0C12NUL560P518 Transportable bluetooth four. Zero speaker through clearon – wireless waterproof speaker with motorbike mount & far off – premium sound excellent & loud 8w mini speaker – 15 hours of playtime & a hundred toes variety (black)

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  • via getting into your version number.
  • terrific sound – 8w powered (4×2) 360° degree surround sound, extraordinarily loud and clean excessive first-rate sound with lots of bass from a compact lightweight speaker.
  • flexible – mount to a motorbike, boat, backpack, or folding chair! Comes with all accessories and tools wanted; a backpack hook loop and bicycle mounting kit.
  • superb durable – waterproof (ipx4), surprise-proof, dirt-proof, and stain-evidence design. Fantastic construct best to continue to exist excessive situations. Best for trekking, cycling, fishing, seaside journeys, and relaxing with the aid of the pool.
  • extremely portable – sized to healthy perfectly to your palm. Our modest 10. 6 oz. Mini-speaker offers 15 hours of durable play-time. Sturdy, strong bluetooth four. Zero connection for up to a hundred feet of range.
  • multi-purposeful speaker – connects without problems with wi-fi bluetooth four. 0, micro sd card slot, fm radio, or through the aux three. 5mm audio port. Along with your cellular tool linked, you can even use the built-in microphone to make and recieve telephone calls! Using the ifree controller, this speaker works perfectly as a totally audible motorcycle horn!
  • can you use headphones on this speaker ?
  • can you operate headphones in this speaker ?

  • is that this rechargeable?
  • is this rechargeable?

  • how does one connect the rubber piece to the interior of motorcycle mount?
  • how does one connect the rubber piece to the inner of motorcycle mount?

  • might this be loud sufficient on a fourwheeler?
  • might this be loud sufficient on a fourwheeler?


    4Y-8YK2-MQL2, Black

    3 reviews for 0C12NUL560P518 Transportable bluetooth four. Zero speaker through clearon – wireless waterproof speaker with motorbike mount & far off – premium sound excellent & loud 8w mini speaker – 15 hours of playtime & a hundred toes variety (black)

    1. Alex

      I used to have the Avantree Bluetooth Speaker, but after about 6 months the internal battery completely died, unable to hold a charge at all. Bummer, but it wasn’t very expensive so I looked at a higher priced model and found the Clearon.I like the smaller profile and quality of the design, but here’s my two gripes:- the mounting bracket is only meant to be mounted on the handlebar, with the speaker turned 90°, which is really clumsy, awkwardly weighted, and doesn’t look good or help aerodynamically at all. I ended up using the inline mounting bracket from the old Avantree speaker to attach the Clearon specific speaker cage on the top tube of my bike. This way the speaker is parallel with the top tube, rather than turned 90°, and is still very accessible and able to be heard on a windy ride, and looks sleek.- the speaker cones face only one direction, and the metal hook-loop are very badly placed opposite of one another, compromising the secure fit of the speaker in the cage, or the direction the audio comes from. There’s a little metal loop on the speaker meant to hook a carabiner onto, but this little metal loop prevents the speaker from seating in the cage flat and secure. It has to be turned so the hook is facing sideways or upwards. The HUGE PROBLEM with this is that the speakers inside the Clearon shell are orientated the opposite direction as the metal hook loop, so the sound either gets sent sideways or directly downwards, making it very hard to actually hear the music.I opted to have the speaker sit not totally correctly, but have the sound pointed upwards towards my ears, and secured with a velcro strap.If Clearon would fix these glaring issues, and include a top-tube mounting bracket, it would be a 5-star purchase, and a perfect choice for fast riders that don’t want to sacrifice aerodynamics or style-points.Read more

    2. Mike K

      This is a great little speaker with a BIG sound! I was surprised at how loud it gets without distorting. It even has a decent low end. I didn’t use it for a phone call, but unless there is a lot of background noise, it should be plenty loud enough for a conversation.PROS:• I was able to connect it via Bluetooth to my MP3 player without issue.• It also can play FM radio and music from a micro SD card (I haven’t tried those).• The remote works well.• The construction is very sturdy, with quality parts – it includes all cables, and even an allen wrench for installing,CONS:• The bell (only operable through the remote) is way too loud, and its volume can’t be changed.• To sustain water resistance, all of the ports are behind a rubber flap on the back of the unit. That’s a good thing, but one of these ports is the jack for the remote, and when it’s plugged in, the flap stays folded open, exposing all the other ports. It also looks sloppy (see picture). It would be better if it plugged in on the underside, with a rubber plug for moisture control if it’s not being used.• The speakers should have been placed facing a different side than where they are now, for the following reasons:• The speakers are on the side opposite of the loop for attaching the included carabiner (see picture). As a result, if you want the speaker to be facing upward, the carabiner loop will be on the bottom, keeping the unit from sitting snugly in the mounting cradle. It still fits, just awkwardly. The only other option is to position it with the speakers facing to the side or downward, which affects sound quality. Also, if you want to leave the carabiner in the loop while the unit is mounted, it won’t fit in the cradle with the speakers facing upward.• When the unit is in the cradle with the speakers facing up, the button panel will be sideways.• Lastly, there is a metal strip that runs the length of the unit that isn’t shown in the pictures in the ad (see my pictures below). Again, this conflicts with the speaker position when it’s in the cradle: if it’s positioned with the speakers facing up, the strip will be visible on the side. This doesn’t affect functionality, just aesthetics.If these cons were corrected, this would be an easy 5 star rating. Despite that, I still highly recommend this for use on a bicycle, or even as a portable speaker.Read more

    3. John

      Cliff Notes.. Would totally buy again due to the awesome volume, sound quality and amazing bike mount.The good loud very loudLong battery lifeAmazing bike mount. I have it on my Enduro bike which I’ve used for downhill in the speakers not come off.The mode function is extremely easy to use and tells you what mode it’s in.The next buttons and back buttons work with the micro SD card and on Bluetooth for mp3 apps and even iHeartRadio Pandora and Spotify. At this point I should mention I have an Android. Samsung Galaxy.Also comes with multiple types of mounts and tons of different types of zip ties and all the cables you could ever want.As you can see from my pictures it’s been plenty money and plugging wet many times and seems to be working just fine.The quirks of this little speaker.The aux cable plugs into the micro USB so you cannot charge and listen to OCH at the same time.The jack that looks like a headphone jack is actually for the remote control.The waterproof flap covers all the ports and the microphone. I take this in my mountain bike so I know it’s going to get splashed with Muddy Water probably every time I use it so I can only use this Bluetooth which is the only way I intended to use it anyways.The speaker location. As you can see is on one side and the two tweeters are on the other side. So there’s no speaker on top actually facing you. The other problem with this is if you lay it down on its side either side the sound is very muffled especially if you lay it down on the side.The radio mode switches quickly and gets decent reception but there’s no way to know what station you’re on unless they mention it while you’re listening.Read more

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