0C12NULYUO6609 Mount-it! Heavy-responsibility speaker wall mount, ordinary adjustable design for bookshelf, large or small speakers, 1 pair, 22 lbs ability, black

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  • heavy-obligation speaker mount: mi-sb130 is a heavy duty speaker wall mount bracket made to mount satellite audio system with 4 threaded inserts weighing as much as 10kg/22lbs.
  • stylish and strong speaker bracket: constructed from stable metallic and decorated with abs cover, it provides an fashionable look particularly when installed at home. Stable layout excessive energy substances make sure even the biggest bookshelf and middle channel speakers are hooked up on the wall accurately.
  • swivel and tilt adjustable: each bracket can tilt 20 stages up and down and swivel 60 stages left and right to deliver perfect sound conditions.
  • smooth to install: the speaker wall mounting bracket can be effortlessly established in two steps: 1. Secure the bracket to the wall, 2. Bolt the metal plate at the back of the speaker and slide-inside the plate to the wall mount. Low-profile design and places the audio system 4. 5 in from the wall to give huge space for installation.
  • commonplace speaker healthy: constructed for heavy audio system, bookshelf audio system, or even lighter smaller audio system. Suits yamaha, bose, klipsch, polk, sony and other emblem speakers. Please notice: this speaker mount requires drilling 4 holes behind your speaker in a rectangle pattern. Please make certain the mounting area on the returned of the speaker has 2. 5″ extensive to five. 6″ high floor to connect the plate and the screws.

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mount-it! Heavy-responsibility speaker wall mount, ordinary adjustable layout for bookshelf, massive or small audio system, 1 pair, 22 lbs ability, black

if you have larger audio system which you wish to wall mount, there are only some alternatives available on the market with good enough load ability and the prevalent interface with a purpose to match your speakers. Mount-it! Heavy-duty usual speaker wall mount is made from high-strength steel and is like minded with most audio system in the marketplace.

mount-it! Mi-sb130 is rated for 22 lbs. Each package comes with a pair of speaker wall mounts. Every mount is made from bracket portions and abs decorative covers. One bracket is set up on the wall, the other is bolted to the again of your speaker. Once the two portions are mounted, the speaker and the metallic bracket grasp onto the wall bracket. Smaller screws are then installed to hold the speaker from being raised off of the wall bracket. There’s no manner your speakers will fall off of these mounts.

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10.2, x, 6.5, x, 2.01, inches

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0.16, ounces





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June, 3, 2017

3 reviews for 0C12NULYUO6609 Mount-it! Heavy-responsibility speaker wall mount, ordinary adjustable design for bookshelf, large or small speakers, 1 pair, 22 lbs ability, black

  1. rkruz

    I installed the Mount-It! Heavy-Duty Speaker Wall Mount on either side of a TV in a corner about 8ft high to hold 12lb bookshelf speakers. Luckily they angled well enough with my speaker size to aim at the listening position. Here were my discoveries when installing. — STRONG: These are made of hardened steel and very strong. I used them for 12lb bookshelf speakers. — STUD INSTALL ONLY?: They only discuss installing onto studs or brick in the instruction. I did not have a stud where I wanted to mount and used drywall anchors for the 4 mounting holes. Its very strong with the weight and will no problem to install on drywall without a stud. See picture of drywall anchors I used. — NOT DESIGNED RIGHT FOR STUDS. The instructions ask that you install the mounts on studs. However the mounts hole spacing is to wide to fit on a standard 1.5″ thick stud. — NEED LONG SHAFT SCREW DRIVER: The pivoting bracket will not allow the head power driver to get close to the screw when screwing into the wall. You will want a long shaft driver and ever then there you will be on an angle screwing into the wall. — MOUNTING PLATES: They are supplied with mounting plates for the back of the speaker and slide into hooks on the mount and then and screwed in to secure. The mounts were much too large to fit on either side of the banana jacks so I drilled my own mounting holes and overlapped the banana plug recess. See picture. This worked fine. I was surprised at how hard the steel was when I drilled the new mounting holes. — SCREWING SPEAKER INTO MOUNT IS A PIA. It provided with small allen head screws to secure the speaker to the mount. When the speakers are up high these are a PIA to screw in but doable. — BE CAREFUL IF MOUNTING IN A CORNER: when in a corner and needing a large angle to aim the speakers it the mounts were barely able to aim correctly. I needed a 30 degree angle and with my speaker size and the down angle also needed that was the maximum I could get before the speaker body hit the wall. This is very dependent on how you place you speaker mounts so be aware of this if you have an awkward install as I did. The speaker was 8.25″w x 8.25″d x 13″t.Read more

  2. M. Smith

    Overall these seem like good mounts. They mount to the wall and hold your speakers at most any angle that you want. In that aspect they are excellent and I recommend fully.Build quality is solid…even seemingly overbuilt for mounts in this price range. There’s a little bit of play in the side to side adjustment that I don’t like, but they do lock in place well enough and won’t move once mounted.The up-down angle adjustment is well designed, but impossible to get to once the installation is complete. Be sure you have them exactly how you want them before finalizing the install.I’m fairly certain these would hold at least their rated weight of 20 pounds. The speakers I’m using are 11 pounds and they’re pretty solidly mounted.The biggest gripe I have is the way the mounting plate (that attaches to the back of the speaker) is fixed onto the mount on the wall. There are tiny (and I mean TINY) hex head set screws that go through the mounting plate into the mounting bracket to keep the speaker from lifting off of the mount. The screws do their job, however they go on the back of the speaker in a very inaccessible area once the speakers are attached. It’s hard enough to get one hand behind the mounted speaker, but you almost have to get both hands back there to line up the tiny screw and turn it with the allen wrench. All while not being able to see anything. I can’t tell you how many times I dropped the screws while trying to get these in place.I think a better idea would be to include some thumb type screws that have the large ribbed head that you can turn by hand or ones with a flat, key like head that’s easy to turn with two fingers. It took me longer to put in those 4 screws than it did to attached the mounts to the wall and the plates to the speakers.That aside, these are good and seem to be a good choice.Read more

  3. Galibier_Numero_Un

    Difficult to rate this product. I gave it an optimistic rating based on what I perceive to be its best use-case (small satellite speakers).The application I purchased them for: Raising some small monitors off my computer desktop (7.5″w x 10″d x 13″h and 12-15 Lbs).A suitable application: satellite speakers in a home theater system (5-7 Lbs).I’d downgrade it to about 2.5 stars for these heavier speakers for two reasons: (1) I don’t think a wall mount of any quality is suitable, because it severely attenuates the bass response – by an octave or more. (2) the specified weight capacity is really pushing the bounds of this design, and even this 15-ish pound speaker speaker wobbles quite a bit when bumped. I was tempted to fork over for the much more expensive K&M mounts, except for the experiment I carried out (see below).The Positives:(1) When mounted correctly (into wall studs), I didn’t have concerns about the speakers falling and destroying my laptop, but the wobbling was annoying and slightly disconcerting.(2) Relatively easy to mount.(3) Vertical (angle) adjustment is relatively easy to performThe Negatives:(1) the wobbling, for lack of a better word.(2) Bass response is severely attenuated by an octave or more (estimate). I expect this would be the case with any wall mount of any quality, but I can’t say for certain.I actually tested the concept out by pressing some speaker stands into service. The stand height was serendipitously very close to the height at which I mounted the speakers, and I was able to locate the speakers both fore-aft and height-wise within an inch of where they were positioned on the wall mounts. With the stands, the bass response returned. This wouldn’t be a problem with satellite speakers, but for full-range speakers (to the extent that a small monitor is “full” range), it’s a big negative. I could just as easily down-size my speakers if I wanted to roll the bass off this much, and then I’d have room on my desktop.Conclusion:I returned to desktop mounting (sitting on spikes), and life is good … if a bit crowded. The stand experiment convinced me to not try out the K&M stands which are however, purported to be extremely robust and at a price that reflects this.Read more

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