0C12NSF8K9W878 Smith optics outdoor tech wi-fi bluetooth audio chips 2. Zero ski/snow helmet black

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the out of doors tech wi-fi audio chips are loaded with the modern day bluetooth 4. Zero chipset offering voice prompts that update tones for incoming calls and extent controls, in addition to a new battery gauge so customers won’t have to worry approximately dropping strength suddenly. They boast the patented glove and mitten-pleasant button controls immediately on the earpiece for adjusting extent tiers, answering calls, controlling track selections and even activating siri or voice commands. Wireless chips have a chargeable battery that lasts for 10 hours of continuous playtime or approximately 3 days of actual international on-mountain use even as providing endless freedom from wires and the worry of losing your phone off a lift. Open up. Drop in. Rock out. Earmuffs not blanketed, most effective chipset.

8 reviews for 0C12NSF8K9W878 Smith optics outdoor tech wi-fi bluetooth audio chips 2. Zero ski/snow helmet black

  1. Amazon Customer

    I’ve had 4 pairs of these over the last 4 years. The wired version’s cords will wear out several times throughout the season and eventually will stop/skip when you move your head in the wrong way. Then the sound quality will tank in one or both. I upgraded to the bluethooth version hoping they would last at least one season…the right speaker stopped working after 4 days on the mountain. Fortunately buying then through Amazon means I can replace them within the first 30 days. Hoping the replacement pair can hold up for at least 2 months. The 3 days they did work were awesome! The sound quality is as good as you can reasonably expect. The battery life lasts forever – even in very cold temperatures. The hands free controls work seamlessly as long as you remember the Morse code like taps required to work them – there is a little cheatsheet card that easily fits in a pocket you can use as a reference until you can commit them to memory. If these were durable enough to last a full season I would give them 5 stars – I might even buy new ones every year. I’m not expecting these things to work forever but at least 5 months seems like a reasonable expectation.Read more

  2. CC

    My ski helmet came with wired headphones already installed in the ear flaps, but since my latest iPhone didn’t have a headphone jack, I simply got fed up with using the Lightning port adapter and decided to purchase these Outdoor Tech Bluetooth headphones. After opening the seam on the ear flaps and removing the old wired headphones, I was able to easily install these audio chips. My wife then re-sewed the seam, leaving a small gap so that I could plug in the charging cable. I have now used these headphones at least once a week for an entire ski season and am extremely happy with my purchase. The sound quality is very good and definitely loud enough. The battery seems to last forever (certainly through an entire day on the slopes). And controlling the headphones is easy once you memorize the various tap sequences to adjust the volume, advance to the next track, answer a phone call, etc. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!Read more

  3. Oh cool you can change your display name

    1 star. Entire product page makes it seem that this include the earmuffs. My smith helmet does not have zippered earmuffs and these headphones are now useless to me. DO NOT BUY THESE. IF YOUR HELMET HAS THE ZIPPERED EARMUFFS, BUY A LESS EXPENSIVE AND MORE HONEST BRAND.I will probably never buy another smith product after this. Including the REMOVED earmuffs in the photos and not stating anywhere that they are not included in this absurdly expensive kit is malicious advertising.Read more

  4. Scott A. Leonard

    This is a very good, solid product. It delivers exactly as described. So why not 5*? I wish battery life was longer, but I knew that going in. It is a minor pain to plug in and charge as the plug in inside the mast. Not too big of a deal, but it makes me wish more for the longer battery life.Really need to control volume with your phone vs the mask, but again, not a big issue.The black out aspect of the mask it really good. And it is comfortable.If it broke, I would buy again.Read more

  5. Elan Hurtado

    These are the same as chips and I bought 2 pairs of the chips and then bought these smith branded versions thinking they were different. Nope, just a different color plastic. So, all 3 I’ve bought (and now returned), won’t link up to blue tooth. You’re supposed to hold the power button (right ear piece) for 6-8 seconds, then it’s supposed to flash red and blue. Hasn’t worked with any pair. Don’t waste your money or time.Read more

  6. Lali Dela

    These are so worth it. The sound quality is great, they are really easy to use, and the battery lasts a solid 3 days of riding. It’s so nice to not deal with cords and phone all the time. The walkie talkie part worked on the app when we were setting them up, but we don’t even use that feature when we’re riding so don’t let that shy you away from buying these because of all the bad reviews about the walkie talkie part!Read more

  7. grantm

    They seem to work, but they were so uncomfortable in my smith helmet that I couldn’t wear them for more than 30 minutes.Read more

  8. Jimmy Lee

    If audio quality is a priority, look elsewhere. I don’t expect SQ to be impressive from bluetooth, in-helmet devices. However, for the money, IMHO, the sound is too grainy and thin to enjoy even when the primary focus is on the mountainous terrain ahead. I did not experience any connectivity issues that others have. I found the interface with the large buttons convenient and effective, if not intuitive. Going to stick with my Koss Porta Pros wireless, even if it means removing a glove to control power and volume functions.Read more

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