0C12G84MDZN509 Ion audio birthday party rocker plus transportable bluetooth celebration speaker device & karaoke system with integrated rechargeable battery, app-controlled celebration light display & microphone

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  • dynamic, effective sound – powerful 6. 5-inch woofer and huge-dispersion tweeter supply vibrant sound, plus 50 watts of dynamic electricity pumps up the volume
  • connectivity covered – seamlessly connect and send your song to birthday party rocker max from any bluetooth-enabled tool
  • energizing mild show – sound-reactive light dome fills the room with six colourful colorings: purple, green, blue, magenta, orange, and white.
  • your karaoke centerpiece – excessive excellent microphone covered and dual microphone enter with echo impact ensures expert-sounding karaoke.
  • lengthy lifestyles battery – seventy five-hour rechargeable battery – seventy five hours for music only, 6 hours for song and mild results

from the producer

top notch sound, staggering lighting fixtures

right here’s proof that huge a laugh comes in a compact package. The celebration rocker plus has the whole thing you want to transform any get-together right into a special event.

at ion audio, we recognise sound topics! Celebration rocker plus functions 50w of dynamic electricity fused with a 6. Five-inch woofer and wide-dispersion tweeter. The end result? Rich, colourful and realistic sound that guarantees to get your birthday party moving!

we’ve were given the sound covered, however what approximately the all-important mild display? Birthday party rocker plus’ light dome initiatives 6 colours – purple, inexperienced, blue, magenta, orange & white – filling your birthday party with stunning lighting that pulsates and reacts in time with the music!

steaming song out of your portable gadgets shouldn’t be a chore! With birthday party rocker plus, seamlessly join your pills, smartphones and greater thru smooth-pair bluetooth and enjoy your closing birthday party playlist past due into the night time.

make your birthday celebration a karaoke birthday celebration! Way to twin microphone inputs, seamlessly transition among singers or perform the final duet, singing in conjunction with a chum. Whether you’re a solo movie star or one 1/2 of the last duo, birthday celebration rocker plus has you protected!

don’t be shy, ion audio assure’s you may usually sound at your first-class! Ion audio’s birthday celebration rocker plus features a completely unique, smooth-to-use echo effect throughout both microphone inputs so your karaoke competitions sound like large-budget productions.

take your birthday celebration anywhere! With party rocker plus, portability is absolutely blanketed way to an on-board rechargeable battery that lasts as much as 75 hours on a full charge; now you may preserve your celebration going late into the night time, even if there’s no get entry to to electricity!

product description

right here’s proof that huge amusing is available in a no longer-so-huge bundle.

the celebration rocker plus has everything you want to transform any get-collectively right into a special occasion. With its powerful 6. 5-inch 2-manner speaker sponsored by a 50- watt dynamic amplifier, the sound is rich, vibrant and sensible. Circulate song wirelessly from any bluetooth tool. Strive adjusting the tone or eq manipulate to your sound supply to decrease the bass degree. This can assist you to play the music louder earlier than clipping (distortion) takes place

the rechargeable battery lasts for numerous hours, so your true times hold going.

the spinning light dome fills your room with six astounding colorations-pink, inexperienced, blue, magenta, orange and white. The lighting fixtures change sample and pulsate in time to the track.

a first rate microphone and cable are covered and birthday celebration rocker plus has a unique echo effect so your karaoke competitions sound like massive-finances productions.


40W, 50W, 100W

6 reviews for 0C12G84MDZN509 Ion audio birthday party rocker plus transportable bluetooth celebration speaker device & karaoke system with integrated rechargeable battery, app-controlled celebration light display & microphone

  1. Alex

    First I’d like to inform prospective buyers that the Party Rocker Max and the Party Rocker Plus are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT speakers. I’m not sure why Amazon has them listed together as an “lighted grill” and “non lighted grill option”. The Party Rocker Max is almost twice the size of the Plus and has twice the power (100 Watts vs 50 Watts). Also the Max version has wheels and handle for easy transport. Both speaker are great but the Max version definitely has better audio. It’s great for Karaoke and instant parties with its built in lighting. I included pictures of both versions side by side so you can see different size. If you have the cash to spare, if defenitely recommend the Max version with the lighted grill. Hope this helps!Read more

  2. CM

    UPDATE AUG 2017: The review below is still accurate for the working product, but 2 days ago, my Bluetooth died completely. I tried everything, including removing the battery to see if that would somehow reset the unit. No luck. The Blue light is out and I’ve tried 3 different operating systems (5 different devices) None of them even see the Party Rocker, let alone pair with it. I even took the top off the unit to see if there were any loose connections. Nope. In the process though, I did find the reason for the amazing Bluetooth range. There is a huge antenna stuffed inside the unit.Original Review DEC 2016:Short version, this product is awesome. It lights up the room really well, it’s loud inside and outside at a distance with deep base, Bluetooth pairing is quick and easy, and it’s compact enough to easily move around without wheels. I was originally looking at the older models (Block Party Live and Party Rocker Live). I think the difference between the two older models was simply that the Block Party Live was rechargable and had a handle and wheels. Party Rocker PLUS is a new model released in Q3 2016, it only has a 6.5″ woofer, and it’s small enough to not need the wheels/handle.I read a review about the older models not having an Echo control for the mic, and I totally agree. The Party Rocker Plus has Echo and it makes a huge difference for performance on the Mic input. By the way, this model has 2 mic inputs vs. older models which only have 1. The various light modes available include moving lights that go to the music or lights that are on all the time (or off all the time). You can also select the colors. White only, or white+blue, or white+blue+orange, etc. When I turned this thing on in the living room, the house looked like a disco dance floor. My son loved it.I only have a few things that I think some people may not like or may wany to know before purchasing:1) Comparing the different Ion products is a major pain. If you Google “Ion product comparison”, there is an Excel sheet on the Ion forums that is quite helpful, but the PLUS model isn’t on that sheet yet.2) No FM Radio: If you want an FM radio, just buy a cheap MP3 player and use the Aux in port. Reception is sketchy because those small models use the Aux cable as an antenna, but it’s not too bad if you are locked onto a strong station.3) Disco lights are really cool but if you place the unit on the floor, the lights do shine in your eyes some (mostly angled up, but they shoot out at the sides some). All it really takes is elevating it maybe 3 to 4 ft off the ground. The lights are also really more for a goofy and fun party thing, so if that isn’t your thing, then you probably want….4) …the Block Rocker Max because you get less obnoxious lighting, plus built-in FM, longer battery life, more speaker power, and USB charge ports. Of course, you don’t get Echo or a second mic input, plus the Max is a larger unit.5) Party Rocker Plus also doesn’t have a track skip/pause button, so you have control of tracks from your phone. Not a big deal, but I have that feature on another smaller Bluetooth speaker and I do find it to be convenient.6) Bluetooth: I tried the range and it is incredible compared to the smaller iHome speaker and Anker that I have. I walked all over my house and even tried moving my phone (Samsung S6) down behind rats nests of electronic cables 40 ft away but Rocker audio was solid. Outside, I walked about 50ft away and had no problems. UPDATE: Everything in item #6 assumes your Bluetooth actually works for more than 7 months.7) Android Apps: Block Rocker App works and has an equalizer. Block Rocker App also has cool sound FX that are pretty funny. Party Rocker App (as of Nov 2016) works for music, but not for light controls. App interface is ok, not great. One thing about both apps is that there are no Notification controls like you have with Samsung music, so you have to actually open the app to control the tracks (can’t just do it from the lock screen or Notification dropdown).Read more

  3. Vue Lee

    I bought this for my wife as a birthday gift and she love sit. It only comes with one microphone but can take one more, up to a total of two. I forgot to order an additional microphone but found a “Singing Machine” microphone at the local Target for about $10.The lights add a festive feel to our karaoke sessions now it’s so much fun.I spent a week looking at different brands and models and this one seem to fit the bill. It was easy to setup and operate, had two MIC inputs and is loud enough to rock the house. The lights were a bonus that I didn’t think of and I’m glad it’s a feature.From what I’ve worked with so far, I recommend this product.Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    The best karaoke ever! The lights are awesome. Be ware the lights need to go up on a table or they feel blinding. If u have kids just be Mindful of using the michs with chords that comes with the karaoke …ours got pulled off the shelf and broke the party ball and is now not working :(We have childless michs bought separately that I wish we had been using :/We also tried to use the damage plan we bought but it isn’t activated yet so not sure they are gonna cover or not…? (The plan takes three days before it is good…)I will buy again just have to save my money and will put it on the floor or only use the wireless michs with the kids.Have fun! It’s worth the price! I also bought one as a wedding gift for my best friend haaaRead more

  5. Stix

    Amazing product. The sound quality is GREAT. My only gripe is that the 75 hours play time is very wrong. With lights and bluetooth on, you’re going to get maybe 10 hours. After that, you can get another 5 or so with only the speaker on and playing through the Aux cord. Either way, this a great product for Camping, at the Beach, or just having around for fun. Definitely a great little speaker.Update: dropped this down to a 3. After a year and usage of about 50 times or so (about 5% of that using the lights) battery life has dropped IMMENSELY. When I first got it, I could run the lights and bluetooth for about 15 hours and then the music without the lights for another 4 or so before it died. Now, i can run The lights for maybe 3 or 4 hours before it cuts out and then the audio without the lights for maybe another hour. Really disappointing since this is supposed to be a portable device. I’d only charge it after it fully died and I’d never overcharge. Not sure why the battery had such a short life. I suppose I got some usage out of it though.Read more

  6. Zen

    First, our teenagers love it and use the strobe light everyday. Easy handles to carry out to booming parties. Has battery power so it’s easy to move it around but it also has a plug. You’ll be popular with this as friends often ask us if they can borrow it or bring it to their social gathering. You must buy it with the party lights! It cost more but well worth it in the long run.Update: Eight months later, the strobe light broke off from the middle and no longer illuminates the lights. I’ve contacted ION company three times and never got a response and I called them and they hung up. Then I found out that they only give you a 90 day warranty, really disappointing.Read more

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