0C12N6FJMZJ402 Mrs. Meyer’s smooth day multi-surface purifier listen, use to easy floors, tile, counters, lemon verbena heady scent, 32 ounces.- percent of two

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  • tough-running multi surface cleanser listen that is hard on dirt
  • biodegradable cleaners for all non-porous multi-surfaces
  • garden-fresh lemon verbena multi-surface listen has a mild, refreshingly slight citrus perfume
  • secure to apply as a hardwood ground cleaner, tile cleanser, on countertops, partitions and more
  • mrs. Meyer’s produces cruelty unfastened cleaners. None of our merchandise are tested on animals.
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from the manufacturer

making the world a greater greener place one lawn at a time

mrs. Meyer’s clean day merchandise are inspired by way of the garden, that’s why we’re stimulated to plant plant life, plant life and bushes. At mrs. Meyer’s, we have a ardour for the environment. We also realize the importance of being a great neighbor in our domestic, our community and our international. That’s why we’ve made a commitment to improving the earth one flower, plant and tree at a time thru our campaigns, partnerships, volunteering efforts and donations.

product description

mrs. Meyer’s smooth day liquid dish soap will provide your own home with a clean, clean heady scent and a performance that stands proud. It has a formulation that is rich, thick and makes grease disappear with no trouble. The lemon verbena dish cleaning soap capabilities a focused system for hand-washing dishes that includes soap bark extract, another aspect from the garden that is one in every of nature’s degreasers. Rinses smooth. All you want is a squirt or and you’re for your manner. The cleaning soap is likewise biodegradable, making it an environmentally friendly cleansing alternative for your property.


Basil, Geranium, Honeysuckle, Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Peony

6 reviews for 0C12N6FJMZJ402 Mrs. Meyer’s smooth day multi-surface purifier listen, use to easy floors, tile, counters, lemon verbena heady scent, 32 ounces.- percent of two

  1. dorkface

    I ordered this because of someone else’s review. The woman was complaining about how after she used it her house smelled like grandma house. I’m sorry, but the smell is incredible and lasts for a good while. It’s not grandma smell, but rather like something you’d smell in summer, but one of those summers we all had when we were kids and we always reminiscent. It’s hard to explain. Delicate, sweet smell. I’m also very sensitive to heavy smells, (they give me migraines) and this one was just right. And of course the price! Way better deal than getting it from target or the likes.Read more

  2. J. DAVIS

    On a recommendation of a YouTube presentation, we decided to try this product. Note, this comes in several scents that vary in price. Lavender, which my wife preferred, was less expensive than other scents. Mrs. Meyers Multi-surface Concentrate is very concentrated. A quarter cup (2 oz) to a gallon of water for most uses per container instructions.We have wood grain vinyl floors and kitchen tiles made of the same material. These floor tiles interlock and float on a very thin piece ofd foam. Though the surface is impervious to water and stains, water seeping into the seams will affect the paper fiber bulk portion of the tile. The old mop and pail of soapy water is no more. To do these floors, a combination of 2-3oz of rubbing alcohol, 1 oz or less of Mrs Myers and a liter of hot water in a spray bottle will pretty much do 1,000 sq ft of floors. A spray bottle and a simple Swiffer is all that is needed. Lightly spray an area about 3 ft square (3′ X 3′) and then run the Swiffer over it. No streaks and a clean floor. The alcohol causes rapid evaporation and prevents the water from penetrating the seams. It is remarkable as to how little solution it takes. Also note that too much Mrs Meyers concentrate may cause sticky floors. Less is more.Vinigar may also leave a sticky surface.Read more

  3. Heidi the MT

    We started buying Meyers after a standard store cleaner caused our dog with congestive heart failure to go into respiratory arrest. Never before had I considered how close to the ground the dogs are when using really strong smelling (read chemicals) cleaning products. It was a devastating lesson.This product works well, smells lovely, and most of all, I’m not worried about my pets exposure to the ingredients. I’ve been using it for about 3 years now with no issues.Read more

  4. Katie B.

    I am OBSESSED with the scent of this cleaner. I purchased the bulk concentrate because I love it so much, and used it so often. When looking for cleaning products, we tend toward natural products as much as possible, so when we read that this is “98% naturally derived,” we were sold! We simply pour the correct ratio of water and concentrate into our old spray bottle and it is incredibly simple. You can always change the ratio a little depending on desired outcome. We do love the scent, and the cleaning power is average, however, after doing a little more research, the Environmental Working Group categorized this product as a “D” class meaning it is of “high concern” and is “Likely hazards to health or the environment. May also have poor ingredient disclosure.” We really love the price point of this product, and will continue to use this concentrate until it is gone, however, we will probably choose a more eco-friendly and health-conscious choice next time. We have a growing family, and we want to live the healthiest life possible!Read more

  5. Cuba Rodriguez

    I’m reviewing the Lemon Verbena scent. A little goes a long way! I’ve been looking into getting rid of using the harsh chemicals in my life both for myself and the health of my family. The list of possible side effects, of the commonly purchased store cleaners, continues to grow. I don’t want to worry about taking anyone to the ER or calling the CDC for an accident with those products… not to mention, natural cleaners are better for the environment.My usual natural cleaner is White Vinegar with a few drops of dishsoap. This can be a bit harsh as far as scent. This is still my “go to” for heavy cleaning or light disinfecting, but I wanted a more pleasant means of general cleaning. I’m new to the line of Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products. I’ve recently been using the laundry detergent and decided to try some of their other products.I’ve tried this cleaner on fresh grease splatters, floors, windows (left no streaks surprisingly), all around my kitchen counter and splashboard… so far those surfaces and jobs were tackled flawlessly. I’m in love with the scent. I can’t get enough of it. It’s a refreshing clean smell… not lemony though, so don’t be fooled by the name of it. Lemon Verbena is a herb which is supposed to smell like lemon… although in this cleaner, I don’t think so. It’s not a floral scent either. It’s just very pleasant.For my general cleaning the ratio I’ve been using is 32ozs of water to 2ozs of the cleaner. I purchased spray bottles for a couple dollars and they’ll last a couple years.I bought this from the seller “ LLC”, which I feel is important to list this info. I’ve come across sellers with variances in their items, including knockoffs, even if listed as same brand.Read more

  6. sherri

    I have been using Meyers for about 10 years now & I absolutely love it! These bottles last a long time because they are undiluted so I only need a capful or 2 for every gallon of water I use to clean. I clean my hardwood floors, countertops, outdoor tables, end tables, kitchen floor, walls, pretty much will clean any surface! Just spray the area, wipe with a paper towel, wash cloth or towel & that’s it. When my boxer goes to the bathroom on our hardwood floor I wipe up the mess, spray this Meyers on the spot, let it sit for 5 minutes, wipe again, spray again & let it dry & it cleans it right up! There isn’t anything this cleaner hasn’t been able to clean it truly is amazing! And they smell so good! One of these bottles will last me months & I clean my hardwood floors twice a week. I have all hardwood floors except my kitchen. You will definitely be satisfied with this cleaning product!Read more

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