0C12J5G1K87855 Uxcell 394mil sixteen. 36sqft automobile noise sound deadener deadening insulation mat water-proof 60 x forty inches

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  • ensure this fits
  • by means of coming into your model number.
  • robust sound insulation and absorption overall performance,heat insulation mat
  • the floor high-fiber cloth is fiberglass. Heatproof. Block transmit daylight, engine, exhaust pipe warmness to the cab, reduce air con energy consumption, saving gas
  • gradual down the lifestyles pipeline and circuit. In the summer time, because of the recent climate, heat comes from the front cowl of car,shortening the existence of pipeline and circuit, accelerate cracking
  • slow down the car paint aging. Because of warm weather, the the front outer cover via the direct solar, high temperature outside and inside the engine, elevated paint getting old
  • maintains heat in-bloodless out inside the winter, keeps cold in-warmness out in the summer time. In the winter, the engine temperature could be very excessive, but outdoor may be very low whilst driving, which make car components broken less difficult

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product description


sturdy sound insulation and absorption performance,heat insulation, decreasing energy consumption with sturdy performance of heat insution

robust self-viscous performance


1, dispose of the door panels

2, deploy the screws back in unique region, it’s going to easy be found whilst you mount, averting holes be covered

three, with curler gear will make insulation materials and sheet steel company suit, and play great adhesive, damping overall performance

4, in step with the effect you need choose production software, most effective single soundproof plate or single warmness noise insulation cotton or both them.

5, you may also use on car roof floors, hood , firewall, chassis, trunk room, trunk lid and so forth.. Do not cowl the chassis wiring or air holes.


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18.9, x, 12.6, x, 4.33, inches

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June, 30, 2016

6 reviews for 0C12J5G1K87855 Uxcell 394mil sixteen. 36sqft automobile noise sound deadener deadening insulation mat water-proof 60 x forty inches

  1. The Amazing Spoderman

    This product is pretty nice for the cost. The adhesive is surprising good. When you first time you feel it, it doesn’t seem like it’s very strong, but it sticks very well. The paper comes off fairly well, but tears easily, so you might need to pick it apart a little bit.This material is really designed for temperature insulation and not noise insulation. I wanted to try it out after seeing so many reviews about using it for sound insulation, so I bought 5 rolls to apply to my Geo Metro. I laid down some vibration dampener first and then did complete coverage on the floor from the firewall to the trunk. I had about 70% of one roll left, so a normal sized was will probably require 6 or more rolls.I had doubts about using this for sound control because it is just a foam material; there is no weight to this product, so blocking any low frequency sound was out of the question (road noise, exhaust or tire noise). If you paired this product with something like MLV, you might get good results, but this material is a 1/4 inch thick, so you wouldn’t have room to apply it with another barrier.The result? There was a reduction in wind noise, but the exhaust and general road noise were unaffected. I still think this is a quality product, but you need to make sure you’re using it for the right application. I knocked a star because it was marketed as a sound deadening material.If you want good sound control, I would suggest using 25% coverage with a vibration dampening material (Dynamat, fatmat) and then 100% coverage with a two-in-one closed cell foam and MLV product like Second Skin Luxury Liner Pro.Read more

  2. RenegadeStang

    Product is very thick, so should work well for my Jeep Cherokee roof insulation project.Be forewarned: description states measurement of pad is 40″x60″, actual measurement was 37″x57″. Just BARELY had enough material for my project.Read more

  3. Alberto Reyes Martinez

    To those who claim it cannot go under the hood they’re wrong. I own a civic 2000 and older car models usually don’t come with a standard black hoodliner, being in AZ it’s terrible for when you leave your car out in the sun and try to turn on the AC. This made my AC not only run colder but achieve the cold better. Eliminating the heat coming into your engine bay from your hood, which is pretty much an oven when left out in the sun makes it so your engine bay stays a bit cooler than without IMO. I would only recommend getting a size smaller mill to avoid having your hood not close, my hood closes but just barely :)My engine does not overheat, it stayed the same temperature as far as I am aware, the gauge has always been slightly under half all this time.Read more

  4. L0UIS

    This material worked out perfectly for my 98′ Toyota Camry and looks great! Simply roll out the new insulation material then place your old hood insulator over it (pick any corner) and trace around the old hood insulator and make marks to cut for engine labels and little dots for aligning the plastic hood retainers. My 98′ Camry takes 11 hood retainer clips. I dropped one into the engine bay and lost it LOL so ten will do. The adhesion sticks instantly to the hood, so keep this in mind. When you’re done with the cut-outs and are ready to apply it to your hood, I recommend using a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and spray down your hood and use some paper towels to clean it. Peel half of the paper from the adhesive side back and apply it slowly while aligning and placing in your hood clips aswell. I recommend doing this during warm weather, so the adhesive makes the right stick.I am pleased with this product the hood on my vehicle is cold to the touch; at most it’s a tad bit warm if anything! The material does provide sound deadening as well, which I’ve noticed when the car is idling. I would highly recommend this product over your cars OEM hood insulator. I went to find out the price of my cars OEM hood insulator, and they wanted $260 for it. Psst! Forget that! This insulation material worked just as great for a replacement!Read more

  5. Etienne

    Used for an unorthodox purpose for a house we have in Florida. The central HVAC unit is in the main hallway and the blower is very high decibel when AC is running. Used on the back side of the HVAC door to good success is reducing decibel level. High heat resistance made this a good choice for proximity to furnace. I cut the material to size with scissors (about 1″ less than door dimensions to account for door stops), used a staple gun as a single mechanical anchor point at the top of the door, then peeled off the adhesive side backing and pressed into the door for a snug bond. Coupled with different sound absorbing material used in the intake box (carpet pad), I cut at least 15 decibels.Read more


    I used this to line the floor under the carpet of my brand new ‘18 explorer. It made a huge difference in road noise, and I did the whole car in just a couple of hours. I did one side one day, and thought it helped. Did the other side a day or two later, then remeber thinking how quiet the roads are(the same roads I was complaining about before installing the product). It took 1.5 rolls to do the floor on the front seat, under the front seats , and back seat floor. It would probably take another whole roll to do the back of the back seats.Read more

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