0C12NS1VHGO733 Kicker bullfrog bf400 bluetooth portable out of doors 360° sound water resistant dustproof effective 20 watt amp three” complete variety audio system (2) three 100 toes wi-fi variety

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  • get the celebration commenced! – the kicker bullfrog bf400’s specific driver layout gives you speakers on both facets of the unit for 360 degree sound. On each side of the bullfrog bf400 there are one 3″ full-range drivers and one oval 3″x4″ passive bass radiator. The 2 three” complete-range drivers are powered by using a built-in 20-watt amplifier for added loud sound and the passive bass radiators provide enhanced bass response and improves universal sound quality of music and vocals. Crank up the quantity!
  • bluetooth audio and built in fm tuner – the kicker bullfrog bf400 gives integrated bluetooth, so you can circulation stored tune and track apps to your iphone, ipad, echo dot, echo, samsung galaxy, samsung notice, phone mac, windows laptop, computer, chromebook; ideal for domestic, dorm room, kitchen, lavatory, golf cart. You may even be able to manage fundamental tune playback features such as play/pause & preceding/next music from the bullfrog bf400. Constructed in fm tuner and blanketed external fm antenna
  • perfect sound customization – kicker connect app helps you to pick from 5 eq presets (kicker / out of doors / voice / treble / flat), create & select fm presets, control quantity, and take a look at battery stage proper from your well suited smartphone or pill. You can also be part of bullfrog bf100 audio system together wirelessly for 2-channel stereo and for two times the sound!
  • take this speaker anywhere – water & dust resistant (ip66 rated): ip66-score way the kicker bullfrog bf400 offers complete protection towards dust and water spray on all facets. So you can feel confident while taking this speaker system to the pool, seashore or tenting.
  • electricity to spare – the speaker’s built-in rechargeable battery offers you durable sound up to 20 hours of transportable operation. The bullfrog comes with its own usb charging cable. Simply plug it right into a computer or a spare ac/usb adapter to recharge. And you can hold your smartphone charged thru the usb charging port. The bf400 doubles as a strength bank to your smartphones and gadgets.

BF100 Gray, BF100 Green, BF400 Gray, BF400 Green

8 reviews for 0C12NS1VHGO733 Kicker bullfrog bf400 bluetooth portable out of doors 360° sound water resistant dustproof effective 20 watt amp three” complete variety audio system (2) three 100 toes wi-fi variety

  1. AMPBL

    The price tag is high, but as I said, you get what you pay for. I’ve been through several cheaper options in BT speakers but finally pulled the trigger on this one. Charge it up, download the app, and it blasts sound. Rugged and pretty hefty as well. So far the batteries are true to the “20 hour” charge, as I’ve had this two months or so and with moderate use have charged it three times. I wanted something heavy duty I could take outside for use while I was smoking meat, drinking beer with friends, poolside, etc… and this was perfect. As far as a BT speaker goes—great sound. Indoors it will really thump. Outdoors it’s good too. Worth the price. IMO the best out there.Read more

  2. Mr. Carter

    Loudest Bluetooth on the market. Sound quality is better then my 2018 car lol. Louder tooRead more

  3. TJ

    The speaker itself is great, but the corresponding app is pathetically horrible (both Apple and Android versions). Hit and miss on when it will connect to the speaker and when it does connect, the EQ resets to a preset pattern that sounds horrible (at least to my ears). For what I paid, I expected a decent app for the hardware.Read more

  4. David W. Seng

    The Bullfrog arrived in the mail today after ordering the prior weekend. I live in Oklahoma so Kicker has a long standing history by living loud. The main reason I purchased the outside speaker was for it Swiss Knife of speakers. I have a lifetime Sirius radio from 2008 (best $400 I have spent) that would be powered by the BF 400 all day long. It’s waterproof so it checks the box to be my companion of Hair Metal in my kayak. This fall if we have College Football the FM will be my tail gait party on the patio. So far out of the box the battery has lasted powering the Sirius receiver for over seven hours. I will return for an updated review in late June.Update: December 23rd, 2020I have been using the speaker all summer long while hanging out on the patio. We just returned from a week’s vacation at Panama City Beach and I never had to charge the speaker. The only issue I have seen it will initially shut off then I turn it back on without any issues. The main use is having my Sirrus Satellite receiver connect using a Monoprice Bluetooth transmitter giving me tons of options.Read more

  5. Tntowers

    First off, wow, this thing is beyond loud! I was a bit skeptical because you never truly know when buying stuff online but dang this bullfrog is intense but I mean it is a kicker which I also have in my car so I definitely wasn’t let down.After opening, I charged it for about 6 hours or actually overnight because I forgot but it was fully charged the next day and I used it everyday for about 5 days for about 6 hours per day and this thing did not die! I am blown away! I bought it for my husband for fathers day but I haven’t let him use it for work because I NEED it lolOne thing that did throw me off was that I couldn’t purchase a warranty plan in case anything happened to it or it stopped working for some reason so I hope that doesn’t happen.But all in all I am so glad I bought it and I cant wait to take it camping and to the beach and basically anywhere to have a good time.Read more

  6. Manda

    I really wanted to give this speaker 5 stars because I’ve heard nothing but great things but…While I love it and it’s durability, there really isn’t as much bass as I thought there’d be, but it’s definitely loud and the sound quality is great. It’s great for bringing to the beach, I was just hoping for more bass than what I was already getting from my UE Megaboom (which has a lot more).All in all though, I still feel like this was a good purchase and it’s definitely the loudest portable speaker I’ve found.Might update this review after more use and some eq adjustmentsRead more

  7. Kyle Nachtrieb

    Kicker did it again. Another amazing product, great all around sound. We used it all day out on the boat, at the beach and use it for parties and while working in the garage. We left it outside during extreme thunderstorms for two days and the Bullfrog took it on like a beast. Works perfectly every time. Hands down my favorite blue tooth speaker yet.Read more

  8. Ricardo Espinosa

    This little tank is by far the best of the Bluetooth speakers in this price range. The manual is on line, but its operation is very intuitive. It is heavy, so it is not in the same category as other portable speakers. However the sound quality is really good. Thanks.Update: I has an issue with the blue tooth capability. I called the company they gave me the address and told me that if it was still in warranty they would cover the inspection and repair. I paid for the shipping one way, they fixed it ans shipped it back. All within one week. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks again.Read more

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