0C12NTKIDFE739 Owlee scroll top rate transportable bluetooth wi-fi speaker with particular vintage leather scroll design

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owlee scroll bluetooth speaker

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8.1, x, 3.1, x, 3.5, inches

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1.7, pounds





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1, Lithium, Metal, batteries, required.

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4.4, out, of, 5, stars, 264, ratings, 4.4, out, of, 5, stars

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#4, 556, in, Portable, Bluetooth, Speakers, #37, 698, in, MP3, &, MP4, Player, Accessories

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November, 18, 2016

8 reviews for 0C12NTKIDFE739 Owlee scroll top rate transportable bluetooth wi-fi speaker with particular vintage leather scroll design

  1. Kindle Customer

    I was not expecting much from this speaker. To be honest I had purchased a couple JBLs and the Vava Voom 21, and then almost bought a Bose Soundlink 3. IThe JBLs were way too tinny for what I paid. The Bose was amazing but expensive. I finally gave up and decided to just get something that looked good, as long as it had high ratings. I selected this item with about 1 minute of research. I’d never heard of the brand. The reviews seemed positive. It looked nice.ProsThe sound quality is surprisingly good. Quite a room filler, even when I am running on my treadmill.Easy control.The device looks classyGood weight. Feels like it has substance but it is not too heavy.Cons -I wish the leather came off entirely. I love it as a cover, but not sure about the ‘flap’ concept.Read more

  2. Dawn Schwarz

    Great sound quality. Won’t hold charge now after only 3 monthsRead more

  3. David Quimby

    Good sound, really “thumps” for a little speaker. But battery had a lot to be desired… if you play on high volume, will not last more than 3-4 hours tops.Above was my original review. Shortly after the 90 days, or as it it would turn out the return period, my sound became distorted, I could not stand to listen to ANY genre of music. The bass is cool, but if this speaker cannot handle it’s own components for more than a three months, I highly suggest a more predominant brand with a more consistent product. Not to mention, as stated prior, the battery life is suspect at best to begin with; add in the faulty bass trying up the sound quality… spend your money on something else.I have tried sending an email, with no response. I don’t want to say this is a poor company, or that other products or not working properly… however, my experiences compares to a cheap product you buy at a discount, breaks all too fast, and essentially you are out the money anyways. Hope this helped someone!Read more

  4. MsC

    After having this speaker on my list for more than a year I was so excited to see the price drop to under $50…so I pulled the trigger 😍. The packaging was great but when I got to the speaker it self I was let down, the feel of the leather was disappointing the quality was not as described instead it felt more like a soften cardboard? I decided that fine because the price was so good but then came the sound was tinny with extreme vibration. I was so disappointed, especially after reading the great reviews. I’m returning it… I may have received a bad one? I will buy another Aiwa ❤️Read more

  5. Emily

    This was a Christmas present for a music loving friend and it did sounds great! It has a nice deep base, great sound (even at max volume), beautiful design with nice leather wrap, and the ease of setup was great!!! The plug and play aspects of this speaker, the blue tooth range, battery life and decent price makes this one of the best purchases I’ve made on amazon.Read more

  6. RFFR

    I made this purchase, because I was looking for a speaker to match my bedroom decor, but I was not only blown away by the looks, but also by the voice quality!Quality:The Voice Quality of the Scroll is nothing short of AMAZING! You can feel the vibrate on the rubber ends! I love the way it sounds and the way the sound fills the room. It is even better that the Beats Pill I own.I also like that the product comes with good AUX and charging wires. It also runs for hours without a charge.Looks:Opening the box was a treat! It has a great looking box with a leather feel. I saved it so I can use it for storing and traveling. The speaker itself has a great look. I Love the soft leather silver and dark grey accents.Features:Favorite feature is that although I original bought it for playing music, I can make hands-free phone calls using my scroll. The microphone is really great and no one ever complained they cant hear me clearly.So overall I would definitely recommend you buy a scroll for yourself, and it definitely makes a great gift too! It has become one of my favorite gadgets.Read more

  7. Bryce Moon

    The packaging was rather beat up and the product didn’t seem to be new or was at least may have been opened prior to my receiving it. The speaker itself is good quality and has much better sound than the muddy sounds of bose and jbl. After using the speaker many times now in many room sizes, it has proven itself to fill any space nicely. It only drop a little audio quality at peak volume from both the speaker and device (Mostly songs the stress the bass of the speaker). The only draw back is that there is not pause button on the speaker only a back and forward button. The use of the volume up/down as back/forward is also a little finicky and is had to gauge when you are turning up the volume and not just switching songs.Read more

  8. Justin

    I love this little speaker. Beautiful aesthetics and the sound can fill up a room pretty well. Happy with the purchase and haven’t had any problems so far.Edit: I had to re-review because after a few months, the Bluetooth just stopped working. It still works with the cord, but really inconvenient that the bluetooth function no longer works. And I really love the look and the sound quality, but the fact that such an important function just stopped working, I definitely have to dock points. Especially since it’s relatively pricey.Read more

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