0C12MYW4KWN884 Wireless transportable pa speaker system – 1000w high powered bluetooth compatible lively + passive pair out of doors sound speakers w/ usb sd mp3 aux – 35mm mount, 2 stand, microphone, faraway – pyle pphp1049kt

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  • one thousand watt electricity: this portable high powered 2 way full variety audio projection loudspeaker pa machine has a maximum electricity output of a thousand watt top strength / 500 watt rms so that you can play your favourite tracks as loud as you need and with style
  • 10 inches subwoofer 1 inches tweeter: this lively + passive pair pa speaker package is prepared with 10 inches subwoofers, high performance 1 inches tweeters and compression motive force w/ titanium diaphragm for surround stereo sound reproduction and amazing bass reaction
  • like minded with bluetooth: this pa loud speaker is like minded with bluetooth for wireless audio streaming and works with gadgets like iphone, android cell telephone, ipad, pill, pc. Ideal for personal indoor home use or for outside dj party. Energy cable duration is four. 9 toes
  • 5 inputs: prepared with a usb flash power and sd card reader so it could function an mp3 player, 3. Five millimeter aux input,1/4 inches speakon enter, and xlr microphone input for karaoke. Has a 35 millimeter stand mount and comes with 2 stands, far off, microphone, strength cable
  • eq configuration: this high powered heavy duty pa system also capabilities a digital liquid crystal display display and rear panel rotary dial / button manage middle to adjust the grasp volume, mic volume, treble, bass so that you can balance the audio stages for your liking

from the manufacturer

wi-fi portable pa speaker system – 1000w excessive powered bluetooth well suited lively + passive pair outdoor sound speakers w/ usb sd mp3 aux

  • twin 10-inch excessive-powered loudspeaker pa structures
  • includes (1) lively speaker (1) passive speaker + (2) stands
  • rugged durable & dependable sound
  • bluetooth wi-fi song streaming potential
  • high-frequency 1. Zero” tweeters
  • compression driver with titanium diaphragm
  • 2-manner full range audio projection
  • built-in digital audio amplifier
  • xlr microphone enter
  • 35mm speaker stand mount like minded
  • 1/4’’ speakon (8 ohm) enter
  • 1/4’’ speakon (8 ohm) speaker output
  • connect & movement audio from external devices
  • aux (3. 5mm) input jack
  • usb flash power & sd memory card readers
  • rear panel rotary dial & button manage center
  • master quantity mic volume treble bass adjustable
  • speaker stands:

  • correctly elevates speakers for optimum sound performance
  • frequent speaker compatibility (35mm insert)
  • easy setup and brief adjustment control
  • strengthened steel help creation
  • speaker help arm extension
  • rugged and reliable
  • safety lock-in pin
  • foldable for quick garage and shipping
  • rubber capped tripod feet base
  • size_name

    8", 10"


    Loudspeakers Kit + Microphone System, Loudspeakers Kit, Loudspeakers Kit + Audio Cord, Loudspeakers Kit + Connection Cord, Loudspeakers Kit + Microphone


    2 Speaker

    8 reviews for 0C12MYW4KWN884 Wireless transportable pa speaker system – 1000w high powered bluetooth compatible lively + passive pair out of doors sound speakers w/ usb sd mp3 aux – 35mm mount, 2 stand, microphone, faraway – pyle pphp1049kt

    1. SMecham

      Would rate less if I could. Had the speakers for 9 months used a few times less than a dozen times and the amp died. Pyle offered to warranty if I ship it to them and back. Shipping ground one way is $80 so $160 to maybe get a warranty fix. Not what I call standing behind your product.Read more

    2. Jeff Birkes

      I purchased this product to be used as the sound system when showing movies outdoors. My typical application has a fairly large format: The screen approx 22ft. Speakers are placed roughly 5ft to each side and in front of the screen. In my first (backyard) test, the signal came from the headphone jack on a relatively low-end laptop – so about as limiting as one can get. There was fairly loud ambient noise from nearby equipment. I did not measure the db, but it was sufficiently loud that the speakers needed to overpower the noise to produce a desirable effect. The audience was seated between 20 and 30 feet from the speakers.I was very pleased. We exceeded a loud but comfortable volume level with the source volume at roughly half power, perhaps 1/3 gain on the aux input at the speaker, and the master volume set at 1/4 to 1/3 power. Voices were clear and distinct. High end sound was excellent (shrieking bird-monsters…don’t ask). The speakers’ bass seemed to handle the low-end “content” in the movie, but as one would expect, they can’t produce the “sensory rumble” of a theater system or dedicated sub-woofer.I am pleased with the build-quality of the speakers and stand. I haven’t accidentally dropped them down the stairs yet, but they feel solid and as if they will withstand the regular wear and tear of being tossed into the back of the van and hauled around, etc. I will add to this review if I learn otherwise.A quick test of all the functions went well. Music quality seemed excellent – but I was not listening with an audiophile’s mindset – I enjoyed it more than I analyzed it. Bluetooth, FM, remote all work as advertised out of the box. BT pairing was simple. FM reception seems solid. The remote? …well, I am not quite sure how much use it really is. The biggest issue is that the IR sensor is on the back of the speaker. If I have one recommendation for Pyle, it is to provide a second sensor on the front of the speaker. It only controls the USB/SD/Bluetooth/FM functions and a power off. It does not control overall system volume. One other thing, it would be nice to have a left/right speaker balance rather than a single master system volume.Overall, I am pleased. Other reviewers are correct in saying this is a system designed to meet a particular price point and higher end systems offer more. If you are an audiophile or you make your living delivering sound, then you will probably was more. However, I feel like the product is very good value and should meet the needs of most amateurs users. Your, mileage may differ. So far I am entirely satisfied.Read more

    3. Greg B.

      Cannot get any sound out of the second speaker. I used the provided cable to connect the two speaker to no effect. Thought that maybe the cable was bad so bought a new one, still nothing.The Master Volume does not work unless the MP3 volume knob is turned all the way up.Customer service was useless.Returning for a refund, don’t waste your time with this item.Read more

    4. Garon D. Mcclure

      Initial impressions:Setup was straightforward and easy. It took a little to get used to the controls on the back, but nothing too bad. I bought this for an outdoor projector to do movies on and I believe it will be plenty loud enough for our use, but wasn’t quite as loud as I was expecting. Also the cord that connects the speakers was a little short.Pros:Straightforward/Easy SetupSound qualityPriceSimple ControlsCons:Sound VolumeSpeaker connection cord a little shortRead more

    5. Just Terry

      Let me get the bad stuff out the way… The remote sucks lol! Now as far as this speaker set, I’m so, so glad I didn’t let the reviews deter me! These speakers are banging enough for what I’m doing with them! Yes they are loud! Yes they are clear! Yes they are worth the money! Hey just remember, if you ain’t feeling them, you can always send them back, or mail them to me lol! Summer Summer Time Here I Come!Read more

    6. Thor

      You cant beat this PA system for the price. It is good quality. My only complaint is that i didnt use the remote at first and the volume was really low even when turning the volume knob all the way up. Didnt realize that the remote was needed to increase the volume to its max. Kinda odd but thats my only issue. Everything else about these is great.Read more

    7. A. Doyal

      Bought to use as a PA system and source of music for our backyard wedding. The test indoors was great, had excellent sound and volume and could be heard to some degreethrought our entire house (5200sf). Failed to do what we needed when used outdoors made more sound for the neighbors than for our guests.Read more

    8. Soundsailor

      I love these economical Pyle Speakers. Great Punch and sound. I was surprised by the great Bluetooth reception. I was upstairs and was listening to Amazon Music Download on my phone and the Pyle Speakers down stairs started playing!!!I download Back Tracks to my phone and then jam to them….easy-peezy….Great for the price! Cheers Tim ALASKARead more

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