0C12HW1PKH9323 Rockville apm6c 6. 5″ 2-way 350w lively/powered usb studio display audio system pair

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  • 6. Five” 2-manner 350 watt energetic studio display speaker device in cherry timber end (pair). Quad amp design: each driver capabilities frequency unique unbiased amplifiers. Is available in three enclosure end alternatives wood end painted black. Timber end painted white. Wooden end with vinyl front board.
  • the enclosure is constructed with the best quantity of air space to maximise sound great for a studio. The port is built to the suitable spec to beautify the sound. Full range elegance “d” amplifier circuitry with car-switching power deliver. Led power on indicator on rear panel
  • ferro fluid more suitable 1. Five” neodymium silk dome tweeter with metal grill safety. Curved front bezel design eliminates standing wave distortion. Injection molded polypropylene cone woofer. Rubber woofer surrounds will increase sound great and gets rid of unwanted distortions
  • pc optimized digital crossover community resources top notch sounding. Rear-firing port shaped and designed via sound engineers to reduce port turbulence and deliver distortion loose top sound first-class! Mainly wound voice coils produce correct reaction alongside complete frequency spectrum
  • tweeter has 1” voice coil diameter. Transducer manufacturing line to make the spl overall performance strong. One whole pair with mater / salve output reference to covered noise rejection cabling. ¼” and xlr combination enter jack. High velocity usb jack. Rca input. 3. 5mm headphone output

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rockville apm6c 6. Five” 2-manner 350 watt powered usb studio display audio system in cherry timber finish (pair)


the rockville apm6 energetic studio reveal is available in pairs and each display may be bi-amped. What this means is that there is a separate amp for the highs and a separate amp for the lows! Each speaker has one hundred seventy five watts height output power and sixty seven. Five watts rms giving you a complete of 350 watts peak and a hundred seventy five watts rms per pair. We spent loads of time developing the most top rate studio monitors we ever constructed! I am very pleased and excited to speak to you men about what we did to make these audio system sound as suitable as they do. In case you are an audiophile you may find what we did to be pretty fantastic. Keep in thoughts, the most effective purpose our charge point is not 300 % better is because you’re shopping for producer direct. We’re one of the leading speaker producers in the united states, and we have a country of the artwork production technique. There is lots to speak about so i’m able to break it down into sections.

description of the enclosure:

we chose a wooden enclosure rather than a plastic enclosure. Your studio is made from wooden for a purpose. The sound traits of high great wooden are higher than plastic. We most effective use the very best fine mdf wooden. We do no longer hassle with reasonably-priced particleboard material whilst we want to make the fine speakers. The thickness is 0. 5” round and the the front board is a full 1” thick to offer you the pleasant sound high-quality possible. The enclosure is constructed with the appropriate amount of air space to maximise sound great for a studio. Every studio or pc room need to appearance beautiful. We trust speakers should decorate the look of a room. We make those audio system in three stunning finishes. Painted black, painted white, and timber end. We use “baking paint” made for wood surfaces. It’s miles durable and the first-class paint for audio system! We went with a lovely finish this is ordinarily matte with a moderate shine to it. Our designers spent countless hours at the color to make certain it is not simplest beautiful however additionally stylish as properly to enhance the advent of your studio or room. We saved all the controls at the lower back of the speaker, in order to preserve the speaker looking very cutting-edge and elegant. The rear port is built to ideal spec to decorate the sound. The tweeter has a curved front bezel to make the highs crystal clear and distortion loose.

for highs, we’ve got ferro fluid more suitable 1. Five” neodymium silk dome tweeters with metallic grill protection. If you are an audiophile i’m positive you have got tested and love the sound of silk dome tweeters. The neo magnet is powerful and may handle quite a few warmness. This enabled us to beef up the amplifier electricity without annoying about melting and blowing the tweeter. The highs on these sound virtually exact! I can not look forward to you all to listen it in individual, because i cannot describe how correct those sound! You really want to listen to them in man or woman.

we use a 6. Five” woofer. This may out-perform a ordinary 6” or five” woofer any day! The bass sounds tremendous on these! Very clean and punchy! The woofer has an injection molded polypropylene cone. That is an engineered sort of plastic that is used on many speakers these days. It’s far strong and places out a amazing sound. The rubber woofer surrounds growth sound exceptional and eliminate unwanted distortions. They sound better than foam surrounds for my part, that is why we went with rubber. The pc optimized digital crossover community components super sounding highs, lows, and mids. Basically it filters out unwanted frequencies from each component in order that every speaker performs the right frequencies so that the speaker can cross loud with out distorting. We use very excessive-grade crossover filters in our audio system. The in particular wounded voice coils produce correct response alongside the entire frequency spectrum. We advanced the speakers with the most optimized magnet structure, cone, and cabinet space with the goal of reproducing the sound to play returned exactly the manner it changed into recorded!

our manufacturing facility makes use of the modern precision glue gadget (over 500 meter tunnel oven). However you can ask why am i talking approximately glue? Nicely, certainly, the glue on speakers is of the upmost importance. If the glue does no longer preserve up, the speaker could be carried out and blow. We use the today’s machinery to manufacture those speakers. The spl of the speaker goes up whilst you use better glue and a better system which can comfortable the glue in place. If the glue can take care of more warmth than your speaker can deal with greater energy!

thick “wadding” protects the inside of the speaker cabinet. This could be seen if the speaker cabinet is removed. Basically, wadding is a white chemical silk sort of material that we put within the speaker cupboard for a couple of reasons. It allows to make the sound extra clean, and on the equal time protects all of the elements in the speaker. This cloth is likewise a fire retardant. This is specific to our speakers. Most other manufacturers do not take this step due to the fee of the fabric, however it’s far a game changer if you are trying to create the excellent speaker!

those video display units have all your popular studio inputs and outputs which includes a ¼” and xlr combination input jack, rca input, three. 5mm headphone output. We additionally delivered a usb port. The cause we did this is because instead of having to use the 3. 5mm or 1/4″ trs jack, you could now without delay pick out the speakers as an output in your pc with out using an interface! And you’ll get authentic stereo sound!


  • rockville apm6c 6. 5″ 2-manner 350 watt powered usb studio display speakers in cherry timber finish (pair)
  • two-way lively studio display speaker machine
  • enclosure is made of pinnacle quality mdf wooden. Our enclosure isn’t always particleboard, it is authentic high-grade mdf! The enclosure is zero. Five” thick whilst the front board of it’s miles a complete 1” thickness to offer you the last best sound first-rate!
  • comes in 3 enclosure end options wooden end painted black. Wood end painted white. Wooden end with vinyl front board
  • we use “baking paint” made for timber floor. It lasts long and is the first-rate paint for speakers!
  • stunning finish is matte with a mild shine to it. Our designers spent loads of time at the colour to make it stunning and stylish seeking to enhance the arrival of your studio or room
  • the enclosure is constructed with the best amount of air area to maximize sound pleasant for a studio
  • the port is constructed to the precise spec to beautify the sound
  • full range elegance “d” amplifier circuitry with car-switching energy deliver
  • led power on indicator on rear panel
  • ferro fluid enhanced 1. 5″ neodymium silk dome tweeter with steel grill safety
  • tweeter has 1” voice coil diameter
  • curved the front bezel layout gets rid of standing wave distortion
  • injection molded polypropylene cone woofer
  • rubber woofer surrounds will increase sound best and gets rid of unwanted distortions
  • pc optimized electronic crossover community substances exquisite sounding highs, lows, and mids
  • rear-firing port fashioned and designed through sound engineers to reduce port turbulence and deliver distortion loose pinnacle sound nice!
  • we advanced the maximum optimized magnet shape, cone, and cabinet area that reproduces the sound to play returned precisely the way it was recorded!
  • especially wound voice coils produce correct response along complete frequency spectrum
  • distortion-unfastened playback even at max extent listening! Very clean sound!
  • our factory uses the present day precision glue gadget (over 500 meter tunnel oven). To place it in easy to recognize phrases; the glue on speakers is of the upmost importance. If the glue does no longer preserve up, the speaker is accomplished. We use the state-of-the-art equipment to fabricate those audio system. The spl of the speaker is going up when you operate higher glue and a higher machine the comfy the glue in region
  • thick “wadding” protects in the speaker cabinet – wadding is a white chemical silk type of cloth that we placed inside the speaker cupboard for multiple motives. It helps to make the sound pop out greater truly, and it additionally protects all of the components in the speaker. This material is likewise a hearth retardant. This is unique to our speakers. Maximum different brands do now not take this step because of the value of the fabric, but it’s miles a game changer!
  • global-elegance pinnacle of the road audiophile grade additives! We use adau 1701 for audio processing and tpa3116 for amplification. Those are each recognized to be exceptional in class circuit designs. These components also are exquisite and allow us to modify the sound through gentle programing on a computer during the design degree to get the perfect sound. Adi and ti are the names of the makers of those ic’s. The general public do no longer know manufacturers that make circuits, but these are famous in that enterprise and regarded to be the fine of the fine. Simplest very high cease merchandise use those additives
  • a hundred and ten volt like minded with smps generation
  • every speaker in manufacturing undergoes a pc generated sound test take a look at to make certain it upholds to our specs and requirements
  • transducer manufacturing line to make the spl performance solid
  • one whole pair with mater / salve output reference to blanketed noise rejection cabling
  • includes a noise rejection cable to attach the two speakers together (that is a proprietary cable we use that connects the two speakers together without any undesirable noise). We also use a unique cable tip with a view to not permit the person to plug the cable in backwards. The cable locks in cozy and tight
  • inputs / outputs / controls:

  • volume manipulate
  • bass/treble control -4db to 4db (permits you to adjust excessive and low frequency independently)
  • ¼” and xlr combo enter jack
  • excessive velocity usb jack
  • rca enter
  • 3. 5mm headphone output
  • info:

  • woofer four Ω
  • 350 watts height output in line with pair
  • one hundred seventy five watt rms output consistent with pair
  • every speaker produces 175 watts top and 87. Five watts rms
  • includes 8. Five foot speaker linking cable and power plug
  • size_name

    5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch


    Black, Classic Wood, White


    Speakers, Subwoofer

    5 reviews for 0C12HW1PKH9323 Rockville apm6c 6. 5″ 2-way 350w lively/powered usb studio display audio system pair

    1. Amazon Customer

      This is the worst piece of equipment I’ve ever owned right out of the box. I have a small home studio and wanted a cheap studio subwoofer to monitor the low end. Cheap doesn’t even begin to describe this junk. I read all the bad reviews and could tell that some people just blew the speaker from blasting the bass too loud. I keep it at a low volume and it still crap. I ordered on Dec 16th and it was nice that it was here by Christmas, because I wasn’t expecting that. The box arrived with a hole in it. The dent in the sub was the size of a pinky fingernail, so I was going to disregard that if it worked. I plugged it in and the sub worked, but only one monitor output worked, so my left monitor had no sound. I sent it back for an exchange (should’ve got a refund), and that was a hassle too. It took a couple weeks to get the new one and I was excited that it actually worked…. until Jan 26th when it started doing the same thing with the monitor outputs. I guess that what kind of quality you get when it’s “engineered in the US and assembled in china” like it says on the label. I was warned by my friends not to buy anything from Rockville, because they are junk. I should’ve listened but I thought I was getting a good deal. I don’t usually leave reviews at all, but this has been a horrible experience. Be aware and don’t make the same mistake that I did.Read more

    2. D. Bayne

      As a DJ with a LOT of equipment (reviews for many of that stuff in my profile), I’m that “you can never have too much equipment” guy. ONE thing that I was sorely missing, though, was a decent pair of studio monitors to do my practicing with. My “lab” has subs and PA tops, but these are too loud to practice on and when turned down as low as possible, do not accurately display the musical range. My recording mix-down are has monitors and a sub, but that’s not in the practice area. So, getting dedicated Monitors for practicing was a no-brainer. Currently I have all Rockville speakers for my gigs and whatnot, so it was only logical that I purchase Rockville monitors.In one sentence: they sound great for practicing on. But why don’t they get 5 stars??? See below.[THE GOOD]+ Build quality: The Monitors actually have a great build quality, both the speaker quality and the cabinets. The cabinets are SOLID with a horizontal port on the upper back of each one of them. The speakers appear to be made of some type of PU or rubber. I’d like to think that’d contribute in mitigating the chance of blown speakers, perhaps?+ Many Source Inputs: As the pics in the main description show, there are plenty of industry standard inputs on the rear of the main speaker, these being: RCA, XLR and 1/4″ TRS. The XLR and TRS are a combo jack which works great as it saves space. There is also a headphone “output” so you can connect earbuds or headphones to the monitors for private listening.+ Sound: Again, they sound really good. Very punchy bass, especially for being 6.5″ woofers. The mids and highs are crisp and don’t distort at louder levels. On the rear of the main monitor are treble and bass boost and limiter. You can set the switch for -4d (Bass or treble – separately), keep the switch in neutral for normal range and also +4 for a boost in either. I have tried it in all positions and for my needs I leave them at neutral, for more original frequency response. Also, and here is something that MAKES NO SENSE to me, there is a bass clip light…ON THE BACK. It’s nice they added it, however, with speakers that are primarily used for facing YOU, what good is it to have the clip in the rear, especially since many studios have the monitors mounted, etc. Maybe it’s just me, however, I think it’s poor design.+ Price: For the size and sound of the Monitors you get, I think $150 is a great price, especially since you can spend more than that on other well-known speaker brands that are only 3″ monitors and don’t have the same frequency response.Now for the reason I didn’t give this Monitor set 5 stars:THE INSISTENT HISSING/STATIC*sigh* Rockville is known for being more of an audio brand for folks on a budget. I understand that. Because of this, they have to cut corners somewhere and, in this case, which I think is the case with many of their speakers, they MUST cut corners on the amps. All of my speakers, even the subs, have a constant hiss when on and nothing is playing or playing at low levels. The higher powered speakers I have (all over 1600 watts peak/400 watts RMS) hiss LOUDLY…but that’s ok because they are for huge events and no one really hears the hissing because the music is so loud and also, because the music is so loud no one dares stand near them for fear of hearing damage, lol. The hissing on these are no where as loud as my bigger speakers, but it is there, like low white noise. I never hear the hissing when practicing or performing sets for recorded mixtapes. Only when I’m listening back at lower levels do I notice.ALSO, (and this might not be a bad thing for some) the monitors are REALLY big, with a footprint of 10″ x 8.25″. I intended on putting them on desktop speaker stands, but am forgoing that now, due to their massive size. As a comparison, they are about the size (each) of the wireless sub I have in my bedroom attached to our soundbar. Just a word of caution to the unsuspecting.Back to the hissing. Because of the hissing, I would NOT recommend these for professional studios, where you are trying to mix down recordings. NO WAY. I actually do my mix downs of recordings at my PC which also has 2 monitors and a sub. But again, if you are using these for practicing on DJ equipment, then they are perfect.[I WOULD NOT USE THESE FOR]* Professional level recording mixdowns* Low volume TV/Movie watching[I WOULD USE THESE FOR]*DJ practicing and mixtape recording*LOUD Video game sessions*LOUD movie night/Netflix or Prime and ChillAll in all, I do like these speakers a lot and they crank like no ones business when they need to, without distortion.As a side note, I attached a pic of my practice area for size comparison of the Monitors. My MacBook Pro is 15.4″, my iPad Pro is 12.9″ and my pioneer controller is about 27″ long….The Monitors are impressively (for some) massive.Read more

    3. Josh

      Bought on a Saturday and I received my speakers on Wednesday. Straight out of the box, it sounds amazing. I’m a drummer and I record a bunch of live drums and these set of speakers are amazing for it. I honestly haven’t cranked it to it’s max but half way through get pretty loud. These are great sounding speakers with decent low ends and has a lot of clarity.If you are looking for good clarity with good low ends and a lot of volume, get these.I am super super happy with the purchase and I definitely recommend it. And for the price compared to it’s competitors, these Rockville speakers are rocking.Don’t know why more people are not buying it haha.Read more

    4. John Collier

      They sound great and are some sexy speakers but when they aren’t playing anything there is a constant static hissing noise. I tried through the rca and the USB and the USB wasn’t as bad but definitely still there. Pretty disappointed honestly.Read more

    5. Infinitoar

      Sub came in with the box slightly rough looking. Unpacked it with the upmost carefulness and got all my cables ready and hooked it up. Immediately BUZZING FEEDBACK sound can be heard through my JBL 5″ Studio Monitors. Before this monitor I went to my local Guitar Center and got me a 400+$ JBL Studio Subwoofer. Long story short I had to take THAT back because it was used and had a short but good thing for warranties right? Now back to this BUZZING MESS. What I’m trying to say is with the USED JBL Studio Subwoofer I got from Guitar Center my monitors did NOT BUZZ AT ALL. As soon as I hook this thing up annoying buzzing can be heard. Maybe these “5 star reviews” are mostly FAKE but my experience is REAL. So REAL that YES, I will be returning this product BACK TO Rockville for a refund, I don’t even want a replacement. I’ll spend the 400+$ for a JBL(brand new) and the heck with this crap. Don’t buy it unless you love BUZZING 24/7Oh and please don’t say “did you use the same XLR/analog cables on the JBL as you did the Rockville?” Yes, I did but in about 5 minutes I’m unhooking this thing from my system and buying quality over COST. Spend a couple hundred more and get a better more reputable manufacturer instead of Rockville. And Rockville, start using quality hardware that doesn’t make it BUZZ.Read more

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