0C12MGCW8Z1212 Guppy water resistant bluetooth led shower speaker fm radio tf card reader, 2016 version youngster-friendly, constructed-on top of things buttons, speakerphone, powerful suction cup quality for indoor/out of doors use (blue)

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  • amazing sound anywhere: do not allow the water prevent you from enjoying your favored music! Guppy is an appropriate accomplice for the beach, camping, poolside, exercise, paddleboarding, on a boat, shower or bathtub, kitchen, or just about anywhere you need your track to move.
  • hours of first-rate sound: our excessive pleasant speaker motive force and bluetooth audio wireless connectivity offers you seamless streaming, short charging, 6 hours of playtime, sound so right you won’t agree with it’s popping out of a speaker that is so light-weight!
  • specific add-ons: are you uninterested in looking for that abnormal charging cable the alternative shower speaker manufacturers provide you with? Are you concerned their weak suction cup is going to allow your speaker fall? Do not worry! We encompass an industry trendy micro usb cable and a 17″ wearing strap so that you can effortlessly charge and hang your speaker from bathe heads, door knobs, pool umbrellas — anywhere!
  • distinctly water-resistant: our hard, long lasting, and waterproof silicone housing and charging port cowl means which you do not must fear about splashing, bumping, or spills, making it ideal for each outside and indoor use. It is also tremendously youngster-evidence!
  • clean to use: speedy connects to bluetooth enabled digital gamers, supports fm radio, tf card reader and aux in

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2016 Black, 2016 Blue, 2016 Green, 2016 Pink, 2016 White

8 reviews for 0C12MGCW8Z1212 Guppy water resistant bluetooth led shower speaker fm radio tf card reader, 2016 version youngster-friendly, constructed-on top of things buttons, speakerphone, powerful suction cup quality for indoor/out of doors use (blue)

  1. Rhilee

    I bought this to replace a shower speaker that had an untimely demise. It connects to Bluetooth pretty well and has a decent enough range that I can leave my phone in another room and the sound quality is pretty good, however the battery is not. It seems as if I’m charging it only after a few short uses, I think it may be because of the light show, which you can’t shut off. Other than that it’s alright, the short battery life will keep me from purchasing again when this one kicks the bucket though. Edit: Before my 1 month warranty went out my speaker stopped working unless it was plugged in, I messaged the seller to ask for a replacement and got ignored. Not a fan. Five Below has them for $5, just go there.Read more

  2. OrangeStar

    Water resistance of this speaker is great but everything else not so much. The suction cup doesn’t really stick to your walls or glass. The battery life is really short (avg. 30 min). And it sounds like your music/whatever is super distant (meaning the quality aint that good).***if this was helpful, click “helpful”. Thanks!***Read more

  3. Scotti Wilkerson

    Maybe it’s because I’ve spent the last 29 years of my life destroying my ears either at my dads band practice, driving too fast with the music too loud in my car, or I need hearing aids? But I put on some Overkill and I felt like I was at a metal concert for babies. And I’ve been to a metal concert… as a baby… soo that’s saying something. Stop making this garbage. Rip off.Read more

  4. dragongirl

    It depends on what kind of music you listen to for the quality. I listen to a lot of EDM so the bass sucks and some of the songs just don’t sound too good but what can you expect from something that you pay $13 for. However it does last a long time on a charge. We’ve had this for the last six months and only charged it when we first got it. It still has a charge and we shut it off after use. It gets used at least 5 times a week for an hour each day used (more than one person taking showers uses it). It does connect easily and it’s nice to be able to change the song while showering. However you will have to adjust the volume before going in.Read more

  5. Happy Customer

    I read some of the reviews before buying this product and had to laugh. For $10 bucks this is a really awesome product! If you’re expecting bose quality, you may want to look elsewhere. The suction cup works just fine, but you don’t have to have it hanging on a wall; it sits just fine on a shelf. And just because it’s waterproof I wouldn’t recommend fully submerging it. It’s a great product for the price, easy to use, and lets be honest; it’s really cute!Read more

  6. Andrew

    Edit : my guppy doesn’t work anymore, it will turn itself off in less than 5 minutes even when fully charged. Entirely unusuable at this just as advertised, it connected and worked perfectly right out of the box, it came fully charged and sounds great. my only complaint is the suction cup, it doesn’t seem to stick for long, its already fallen off my shower wall 3 times and i’ve only owned this for less than 24 hours.Read more

  7. P Fabregas

    I was so excited to get a speaker for my shower, at first it worked well, but charging it became a pain. I basically would use it for 15 minutes a day during my morning routine, so the battery is for 6 hours so I would charge is every 25 days or so, later on I would have to charge it every 14 days, then down to 10 days, I was disappointed so I stopped using it and bought something elseRead more

  8. Ashley

    This item worked for about 2 weeks with me charging it frequently. Then after that I could only use it why it plugged in. Now it’s intermittent on when it wants to work. So disappointed. I missed the return/replace by a couple days. You get what you pay for I guess. I should had used it sooner than I did so I’d be with the 30 days.Read more

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