0C12IFUGRLJ314 Bose soundlink shade ii: transportable bluetooth, wireless speaker with microphone- polar white

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  • ensure this fits
  • by coming into your model wide variety.
  • innovative bose era packs ambitious sound right into a small, water-proof speaker
  • built-in mic for speakerphone to take clear conference or personal calls out loud with a wireless range of about 30 toes.
  • rugged, with a tender contact silicone outside that makes it smooth to pick out up and move
  • voice activates talk you thru the bluetooth pairing so it’s less difficult than ever or even brief-pair with nfc devices
  • the lithium-ion battery lets you experience up to eight hours of play time, rechargeable with usb power sources
  • wireless bluetooth pairing with voice prompts allows you to without difficulty take calls and get right of entry to your cellphone’s virtual assistant — hands free
  • pair 2 soundlink speakers together for birthday celebration mode or stereo mode or use bose simplesync technology to pair with a member of the bose clever home circle of relatives to play in sync

from the producer

live domestic. Stay robust.

all of us omit our gyms and yoga training. However it’s vital to live energetic, so meet your move-to (home) workout pal — the bose soundlink shade ii. With wireless bluetooth pairing, you could take your exercise to the living room, outside, storage, or everywhere clearly.

a better app makes the difference.

don’t kill the groove sorting through your bluetooth menu. We designed the bose connect app to make it easier than ever to connect and transfer among devices. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes connecting less complicated — plus helps you to personalize your settings — so you can awareness more at the music.

evaluate bose structures

ambitious sound

sound overall performance

crisp,balanced sound

water-proof (ipx4)

water resistance

waterproof (ipx7)

up to eight hours/rate

battery existence

up to six hours/fee


voice prompts

bose join app

stereo & party mode

ambitious sound

sound performance

360˚ sound

water-proof (ipx4)

water resistance

water resistant (ipx4)

up to eight hours/fee

battery existence

up to 12 hour/fee


voice activates

bose join app

stereo & celebration mode

formidable sound

sound performance

360˚ sound

water-resistant (ipx4)

water resistance

waterproof (ipx4)

up to 8 hours/charge

battery lifestyles

as much as sixteen hour/charge


voice activates

bose join app

stereo & birthday party mode

add more sound across the residence.

use bose simplesync generation to pair your soundlink speaker with a member of the bose smart domestic family to play the identical tune on the same time. So that you can get the birthday celebration commenced and preserve the best instances — and the tunes — rolling.

product description

from the pool to the park to the patio the sound hyperlink shade bluetooth speaker ii provides complete-range portable sound anywhere you cross advanced bose generation packs huge sound into a small waterproof speaker that’s durable sufficient to take with you but the day unfolds even if it’s next to the pool it’s durably constructed with an easy-contact silicone texture that won’t slip from your hand whilst you’re on the flow and it’s simply as simple to apply voice activates inform you what device you’re paired to so you don’t need to wager and in case you’re the usage of an nfc-enabled tool just pair with a tap want to preserve the track flowing? You’re included with up to 8 hours of music and it’s rechargeable through micro-b usb there’s even a built-in speakerphone to handle calls with out preserving your phone additionally down load the bose join app to tug and drop bluetooth connections release capabilities and access updates down the line this small coloured wi-fi speaker is available in aquatic blue coral red smooth black or polar white covered sound hyperlink colour bluetooth speaker ii usb cable in your mobile tool turn the bluetooth function off after which on take away your bose sound link speaker from the bluetooth listing for your cellular device pair your cell tool once more.


Aqua Blue, Citron, Coral red, Polar white, Soft black

5 reviews for 0C12IFUGRLJ314 Bose soundlink shade ii: transportable bluetooth, wireless speaker with microphone- polar white

  1. Amazon Customer

    I purchased the speaker in March 2017, and here 4 months later it has stopped working. I used the below method to reset the speaker and it’s working fine again. strange bug for a product line that I’ve always enjoyed.Plug soundlink in to wall charger- Hold down the play/pause button for 15 seconds.- Then, BEFORE releasing the play/pause button, unplug the charge cord from the unit.- Release the button,- Plug the unit back into the wall charger.- Press the power button, and your unit should power on.Read more

  2. Toads n Frogs

    I was surprised in every way upon the Sound Link Color II’s arrival, connection and playback of music.To start with, the instructions were so poor, it made us wonder if we bought a fake from China. We later found an online manual, and wondered why it was not included with our speaker. Not to worry though, we had a lengthy set of safety precautions in twenty-one, I kid you not – twenty-one, different languages.Bose is a great name, right? Every Bose product we have ever listened to exceeded expectations and most of the time left us in awe. My wife and I listened to the Sound Touch 10 (cousin of Sound Link?) in Sam’s and were thinking the Sound Link Color II would be just as amazing. It’s not – the Sound Link Color II sound is just average. It is a little better than our four year old Phillips speaker, but comes no where near matching the sound of our two year old Harmon Kardon Onyx speaker. The speaker’s bass is nearly non-existent, and it will not play as loud as either of the two other speakers we compared it with. The absence of the Bose “wow!” left us very disappointed. Looking through the manual we found online, Bose indicates the speaker works best when backed up close to, but not against, a wall. An odd piece of guidance given Bose’s advertisement of the speaker as an on the go, outside, camping/swimming/party speaker. We did try the guidance though, and it did seem to add a little more bass. But not nearly enough to overcome the speaker’s sound shortcomings.The rubbery speaker exterior is nice – some reviewers indicated it was a lint/dust trap, but we did not find it such. It felt good, provided a solid feel and seemed consistent with the speaker’s water resistant claim.The speaker has a VERY annoying feature when charging – it beeps every 15-20 seconds or so. We could not find a way to turn the beep off anywhere in the Bose literature. Online, we found this irritant was very common and can be fixed by using a non-Bose micro USB cable. And indeed, the online fix eliminated the problem. Not a big deal cost-wise, but the flippin’ cable has Bose’s name on it! This is Bose for Pete’s sake, you expect better.The app was a non factor. Not useful, not a problem. It was much easier to go Settings/Bluetooth, connect to the Bose Sound Link Color II and then play music from your music library. The app has no features, other than perhaps it’s stereo/party mode where you need two Sound Link Color II speakers. Yeah right, like that’s gonna happen.This was a VERY disappointing buy. I spent an embarrassing amount of Black Friday and Cyber Monday time looking for any kind of deal on the Sound Link Color II – to no avail. I reasoned it was Bose, and the sound would more than compensate for a few dollars. Bad call on my part. I bought our Harmon Kardon Onyx a couple of years ago via a Black Friday deal. It cost less than the Sound Link Color II and yet dramatically outperforms the Bose.A disappointing speaker, and not worth the Bose premium in my opinion.Read more

  3. Gloria nuñez

    I always wanted to have a bose speaker. I finally bought it and love it! It sounds really great but I have used it’s for less than a month and I left it charging for 6 hours because I was going camping and when I got to camp it hadn’t charge, I thought my cable wasn’t working but I have charged other devices with it and worked perfect. I put it to charge today for 4 hours and when Ari turned it on it said “battery low” and shut off. I am kind of disappointed with this speaker. Specially because I have been wanting to get it’s for this long!Read more

  4. Jeff

    I bought this to pair with an Echo Dot. Setup was very easy – almost effortless. Sound is much better than what the Dot, or even the full-sized Echo, can produce, and I am very pleased with its performance.Deducted one star because it comes with a charging cable only – the wall plug is not included. I’m guessing their theory is that it will be charged by a computer and used on the go. And, yes, “everyone” has a wall plug anyway. But to package a product without all necessary accessories is just not right.Read more

  5. cdale52

    Don’t buy this! I bought this in mid-January 2018 & within a month the power just went dead. It wouldn’t charge no matter what connecton I used. Looked on the net for help & found that dozens of other folks have experienced the same problem. Some were able to eventually get it to work again, but many, like me, couldn’t. I also have the original Bose Sound Link & that still works great after more than a year. I highly recommend that over the Sound Link II.Read more

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