sound excellent and presenting maximum’s conductivity and sturdiness without paying the additional fee. The product go through many states of testing to ensure the highest overall performance and reliability of the goods.
  • pro collection lifetime guranteed – we stands for the best pleasant product and patron satisfaction. In case you aren’t glad with the product in besides we provide an easy go back coverage. All product include our pinnacle rated lifetime assurance carrier.
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gearit 14awg oxygen unfastened copper (ofc) speaker cable indoor in-wall and outdoor direct burial, seasoned series

ultra high performance clear, wealthy and certain sound

  • excessive-strand depend 99. Nine% oxygen loose copper.
  • conductors are color-coded to distinguish polarity making this speaker wire best for custom installs.
  • a tough, yet flexible insulated jacket around the cord allows to attain outstanding undistorted sound out of your audio equipment.
  • audiophile exceptional speaker cable

  • oxygen free copper.
  • bare copper conductors.
  • inner and outer percent jacket.
  • 99. 9% oxygen free cable.
  • natural copper conductor.
  • minimize distortion.
  • limit impurities.
  • decrease copper air wallet.
  • outdoor direct burial that underground.
  • indoor in-wall set up.
  • uv resistance jacket.
  • sequential markings and convenient garage

  • sequential markings printed without delay on the jacket at 1ft intervals give customers an correct setup.
  • it comes wrapped round a spool that allows for handy shelling out, measuring, slicing & storing.
  • 14awg copper conductors
  • one hundred and five strands
  • indoor in-wall and outdoor direct burial
  • uv resistance % jacket
  • coloration-coded to differentiate polarity
  • product description

    gearit 14awg 2-conductor speaker wirethis 14awg 2-conductor speaker cord from gearit helps you to without difficulty connect your speakers to amplifiers or receivers. Excessive-strand rely ninety nine. 9% oxygen unfastened copper (zero. 16mm x a hundred and five strands) conductors are coloration-coded to distinguish polarity making this speaker cord perfect for custom installs as much as 250ft. This wire is cl3 rated for in-wall installations and outside direct burial and ul rated and licensed. Effortlessly use this wire with banana plugs, spade pointers or bent pin packages. It comes wrapped around a spool that permits for handy dispensing, measuring, slicing & storing. A hard, yet bendy insulated jacket around the twine helps to acquire awesome undistorted sound from your audio gadget. Sequential markings revealed at once on the jacket at 2ft periods deliver users an accurate & worry-free setup. It’s notable for in-domestic, automotive, auditorium, college, church or commercial enterprise settings. Every do-it-yourself speaker assignment should start with


    50 Feet, 100 Feet, 250 Feet, 500 Feet


    10 AWG, 16 AWG, 12 AWG, 14 AWG

    8 reviews for 0C12O4KT4TE393 14 awg cl3 ofc out of doors speaker wire, gearit pro collection 14 gauge (250 feet / 76. 2 meters/black) oxygen unfastened copper ul cl3 rated for outside direct burial and in-wall set up speaker cable

    1. Bill D.

      I needed a lot of red/black paired 14 gauge OFC wire for internal wiring on high power speaker systems. This seemed to be a very high-value way to get a huge amount while spending less overall. It has worked out pretty well, so far. I will likely buy it again when I run out. If you buy it planning to remove the jacket though, you might get a little frustrated. Attempting to cut the jacket off is unpredictable at best and is likely to result in sliced up insulation on the wires themselves. Your best bet is to leave the cable jacket intact so that the insulation on the inner wires maintains its integrity. If you do need to remove the jacket, take great care and cut slowly. Good luck!Read more

    2. Devil in the Details

      I finally decided to wire my house for surround sound, major job, but the cable worked. I also purchased banana clips and had no issues. I really can’t say if the spool length was accurate, but it completed my job, and I have some left over. Easy to strip, durable when pulling, and as I mentioned, no distortion.Read more

    3. fredrok

      I purchased 2 100ft rolls to make long attic runs on a new build for in-ceiling speakers. After I’ve made the runs, naturally, I find a splice at the end of the last run. Not sure how I feel about it. If it’s a solid splice done correctly it won’t make a difference but how many others are there I missed and if I didn’t mind splices in the runs, I could have done that myself and purchased less wire. Don’t recall ever seeing a splices within spools of other speaker wire I’ve run in the past so I don’t think it’s a common practice, nor should it be.Read more

    4. eagle364

      I am using this in my attic for retrofit surround sound. So far, so good. I like the marking every foot for time savings. I agree with the other post about the asymmetry being a pain and nicks to inner insulation being a risk. I learned to just slow down and “break” the last tiny bit of insulation rather than slicing too deep with my blade. (I am not a pro). Would be nice to know if there are better matched tools / wire for these dual insulation runs. I recommend getting the “pants” for the breakouts to provide support at the insulation edge and avoid strain breaks. Since the wire is rather heavy I am also using other strain relief to go up the wall – cable clamps, hooks, etc.Read more

    5. JC Craftsman

      Compared to regular outdoor landscaping wire, I found this is a much better choice: It has as much copper, and this has separate colored individual wires inside a back round outer jacket, instead of the usual oval flat type of regular cable, the round outer jacket is much easier to work with, to strip wires and fasten, with the end result looking better.Read more

    6. Tim

      Great speaker cable! According to the printing on the cable it is also rated for direct burial applications. I use this cable to connect speakers from my patio to a receiver inside my house. I did a walk drop to route the cable. The cable is super flexible and very easy to route. The wire itself is fine stranded, lending to the flexibility of the cable. No issues connecting the speaker cables.Read more

    7. Jr.

      Wire is sealed very well and works fantastic for outdoor applications!Read more

    8. Ghost Rider

      Great wire easy pullingRead more

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