0C12NR6ZUK9636 Bricktoon v3 transportable 4. Zero bluetooth 10w wireless speaker – fm stereo – decorate bass – micro sd participant – ipx6 waterproof 12 hrs playback – outside/indoor sturdiness – palms loose speakerphone mic

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  • effective-durable-dependable four. Zero bluetooth portable speaker – revel in the crisp hello-fi dynamic acoustic sound with decorate bass and distortion unfastened sound at maximum extent. The v3 with 2x5w output (for a complete of 10watts) weighs eleven ounces, five. 7″ in duration and a pair of. 5″ in top. Well suited with all bluetooth enabled gadgets.
  • designed for the rugged outdoors & sports – ideal for the outside fanatic who love to experience nature’s exterior whilst list to splendid stereo sound at complete range. Rated with an ipx6 waterproof stage, to withstand intense climate conditions like rain, snow or drops in the water without disturbing approximately water damage.
  • stands other than competition with constructed in fm stereo, micro sd card reader to play your own track library and 3. 5mm audio cable/aux-in jack to use as an external speaker. Can be paired with amazon alexa. More than 12hrs of non-prevent playback tune.
  • built in mic – hands free speakerphone, get hold of alerts on incoming calls at the same time as taking note of your song, vehicle close off sleep inside 15 mins for electricity saving.

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  • does it play flash power
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  • it has bluetooth connection ?
  • it has bluetooth connection ?

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  • is it loud?

  • it has a telescope antenna ?
  • it has a telescope antenna ?

    Product Dimensions

    5.8, x, 1.5, x, 2.5, inches

    Item Weight

    1.05, pounds



    Item model number

    Bricktoon, V3


    1, Lithium, ion, batteries, required.

    Customer Reviews

    4.6, out, of, 5, stars, 126, ratings, 4.6, out, of, 5, stars

    Best Sellers Rank

    #3, 077, in, Portable, Bluetooth, Speakers, #25, 446, in, MP3, &, MP4, Player, Accessories

    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


    Date First Available

    December, 2, 2016



    4 reviews for 0C12NR6ZUK9636 Bricktoon v3 transportable 4. Zero bluetooth 10w wireless speaker – fm stereo – decorate bass – micro sd participant – ipx6 waterproof 12 hrs playback – outside/indoor sturdiness – palms loose speakerphone mic

    1. Wesley

      I bought this speaker for traveling and working outdoors and so far, I’m impressed. It’s small and easily portable, has very good quality sound especially for the size, the bluetooth mode pairs very easily, and it seems to be pretty durable and water resistant. The FM radio requires programming, easy to do if you have the correct instructions. Originally, I couldn’t get it to pick up any stations, however, a couple days after receiving the speaker, Bricktoon sent me an email with an updated set of instructions for this model. Now, it picks up about a dozen or so stations, which is about the same as you can get in a car in this area. Great speaker, highly recommend it!New Instructions for FM radio:When programming Your FM stations for the first time it is recommended to pick an area in where your surroundings are free from frequency interference or interruptions, that means away from TV, phones , computers, antennas or any type of electronics that might interrupt or interfere with the frequency.1. Long press the power button to turn on the V3 (first button on the top left, facing the Bricktoon Logo), after you hear the tone sound , short press the mode button once (middle button) and it will switch to FM Stereo. To program FM Stereo for the first time, press the mode switch once , then press the play button( second button from top left) for 2 seconds and the FM Stereo will go into program mode and automatically program all the FM Stations. Once all the stations are programmed it will stop on the last station it programmed. Use the + – for Volume or for Next & Previous tracks. > to Play or Pause . (Note: Please disregard the FM instructions section on the manual that came with the device for these are instructions on the old model)Note: When ever you need to reprogram stations just long press the power button for 8 seconds when powering device on, this will reset the device then you can follow the above instructions to reprogram your FM stations.Read more

    2. TimeBandit

      Very happy with it until it failed. Over 6 months of occasional use, no water, no dropping, battery fully charged, etc… I just turned it on, then I pressed the blutooth button (as usual) to swith to FM mode … then NOTHING. It reminded me of when a computer freezes – locks up. Typical resolution would be too disconnect the power (remove battery) in an effort to reset the unit. HOWEVER, this unit is sealed, no way to reach the internal battery. So with it totally unresponsive, aka broke, I had no choice but to discard it into the trash. The next day, with nothing to loose, I fetched it back out, and forced it open which I totally ruined/cracked the case in the process. I identified the battery power plug, unplugged it from the circuit board, then plugged it back. Pressed the power button & ding ding ding – IT WORKS again !! What a shame. It is ruined because I had no clue how to get it apart (fyi – pry the back grill off 1st). Because the device uses “soft buttons”, the power button never really turns it off. Perhaps a stand-by / sleep mode. The problem here is that if the circuitry / firmware gets “confused” aka locks-up like mine did, one would need to disconnect the power source, aka battery, which is too technical for the average user.Read more

    3. A. Duda

      I’m very pleased with this purchase. I use it as a speaker for my phone and for my computer. I was really hoping that it would be a good radio, too, but it doesn’t seem very powerful to pull in reception, which admittedly, is poor in my area. I had a Bose Wave Radio that had trouble, too, and a Ryobi speaker/radio that also had difficulty.As a speaker, though, I’m quite impressed. The sound is maybe not high-end, but it is quite clear and for its size, is impressively loud. Once I became to used to the buttons (I wish there were an LED screen to make navigating the controls a bit easier), the Bricktoon was very quick to manage. I love that it is very compact, that it is small and light enough to pop in my purse, and and that the charge lasts longer than a full charge on my phone. I haven’t used it in the rain to really test the waterproof aspect, but I did splash a bit of tea on it, and it was easy to wipe off.Also, unlike the large, nearly-neon green Ryobi, this small, quietly-styled box seems more gender-neutral and is very much at home in any in my house.Overall, I am very pleased with this device, and for the price, I think it is truly a great value.Read more

    4. John Hunter

      The item is either broken or very poorly designed or both. The buttons are very difficult to push and provide nearly no feedback on if the button has recognized it is pushed. I have never had such a problem with the hundreds of devices I have bought with buttons. How pitiful can it be. You press one of the 5 buttons and sometimes something happens, often nothing happens.They overlay options onto buttons (which is fairly common). So the + – are used for volume and also for changing stations… This is always a usability problem. In a device where the buttons are very hard to push and the indication if the device has acted on the push are non-existent and the device has no notification of status (such as current volume, current mode…) it is an extremely bad usability problem.How you know what is going on though is difficult as they just have 1 led. flashing, not flashing or off. The device now makes no sound other than when it is turned off or switches mode – no actual sound for playback. What is causing this cannot be determined because the device has no feedback to show if the volume is at 0, if the + button is just broken and can’t increase the volume or what. It played properly for about 2 minutes.Read more

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