0C12G8BJEB7142 Definitive era sr-9080 15” bipolar surround speaker high overall performance top class sound first-class wall or table placement alternatives unmarried, black

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  • sound that transcends the repute quo – functions bdss (balanced double surround machine) generation drivers – (2) 1″ aluminum dome tweeters & (2) four. Five” mid drivers that deliver pure sound and perfectly reproduce even the most traumatic audio content
  • powerful l/r bipolar design for a in reality immersive surround sound experience – from motion-packed movie sequences to instrumental precision track, you could now enjoy acoustic excellence with excessive satisfactory sound directed toward your listening place
  • flexible placement alternatives – vicinity this 15″ tall plug-and-play speaker pretty much anywhere to your room and listen to your favored music instantly. Maintain it on a table or mount it on the rear or facet partitions for a room-filling revel in
  • build your own custom domestic theater device – pair a pair of those surround speakers with any bipolar tower speaker (bp9020, bp9040, bp9060) & middle channel (cs9040, cs9060, cs9080) to create a three-dimensional gadget unique for your preferences
  • designed with rigid standards for better imaging – the completely inert resonance-unfastened cupboard assist minimize disturbances, supplying you with herbal, clean and powerful sound
  • a category apart – 25 years of consistent innovation, relentless engineering, brand new audio era and iconic smart designs have made definitive one of the most depended on names in audio speakers and top rate domestic entertainment structures

product description

the sr9080 surround speaker is your answer for extraordinary, immersive, room-filling sound so that you can enjoy each element of pure home theater. Its bipolar speaker dispersion pattern gives enveloping surround sound with terrific dynamic range which ends up in overall sound field immersion. Ready with bdss drivers and aluminum dome tweeters the sr9080 brings the most worrying audio soundtracks to lifestyles with prolonged bass response and crystal clean highs. Its inert, resonance-free cabinet structure with acoustically obvious grilles guarantees smooth, effective and distortion-free sound. Offers versatile placement alternatives – may be wall mounted or maybe placed on a shelf or stand for first-rate consequences.


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8 reviews for 0C12G8BJEB7142 Definitive era sr-9080 15” bipolar surround speaker high overall performance top class sound first-class wall or table placement alternatives unmarried, black

  1. AM

    The speakers matched perfectly with the rest of my Def Tech 7.1 speakers and provided some incredible sound, once totally broken in. Unfortunately I made the mistake of purchasing through a none authorized dealer here on Amazon and assumed the risk. Now, 2 years later one of the pair has a distinct crackling/distortion sound at medium volumes. These have been babied along with all my other components. All settings are as per manufacturers direction (crossover, etc), only being pushed by a 110w Harmon Kardon AVR, used mainly for movies and not at excessive volume, I’ve taken it down and used it on another older Harmon Kardon AVR, tried different speaker wire, but yet the distinct crackle continues to show up. Although I did register the product with Def Tech, they informed me this is NOT an authorized dealer. Buyer beware.Read more

  2. bonedoc

    I have a 9.2 system and had been using the def tech SM55s for side channels. They were on stands at ear level and I was more than satisfied with the sound, but wanted to clear up floor space so decided to mount these speakers on the wall and remove the speaker stands. These speakers were mounted a foot or two ahead of the primary seating location and about 8 feet from the floor. The combination of the increased height (compared to the SM55s) and the bipolar design made a remarkable difference. Even my wife commented on how the nice the sound was, and she is not a discerning audiophile! So if you’re looking for a powerful, room filling bipolar speaker for your def tech system I highly recommend these speakers. They do not come with any mounting hardware at all so be prepared with a drywall anchor of some sort. The self driving anchors worked great for me but if you’re fortunate enough to have a stud then any solid wood screw will work. The owners manual does not provide any type of guidance whatsoever so measure carefully for your drywall cutout.Read more

  3. James D

    After using adequate speakers for years in a surround sound system used with both home theater and general listening, it was time to upgrade. I researched a variety of speakers from different manufacturers, wanting to obtain a center, two front and two rear surround speakers that matched. Given I don’t have an A/V amp that costs the better part of a car, I needed highly efficient speakers with a reputation for delivering quality sound at both low and high decibel ratings. These definitely accomplished that goal – they sounded fine initially, and after break-in they sound fantastic.Read more

  4. T. Smith

    Like an air head I bought one thinking this was the price for two considering the price. I then bit the wallet and bought an other one. These are huge surround sound speakers but they sound amazing. I’m able to hear discreet surround sound elements I was not able to with the small speakers I had before. When listening to music with multi channel turned on these sound better than my actual front right and left speakers. Now I have to replace them because its so obvious. I just placed an order for the PioneerPioneer Elite SP-EBS73 Andrew Jones Home Audio Bookshelf Speakers and hope they will do these surround sound speakers proud. I would have gone with the same brand but I needed smallish speakers with dolby atmos and the only dolby atoms speakers from Definitive Technology were too big for my space.Read more

  5. Gar-Wat

    A pair of SR9080 completes my 5.1 surround system. It only took me a year to replace all my Infinity Entra One speakers with Def Techs. I finally achieved complete tonal balance and audiophile sound quality. At a total cost of about $5000.00 my system can be considered moderate or slightly above average. The surrounds are a joy to listen to. They are clear, crisp and have enough bass from the BDSS mid/bass speakers balance out the highs from the tweeters. I can only say they improved my movie experience by 100% because they replaced some cheap speakers. They are beautifully designed and look great. Here is the only negative issue with them is there are no rubber feet to set the speaker on. The tops are identical to the bottom. Shinny piano black covers on the bottom…. They should of come with optional rubber feet otherwise the bottom is going to get scuffed up and ugly.Read more

  6. Mike

    These little guys are great sounding…you will not be disappointed. There is 4 speakers…2 tweeters and 2 additional 4.5 inch mid range speakers in each speaker. These speakers have a high polished top and bottom casing. They are pretty and accent any location you place them in. The only thing you may consider is to put some stick-on rubber bumper feet on the bottom of them. If you crank the volume on these speakers they will vibrate and possibly mar/scratch the bottom of the speaker or the surface they sit on over time…no big..stick-on rubber bumper is about 4 bucks or more for good ones. Get 3/4 inch size..they work fine.Read more

  7. Homayoun Saleh

    I procured a pair of these to round out a 5.1 surround system powered by a Denon A/V receiver and have been very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the sound. These are great speaker that enrich the listening experience for music, TV, Movies…etc. They can work with banana plugs for the wires, which makes it a little easier to set up and manage. They’re very elegant pieces that will not look out of place on a shelf or even by the fireplace.Read more

  8. DaddyMac

    I upgraded my SM 55s to these 9080s so that I could experience more surround sound. I’ve had the speakers for about 2 months now and they sound great! I am using these in a dedicated home theater with Def Tech 8060s with Atmos modules in the front and two 800 series as rear heights. I know everyone says it sounds just like the movie theaters but I am here to tell you that this comes as close as I want to get! I am driving these with a Marantz SR 7010 which handles the 11.2 layout. Definitive Technology makes great products.Read more

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