0C12NGEBX4S420 Pyle pair eight. Zero” bluetooth familiar flush mount in-wall in-ceiling 2-manner speaker machine twin polypropylene cone & polymer tweeter stereo sound four hundred watts (pdicbt87) , black

(8 customer reviews)


  • includes (2) audio system (energetic + passive)
  • bluetooth wireless song streaming potential
  • 2-manner full range stereo sound
  • integrated virtual sound amplifier
  • mounts flush to walls or ceilings

Speaker System, Speaker System + Receiver

8 reviews for 0C12NGEBX4S420 Pyle pair eight. Zero” bluetooth familiar flush mount in-wall in-ceiling 2-manner speaker machine twin polypropylene cone & polymer tweeter stereo sound four hundred watts (pdicbt87) , black

  1. Johnny Rocket

    I purchased these for my garage. I was cautiously optimistic because I know Pyle puts out good products, but didn’t expect them to blow me away for $109 for the whole system. I was just sick of always having to bring a portable Bluetooth speaker in the garage every time I was working in there. Well, I’m very glad to report my expectations were exceeded. WAY exceeded. This system is absolutely amazing for the price. I’ve purchased a lot of really great values on Amazon, but this has to be the best. I’m blown away. Ready to get more for the rest of my house now! Some advise, if you check them before installing them, they don’t sound nearly as good as they will when installed in your ceiling. Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed!Read more

  2. Weave

    These do provide good sound however I they constantly “hiss” when music is not playing. My not be an issue if the are installed night enough but on an 8foot ceiling the noise was quite bothersome. I bought two pairs and returned both. It is a problem with the integrated amp on them. Pyle makes another set of 8” that use a separate receiver/ amp that work great and no “noise”.Read more

  3. Carlos lloreda

    Los recibí hoy y antes de instalarlos decidí probarlos, el sonido es aceptable aún si estar instalados en el techo donde seguramente el sonido debe ser mejor por la resonancia que se obtiene. No fue posible por ningún motivo conectarlo a mi Google hub nest que fue el motivo por el que los compré, pues quería amplificar el sonido de mi Google home y manejar la música con la voz. Lo otro es que no tiene forma de apagarse, por lo que mantiene encendido todo el tiempo y se alcanza a escuchar un leve zumbido todo el tiempo, lo cual creo que al estar en silencio en las noches e instalados en el techo puede ser un ruido considerable. Cuando me contacte con soporte técnico me dijeron que no era compatible con Google nest , creo que deberían especificar eso en la descripción para que no le pase a más personas está mala experiencia.Read more

  4. Santi

    I will say the main reason people is interested on this product is because of the BT feature. Unfortunately I have tested mine and the range is really not good, you can’t be more than 5-6 feets far because the audio start breaking.Also, the ports to connect the speaker one to the other are way too small, I know for a fact that cable should be more thick than the ones provided, this will definitely limit the performance of the speakers.Pros:- Price.- Sound (if within range).Cons:- BT SignalRead more

  5. EJ

    Great Sound and Bluetooth worked fairly well within 25 feet …Only real issue is mine are only 6 months old and power adapter is burnt out so they don’t work without power…currently trying to find exact replacementRead more


    First purchase, 2nd speaker didn’t work. Sent it back and I had to wait a week before a used pair came up for over half price. Super happy with this pair. First off both speakers actually work. 2nd i got a heck of a deal for my inconvenience. The sound is goodRead more

  7. Cowboyfan

    The hissing sound is terrible. I was a week past the return date so vendor will not refund the money. (By the way, I wouldn’t recommend this vendor at all).I have a call into PlyeUSA to see if they will accept the return.Very easy to connect via Bluetooth.Read more

  8. Laura Swinson

    They work great, but the only problem is they are always on, even when not connected to anything. I’m going to look at installing a switchRead more

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