0C12MZPUS7W664 Altec lansing imw457-mt jacket h2o 2 bluetooth speaker, ip67 water-proof, shockproof and snowproof rated and it floats rating, 8 hours of battery, extremely transportable, compact layout, mint mint inexperienced

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  • ultra transportable be the hit at any birthday party with the altec lansing imw457 jacket h2o 2 bluetooth speaker!
  • you name it proof proposing an special compact design the jacket h2o 2 is ip67 waterproof shockproof and snow proof rated and it floats! So there’s never an excuse to now not have awesome sounding track anyplace your journey takes you!
  • palms free answer smartphone calls without difficulty and convenience with the precise fingers-unfastened conversation and built-in microphone
  • robust battery with a sturdy battery lifestyles imparting eight hours of enjoyment and an aux-in port for easy connection the jacket h2o 2 is the precise compact track partner to your next dance celebration!
  • high-quality range pair together with your bluetooth device with a 30 foot variety loaded with jaw-dropping capabilities to decorate your listening revel in
  • power supply kind: battery powered
  • connectivity technology: bluetooth; auxillary

from the producer

because 1927, we have been imagining new approaches to revel in sound. Our innovations have rocked track and given a voice to generations.

altec lansing imw457 jacket h2o

there’s no game too extreme, no life-style too active for the imw457 jacket bluetooth speaker. Entire with a shielding jacket and aluminum dotted grill, this rugged speaker is geared to deal with any environment you convey it in. In no way worry about accidently making a dash whilst you assignment to new heights, this versatile speaker is licensed ip67 rated. Water resistant, shockproof, sandproof, the whole thing evidence, and it floats. Not anything stops the imw457 from generating our legendary altec sound you already know and love. With eight hours of playtime on a single fee, the jacket bluetooth speaker is positive to energize you at some stage in your day.

  • water submersible and sand, snow and shock evidence – ip67 licensed
  • built-in rechargeable battery proposing eight hours of lifestyles with vocal power degree confrimation
  • pay attention and be heard with speakerphone funcionality
  • answer and decline calls with vocal instructions
  • easy pairing to any bluetooth-enabled device with vocal confirmation and 30 foot variety
  • licensed ip67 rated: water-resistant, shockproof, sandproof, the entirety evidence. We engineered the imw457 to withstand the hardest of environments. The extremely durable layout also permits it to float on water.

    the birthday party never stops with the imw457. It is engineered with a chargeable lithium-ion battery to deliver your tune for up to eight hours on a single charge.

    the imw457 comes built with a excessive-overall performance microphone and voice affirmation to without difficulty control your telephone calls. With just a easy touch of a button, you could answer calls in crisp, clean fine.

    it could be small in size, however the imw457 is filled with huge dynamic drivers to deliver complete-spectrum audio in a huge listening place. It’s far absolutely compatible with maximum devices with a three. 5mm auxiliary input for expandable audio alternatives.

    product description


    Speaker, Speaker + Mini H2O Speaker


    Aqua Blue, Black, Deep Red, Mint Green, Pink

    8 reviews for 0C12MZPUS7W664 Altec lansing imw457-mt jacket h2o 2 bluetooth speaker, ip67 water-proof, shockproof and snowproof rated and it floats rating, 8 hours of battery, extremely transportable, compact layout, mint mint inexperienced

    1. Side Quest Publications

      I originally found these speakers advertised where I work and saw the material about how great they are for sporting goods due to being shock- and water-proof and the like. This, combined with the mounting capabilities on the bottom, told me it might be a great product for use on my motorcycle, as I could simply attach it the same way I attach a camera. (Too be fair, it doesn’t actually SAY that it’s designed for motorcycles, just articles written by people who have used other speakers of this type.)Naturally this meant I needed one of the smaller ones, something that wouldn’t be too heavy for the mount I use nor large enough to obstruct my view of something as critical as the mirrors. (This might have been my problem; would a larger speaker have done a better job than this one? But there was no place on my bike I would trust a larger speaker to begin with.)And just yesterday, well outside of the return period, I finally got the chance to try this out on my motorcycle… and I couldn’t hear a thing.Because of the sun I couldn’t see the indicator light well enough to tell if the speaker was even on; I thought maybe it had gotten stuck in pairing mode or that I’d accidentally turned it off when I was aiming to turn up the volume. But when we pulled into a parking lot to check, I was going slow enough to clearly hear the music…. turns out, nope, this speaker is just too quiet no matter how many times I press the “volume up” button.Looks like I’ll need to keep looking for something specifically made for motorcycles. Oh, well.Read more

    2. Jeremy V. Babson

      Powerful little speaker I bought for my wife to use at her job. I wanted to get her one that was reasonably priced for it’s features and functions. This series is touted as waterproof and has what appears to be a silicone plug to protect the charging port. It has a power, – and + button. You can enter pairing mode by simply holding down the power and minus button. It has good power for its size and decent bass. The plus and minus button is for the volume and changing tracks. Hold it down for one function or click it for the other. I still don’t have that difference down so sometimes my intent and the result are not the same.Read more

    3. britt winn

      Easy to use, good sound quality. We use it for business meetings. It has plenty of power to fill a room with voices. I’m sure the same room-filling sound would exist if we were playing music. The only thing I don’t like is when it boots up, it screams Altec Lansing. This might be ok in a personal setting, but it’s a little annoying in the moments just before the meeting.This is my second speaker. I bought this one, because the first one was easy to use, easy to connect to, and good sound quality.Read more

    4. Nate Williamson

      Where do I even begin? I’ve bought Altec Lansing products before and never had ANY of these problems.- There’s absolutely NO low power indicator; it just dies- Jacket peels off too easily- Volume doesn’t go very high; my mini speaker goes louder- Battery doesn’t last as long as it says; 4 hours at best_ The range absolutely blows!Seriously, if I have my phone in my pocket standing 5 feet away and I turn away from the speaker, it cuts out! 10 or 15 feet away. . . Forget it! You pretty much have to have you phone sitting on a level plane right beside your speaker in order for it to function properly.I gave this product a one star because Amazon doesn’t let you go any lower. . . And because the mint green color is nice.Read more

    5. Jeff Hampton

      As always, an amazing speaker, excellent sound, very crisp, no tinny sound here. Sure to appease even the most audiophilic, all in a water proof package. Oh and when I say waterproof, I don’t mean that “splash proof BS” this thing is designed to float with you while you enjoy the water life. Truly waterproof, get it dirty? Just rinse it off. Need it to last all day? It will. Want to connect multiple like I have done? You can. Want to mount it to your motorcycle? It has a universal tripod mount so you can use literally thousands of devices to secure/mount these things everywhere. Won’t find a better speaker for the price. Will continue to buy these, new they were $60 I believe and now you can get them for $30 all day which is a steal.Read more

    6. Jacob

      I bought this speaker to have on a shelf in the shower. I have been using it daily for about a year now and it is still working great. The steam and moisture has not caused any problems with the speaker on the wire mesh has gotten a little rusty but nothing to worry about. Sound quality is good, there are better sounding speaker but for the shower it is great.Read more

    7. Steve S.

      Bought in August 2019. Sound is pretty good. Paired easily however over time connecting my phone to speaker became dodgy at best. Was it the phone? I have no idea. I’ll add that I had an iPhone 6 when I purchased the speaker and switched to an 11 Pro in November. Just bought an FM Transmitter to play through my car’s audio system. We’ll see how the BT works with it.One gotcha today is the USB charge port as somehow dislodged and can no longer be utilized. My otherwise useful little speaker is headed to the recycle bin.Looks good. Sounds good. Good battery life. Finally, questionable build quality.Read more

    8. ben

      Pretty frustrating speaker. Sounds OK but it’s a pain to use. I use it with my laptop and my phone. When I’m done with my laptop, laptop and speaker turned off, I cannot then connect to my phone. Unless I go into my laptop settings and manually disconnect the Bluetooth connection. Obviously that’s expected if the two are still connected. But if the laptop is off and the speaker has been off, there’s no good reason to need to manually disconnect on the laptop to connect the phone. This is the only Bluetooth device I’ve ever had to do this with. I very much regret this purchase.Read more

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