0C12ID3H46F224 Outdoor generation ot2301 buckshot 2. 0 rugged water-resistant extraordinary-transportable wi-fi speaker (electric powered blue), one length

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  • big sound from a tiny, cross-everywhere wi-fi speaker
  • birthday celebration (and trail, and pool) equipped shock- dust- and water resistant (ipx6) design
  • 5 relaxed mounting options (clip, strap, ¼” threaded insert) handle more motion than you’ll ever get
  • 24-hour battery existence reason you could sleep while you’re dead
  • 100-foot bluetooth range is going lengthy, makes performs
  • connectivity generation: bluetooth, usb
  • included components: usb charge cable, mount strap, person manual, and odt sticker
  • output wattage: 3 watts
  • energy supply kind: battery powered

from the manufacturer

buckshot 2. 0 – rugged water resistant remarkable-transportable wi-fi speaker

  • top 5 functions
  • 1. Huge sound from a tiny, go-anywhere wi-fi speaker.

    2. Celebration (and trail, and pool) ready shock- dirt- and water-resistant (ipx6) design.

    3. Three cozy mounting options (clip, strap, ¼” threaded insert) deal with extra action than you’ll ever get.

    4. 20-hour battery lifestyles ‘reason you could sleep whilst you’re lifeless.

    5. 60-foot bluetooth variety is going long, makes plays.

    6. Incorporated mic for speakerphone capability, voice dialing, and asking siri how tons the earth weighs. (solution: thirteen,one hundred seventy,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 lbs).

    the buckshot 2. 0 is placing tiny phone audio system on note, with massive sound from an ultra-portable, water resistant and shockproof wi-fi mini-speaker. Secure multi-way mounting, 60-foot bluetooth range, 20-hour battery existence, andrugged water-proof awesome-transportable wireless speaker.

    poolside, parkside, trailside, beachside, or rolling a dozen deep together with your scooter gang, the buckshot brings savage sound from a tiny package. Nothing measures as much as the buckshot’s extremely-portable, tougher-than-you-are rugged layout, and with the buckshot 2. Zero, we’re quite a great deal leaving the enterprise with its shirt pulled over its head, nose bloody, pockets missing. Pretty unfair if we’re honest, however howdy, we aren’t saying sorry. This mini sonic boom can journey shotgun for your p. C., strapped to your handlebars, your ski pole, your wingsuit, or the roof of your automobile, even though that makes no sense. That’s no longer the point. The point is you may take it, and your soundtrack, wherever you move. And that’s dope.

    what is new :

    a 20-hour battery, for 33% longer listening time. That leaves four hours inside the day for drowsing, consuming, or feeding your fish (we endorse a aggregate of the 3).

    60 feet of bluetooth variety, so you can birthday party down from 3 instances as some distance away.

    plus a flowery-but-purposeful clip that lets you hold it out of your belt, strap it on your bag or handlebars, or screw it to any ¼” threaded post, much like a camera.

    and it wouldn’t be very ot folks to go through all the hassle of making a new edition of our badass child bluetooth speaker with out making it louder.

    so we did.

    what’s not new (however still awesome) :

    shockproof, ipx6-rated dirt- and water-proof longevity that shall we the buckshot ride with you through storms, over mountains, and down the trail.

    voice – activation that lets you take calls, voice-dial, and summon siri for difficult to understand trivia answers.

    smooth outside controls for converting tracks and quantity irl.

    because whilst you’re listening for longer, from in addition away than ever earlier than, with the buckshot 2. Zero placing from a tree or the bars of your scraper motorbike, we want you so one can hear every track to your “been trill” playlist with best readability and without a doubt no issues. It become already right, but the buckshot 2. Zero is badder than ever. Like we said before, sorry no longer sorry. In truth, you’re welcome.

    product description

    outdoor tech ot2301 buckshot 2. 0 rugged water resistant awesome-portable wireless speaker


    Black, Chrome, Electric blue, Mossy oak, Red

    5 reviews for 0C12ID3H46F224 Outdoor generation ot2301 buckshot 2. 0 rugged water-resistant extraordinary-transportable wi-fi speaker (electric powered blue), one length

    1. Peter E.

      I’d like to give this a good review but I can’t. The size, sound quality, and control functions are perfectly fine for what it is, BUT the battery life is problematic.It may very well run for 20 hours, but after about 6 hours it starts to give you and audio warning that cuts off the music to say, “Battery low.” This starts when my phone is reporting that the speaker has a 60% charge. The warning repeats at irregular frequency as often as every 3 seconds, but sometimes gives a few minutes between interruptions. Sometimes the warnings will stop altogether for a while, but then will start again. There is no way to turn off this annoying audio warning that interrupts your music.I have written to Customer Support a couple of times and never got a response. I asked if there was a way to disable this warning. Clearly if I am out riding, I can’t do anything about a low battery and don’t need to be told about it constantly, especially if the speaker will continue to run for another 8 hours with the remaining power. The lack of response is the main reason I gave one star. I would give zero if I could.Just one example of how frustrating this can be: I was on a long bike ride and about 100 miles in, I had to pedal up a 700 ft climb with a max grade of about 11%. In cycling terms, that is a little rough. It was much hard when I tried to put on an energetic song to motivate me, but every few seconds the sad robot voice would cut off my music to whine, “battery low.” It was the opposite of inspirational. I have a Bose bluetooth speaker that is bigger, heavier, and more awkward to mount on my bike, but I have switched back to that.DON’T BUY!!!Read more

    2. Valerie

      I initially purchased this speaker in September 2017. I was quite satisfied at first. Sound isn’t amazing, but certainly decent enough for a small device. I got the black and chrome version, which looked nice on my bicycle (I keep this mounted on my bike with a Minoura Handlebar Camera Mount.) I like to listen to tunes while cycling; that is the only thing I use this speaker for. I’m glad that it has a threaded camera mount, as the clip is useless on a bike and the included rubber mount does not stay in one position.I should mention that I take good care with all my devices. This device (which is waterproof) has never gotten wet because I don’t ride in the rain. This device is marketed as being so “rugged”, but I found it to be remarkably fragile. The first one I purchased became unusable after a year. The charge port somehow became bent despite me always being gentle when inserting the charge cable. I contacted Amazon and they provided a replacement, so I was satisfied. I figured that I just happened to get a lemon. Well, less than nine months after getting the replacement, I have the SAME issue again! My battery is low (and how I HATE that annoying voice!) and I am unable to charge it, so soon my “rugged” Buckshot speaker will become a paperweight.Read more

    3. Sterling

      This thing is a piece of junk. Don’t waste your money. I wasted my money 3 times on these because I am an idiot. Don’t be an idiot. Do not buy this.Ok, first one I got, it worked pretty good, but then I used it outside at -18 degrees (Fahrenheit, it was cold). During that ride, something froze and made the sound super quiet, and it never unfroze or whatever, so the sound was stuck at super quiet. Like so quiet you could hardly hear it. Yes, I realize that was my fault. -18 was probably too cold.The second one I bought lasted for about a year until one day during a ride, my phone rang. I did not answer it, but it kept making the “phone ringing sound” and there was nothing f I could do to make it stop. I was miles from home. I could not power it off, I could not disconnect it, I could do nothing. Well, I could throw it away. So I threw it in a garbage can, because after riding with it ringing for 10 minutes it was driving me crazy, and I could not take it anymore.Ok, so on to my third one . . . This one worked good for about a month. Then something came loose inside it. Now, whenever I strap it on to my handlebars the sound is super crackly. If it is unstrapped and there is no pressure on the casing it sounds fine. However, if ANYTHING is even touching the sides, the sound is terrible.So, after owning 3 of these, I would give it a 1 Star rating. Do not waste your money on this. Get a JBL Clip 4. Yes, the JBL is triple the price of this, but it is a MILLION times higher quality.Read more

    4. Moribund Inception

      Sounds good for a little speaker used on my bike. It lasts a few bike rides and then I charge it before it reminds me that the battery is low. I have recently used it at work in a loud environment and have it playing at full blast. The battery will last for around 3.5 hours before dying at full volume. After 2.5 hours it will overwhelm you with constant verbal warnings that the battery is low. At times the warnings will play about every 10 seconds, it is extremely annoying. It is a great little speaker for a bike since it is small and doesn’t weigh much. It does not have the best sound but for the price and size I think it does a great job. I would recommend this speaker to others for use on a bicycle.Read more

    5. Shawn W

      I took this on a 60-mile bike ride today to break it in and was very pleased with its performance. I paired it with a pretty cheap mp3 player that I also purchased specifically for the bike ride: had no problems mounting it to the handlebar using the supplied strap. It seemed secure enough for my road riding. The battery lasted the duration of the ride, I couldn’t have asked for more. The volume was loud enough for me to hear it, and hear traffic around me; it was the perfect balance.Read more

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