0C12MX87BLD264 Polk audio magnifi mini home theater surround compact machine with large wireless subwoofer blanketed

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  • small length, huge sound – packed in its compact design is a group of effective drivers and tweeters, which produce tremendously clean sound. At only a touch over a foot lengthy, these sound bars are a should-have if you have space obstacles for your house theater device
  • experience immersive surround sound with polk’s patented sda audio generation and 5. 1 dolby digital coding. The blanketed wireless subwoofer fills your living room, bed room, or media room with multi-dimensional surround sound
  • polk’s one of a kind voice adjust technology even helps you to independently control voice ranges maximizing sound readability and minimizing voice delays and muzzled sounds. Geared up with impartial modes for films, track, and sports, it offers balanced sound clarity so that you listen each phrase, making your film, sports and track revel in truely splendid
  • wirelessly flow tune with google solid from your telephone, tablet or different well suited android gadgets for a multi-room system. Solid your favourite music tracks on your sound bar via streaming offerings like pandora, spotify and others
  • fast and easily setup the soundbar device in minutes using the covered hdmi and optical cables, the google home app for your android or ios devices
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from the producer

at less than 15 inch long, magnifi mini can match almost anywhere

having constructed our recognition as ‘the speaker experts’ for more than forty years, we take delight in our advanced sound and construct high-quality, which capabilities many patented and award-triumphing audio innovations. For the people of polk, constructing audio products is not only a task—it’s a ardour. And if you’re going to remember one aspect, remember this: we live with the aid of the truest precept of what audio ought to supply—excellent sound at an affordable charge for every body!

polk magnifi mini domestic theater sound bar system

the magnifi mini domestic theater sound bar gadget delivers the big room-filling audio and surround sound experience you’d anticipate from a good sized sound bar—all in an ultra-compact design that fits any area. Enjoy quality-in-class audio with polk’s distinct voice modify technology that dramatically increases vocal readability and volume stage for crystal clear talk no matter what you’re watching. Plus, our patented surround generation and dolby virtual five. 1 interpreting creates super room-filling surround sound all from a sound bar this is less than 15 inch lengthy. Well suited with almost all tvs, the everyday sound bar works with your tv, cable box or satellite tv for pc ir remote manipulate and features easy setup in mins with the included hdmi (arc) cable. The effective wi-fi subwoofer provides deep impactful bass to your favored movies, television, games, sports activities and music too. And if quantity’s too loud in the course of past due night time viewing, night time mode helps you to effortlessly watch your preferred programs at night time without waking the acquaintances or other circle of relatives individuals in your property. What’s extra, bring the concert into your room with wi-fi tune streaming via wifi, google domestic the use of chromecast audio, and bluetooth. Anything you do, just don’t allow the magnifi mini’s small length idiot you—that is that massive polk sound you love from a touch bar.

six driving force array and the included powerful wi-fi subwoofer create immersive surround sound through five. 1 dolby digital and specific polk sda digital surround generation.

fits tight areas and nevertheless offers huge, room-filling audio. Don’t let the size idiot you—this small sound bar outperforms bars 3x its size.

customise the voice ranges inside the sound bar but you opt to reproduce clear, crisp talk and never leave out a unmarried phrase of your favored film, television display or carrying event.

the magnifi mini sound bar and included wi-fi subwoofer reproduce deep bass effect you can sense, growing a room-filling and immersive domestic theater and song listening experience.

stream music at once out of your cellphone, pill or different compatible tool. Pick out from thousands and thousands of songs from popular tune offerings like google play track, spotify and pandora, or trap up on cutting-edge events with npr podcasts.

works with any television, cable box or satellite ir far off manipulate—there’s no need for 2 remotes.

rise up and jogging in minutes, the protected hdmi (arc) and optical cables assist you to plug the sound bar directly into the television—electricity-up and also you’re equipped to move.


MagniFi Mini

4 reviews for 0C12MX87BLD264 Polk audio magnifi mini home theater surround compact machine with large wireless subwoofer blanketed

  1. KIM K.

    [*UPDATE*]Everything is still great and honestly even better. After adding a PS4 to the mix yesterday, I decided to quit procrastinating and re-configure the cables to test HDMI ARC (previously used optical input). NOW, after nearly 8+ months, I have an on-screen volume indicator again instead of relying on the sound bar LEDs and the sound quality is even more amazing (Dolby D+/DTS used with TV, bitstream DTS w/PS4) If your TV supports HDMI ARC, take advantage of it with this sound bar. I’ve also since ditched the tiny, stroke inducing OEM remote for the sound bar plus 2 others and programmed everything through a Harmony Ultimate remote. All the thumbs up!————————————————————-[*FYI*]I bought this product with my own hard-earned salary and have gained no reward or free crap from a 3rd party for leaving this review…sorry it’s kind of a novel :)It has been 6 months since purchasing the MagniFi mini and I’ll have to say I have gotten quite a bit of well welcomed, unexpected bang for my buck. I was skeptical at first thinking that one tiny bar and sub couldn’t possibly give me a believable theater sound experience…WRONG!!! The coolest part about the sound is that even though the bar is positioned in front of me, underneath my TV, the sound “feels” submersive like it’s coming from all around the room.The main bar speaker is heavy as a brick, very well made. The down-firing sub is quite light, very well-made and fits just about anywhere. There is, however, quite the learning curve when it comes to figuring out your optimal audio settings. You’ll be tweaking the your TV’s audio out settings for a while before finding the sweet spot. Also, getting used to knowing the what the colored lights on the speaker front were telling me was different especially when being used to seeing a visual indicator on the TV. It took about a month to finally work the kinks out of the TV’s audio out setting situation and find the optimal setting for at least 3 out of the 4 things I have connected to the speaker.I honestly don’t think I’ve been able to use this speaker to the potential I have no doubts it has like really crank it up to an ignorant level, but I can say that when I have turned it up (using just the optical input) like for a PlayStation game or streaming movies with my TV audio out setting to Dolby+/DTS, there’s a TON of power behind that set-up. 99% of the time I stream content from TV apps (Pandora/Netflix/Amazon Prime Video/E! Now etc.) Sound is amazingly balanced and has rarely required any tweaks from the remote. Quiet movies like Moonlight was a bit of a nightmare, but I watched that the night I got the speaker and hadn’t figured things out yet. I also replaced the puny factory wire with a high quality/premium optical cable and noticed a richer improvement in the sound quality. Bluetooth streaming quality is equally as amazing. I’ve tested streaming from my iPhone, a couple old Androids and my Mac. Each one worked equally as well and pairing was effortless. My U-verse cable box takes up the only ARC HDMI port on the TV so I have yet to test the sound quality from TV over ARC to the speaker. Pretty sure it’s excellent though. Once I do get to test that I’ll come back and update if anything significant comes out of it. My one gripe with inputs is, for example, channel changes or changing content while streaming. There’s a sound delay that takes takes several seconds to resume unless you trigger it manually by mashing a volume button. It’s slightly annoying and I keep wondering if this is remedied by using ARC HDMI…I’ll test it eventually.On the other side of the review token, audio when watching cable TV (AT&T U-verse) has always been and continues to be a butt pain. I’m not blaming the speaker system at all because I’m betting the U-verse cable box is the problem, it just needs to be upgraded…old tech + new tech=all kinds of weird sometimes. Some channels apparently only support certain audio formats over optical. The main issues are that some channels will have no sound until I change the TV audio out setting to plain Dolby+ (no DTS). Or, others will be so quiet I have to crank it to 11 to hear anything then get then need a change of pants once a commercial comes on because it’ll blare so loud that the rest of the city will know what I’m watching. At this point, I know which channels are borked and avoid them. Meh. No biggie.Last gripe is the remote. Whoever thought of this design should’ve called in sick that day. #1) It’s not very responsive. You have to point it directly at the speaker or else nothing is going to happen. It’s mainly the scalloped/flat buttons that have major responsive issues. Mute button is the wrong place so when you need to quickly cut the sound and it takes 3-4 presses before it actually works. Volume Up and Down are both scalloped out. In a perfect remote world, Volume Up should be raised so you can feel the difference in your hand without looking. If you aren’t pressing in exactly the right spot, you’re gonna do the opposite of what you intend. Very annoying. Then there’s the speaker LED’s. Gauging the number of clicks to change the volume level remains a mystery so I STILL have to look at the lights to know my remote press registered (which isn’t always do-able depending on where I am in the room). It always 1 click to display the sound level LED’s then 4-6 clicks to actually affect the volume level. I could count for clicks forever and it’d never end up being the same ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’ve eliminated these issues entirely by just programming the speaker on my Harmony remote. Bam…perfection anywhere.Since my purchase 6 months ago, the price has gone dropped to $199 so I kinda wish I had waited, but I needed an audio upgrade immediately back then. This product was very well worth the original $269 price tag, though. Don’t hesitate on getting your hands on this little system! I always pre-search major purchases until it becomes ridiculous, but there’s really no need if you’re looking for awesome audio quality, high product quality and ease of use. You will NOT be disappointed especially at this new lower price, it’s pretty much an un-pass-up-able* steal! (*wonder how many scrabble points that word would gimme :P)Read more

  2. Stephen D.

    This is the first review I have ever written. I bought this soundbar based on independent reviews and the reputation of Polk. It was not easy to set up, for the HDMI connection did not seem to work. I should have realized this could be indicative of a greater problem. Nevertheless, I used the optical connection and things seemed okay….for a few weeks. Then I lost my optical connection, but now HDMI worked, and then I lost connection to the remote, an intolerable situation. I was now one or two days outside the 30-day return option, and I had discarded the original packaging after a few days of the unit working well. So, I was in a bind. After getting in touch with a real human voice at Polk, a victory of sorts, I at least got them to commit to send me a new remote, which took over 2 weeks to arrive, and surprise, was no better than the first remote, i.e., it would not connect to the main unit. Finally, I realized I had a totally defective unit and wrote back to Polk asking if I could just return the whole thing and my willingness to settle for $100 or some such accommodation. I have not heard back. I have since purchased a wonderful, less expensive Vizio unit, great sound and easy to set up. The disassembled Polk unit sits in my den until I decide to just trash the whole thing and write it off as a bad experience. This has left a bad taste in my mouth about not only Polk, but Amazon, for if I had paid a few bucks more at Best Buy, I’m fairly certain they would have taken it back, and they would have been suitably apologetic.Read more

  3. JJFlash

    I don’t write many reviews, but I felt the need to do so with this item. I can’t say enough about the Polk MagniFi Mini system. If it’s within your budget, you won’t regret getting this. Without a doubt, this is the best sound bar of its size I have ever heard. It blows away many sound bars that are much larger and cost much more. HI’s, midrange, and bass are all accurately reproduced with fantastic separation. It gets louder than I need it to with absolutely no distortion. I have nothing negative to say about this sound bar. I can’t imagine anyone not being satisfied.Update 9/27/2017 – I experienced a problem where the subwoofer stopped working properly. It had to be re-synced every time the soundbar was turned off and then back on. A single call to Polk customer service resulted in them sending a new system immediately. The new system is working as it should. So, not only does the MagniFi Mini get 5 stars, so does Polk customer service.Read more

  4. Cesar Ramirez

    Sound quality is very good for both music and movies. Foot print is so small that is barely noticeable. A minimalist dream. For what we paid, couldn’t be happier. We have a small two bed apartment, and this has more than adequate power for our living room. Night mode is awesome to keep watching without disturbing the neighbors. My only complaint, the remote is difficult to use in the dark, should have been backlit or fluorescent.Update 12/16/2016I knocked out two stars because, as some other reviewers said, the soundbar is always hot to the touch. I would understand if it was hot during operation, but the system is ALWAYS hot even it has been unused for a long time, even days. Then, it means its always on.I am concerned about long-term durability of the electronics. Will be contacting Polk about it and if there is no fix, its going back.Update 01/05/2017This thing sounds so good that I put back the stars. I was contacted by Polk and they reassured me that the warming is normal. I am keeping it :)Read more

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