0C12KI4QH05640 Pyle 8” four bluetooth flush mount – in-wall in-ceiling 2-way speaker machine quick connections changeable spherical/rectangular grill polypropylene cone & tweeter stereo sound four ch amplifier 250 watt – pdicbt286

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integrated bluetooth, no trouble wireless song streaming from all your favorite bluetooth enabled gadgets. Ideal for high-quality stereo sound in any room in your own home from audio system you can slightly see with out using any floor or shelf area.

  • 2-way stereo sound
  • 4-channel digital amplifier
  • half’’ high compliance polymer tweeter
  • eight’’ bluetooth ceiling / wall speaker kit

    the pyle in-wall/ceiling bluetooth speaker kit promises easy stereo sound to any room in your property or workplace. The blanketed bluetooth controller allows for wi-fi tune streaming ability and doubles as a legitimate processing digital amplifier. You will be capable of move audio from all of your favourite gadgets (like smartphones, capsules and computers). Every speaker capabilities a excessive-compliance polymer tweeter that can provide full, wealthy sound without cluttering floor area. They’re fabricated from ecologically friendly abs fabric and encompass changeable round and rectangular grills. Spring-loaded speaker terminals make for quick connection and the gadget comes with a reduce-out template for easy set up. Mount them in a convenient location at the wall or ceiling for a flush, clean appearance. Obtain wide-range sound overall performance and add audio to any room with the pyle in-wall/ceiling bluetooth speaker package.

  • consists of (four) 8. Zero’’ -inch audio system
  • what’s in the container:

    – (4) eight’’ speakers.

    – (four) removable spherical speaker grills.

    – (four) detachable rectangular speaker grills.

    – speaker connection cord.

    – bluetooth control receiver.

    – strength supply.


    Speaker, Speaker + Receiver

    8 reviews for 0C12KI4QH05640 Pyle 8” four bluetooth flush mount – in-wall in-ceiling 2-way speaker machine quick connections changeable spherical/rectangular grill polypropylene cone & tweeter stereo sound four ch amplifier 250 watt – pdicbt286

    1. J. Campbell

      I purchased this setup to mount in the ceiling of my porch which I recently remodeled. The speakers were installed a couple days ago and they sound great. There is however an issue. The Bluetooth receiver/amplifier is about the size of a eyeglass case. Its not very powerful. In my case, I want anger the neighbors loud with great clarity of sound (not that I play it that loud). I just didn’t feel it pushed enough power to the speakers which are 250W each. I ended up buying an inexpensive 200W home Bluetooth receiver and connected it. Not enough power to blow the speakers, but certainly enough to provide good sound and at a volume way more than I will ever need. The big thing is that the speakers are weatherproof and should last along time outside. I think its worth the price for the speakers alone. If your not worried about really cranking it up loud then you will be just fine with what comes in the box. I’m no expert but I would be surprised if the amp that came in the box was 25W.Read more

    2. scott

      These are great, got 40 of them in our house total. Just watch out for the cheap blue tooth amp that comes with it, had a few failures on them, but you can also spent 60 bucks and get the Pyle 4 chan amp one and use it instead of the cheap one that comes with it, works better, longer range, has a remote. The speakers are great and so are the speaker grills, very easy to install, alexa has control of them!Read more

    3. Brooklyn view

      I have recently installed the speakers .The installation was fairly easy . The sound won’t blow your eardrums out but it’s very clear and more than enough in my living room . It was super simple to connect to my Bluetooth as well . I installed 3 of these systems . The only issue I have is that they all have the same name . I purchase wireless outlet controls (etekcity) so I can cut power to them . When they are on without music there is a tiny hiss .It also helps me figure out which one I am connecting to when I shut off the ones I’m not using.Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      Before installing make sure you do a rough test. Because sometimes you get little surprises like a flimsy soldered and glued jack that comes off at the slightest touch. Also the sound quality hooked up bluetooth from my phone sounds almost as bad as the speaker on my phone itself.This is mainly judging from the “bluetooth” adapter they provide you with these speakers. Wiring them up normally to a stereo receiver or proper amplifier I’m sure the speakers themselves will sound alright. Just know what you are really paying for here is the speakers and not so much a bumping bluetooth stereo hook up.Read more

    5. RVel

      Being able to run speakers like this into a bathroom and a closet without having to run cables to an amp makes this worth the cost. I installed this on the first floor of a 2 story with no crawl space, but running the speaker cables to each speaker after the holes where cut was a breeze. Trickiest part was getting power to them, I had to fish the speaker cable through a jbox to make sure the Bluetooth adapter was still accessible and had them coming out of the new outlet I installed to have the power and box be as hidden as possible. Being small and not having a dedicated amp these things sound great, it shakes the floor in the second story. Bluetooth is the real winner here, just sync to the Pyle adapter and your cruising. I did have to buy 2 since the first one I received the adapter didn’t work.Read more

    6. D M

      So after the fact an AV guy told me bluetooth receivers can be a little wonky. I would not put this somewhere were you cannot easily reset the receiver. I’ve had to do this 3 times in 4 months. Luckily its right under a drop ceiling tile where all I need to do is get a chair to perform the infamous yet effective unplug/plug back in maneuver. Which works every time. Otherwise, I can’t complain for the price. The sound is just fine for an office setting. They can be installed and will hold up through a drop ceiling tile. I was a little nervous about that.Read more

    7. Andrea A.

      Nothing but trouble. Upon installation, speakers sounded amazing for about 5 mins… then would no longer connect to devices. Attempted to contact Pyle w no luck, Amazon sent a replacement. The replacement worked for about 6 weeks and no longer works. We hear the speakers chime when we turn the power on, and its recognizable on our bluetooth devices but will not connect. The bluetooth box is junk. And why is Pyle so hard to contact?!Read more

    8. Dan

      This is a great system. I installed these in an office with drop ceiling tiles and they work great.They only issue is that the Bluetooth receiver randomly shuts off from time to time and requires a hard reset.Read more

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