0C12G35SJ7N849 Jbl charge 3 waterproof transportable bluetooth speaker (gray)

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  • make certain this fits
  • by means of coming into your version range.
  • bluetooth – wirelessly join up to 3 smartphones or drugs to the speaker and take turns playing powerful stereo sound.
  • integrated rechargeable li-ion battery helps up to twenty hours of playtime and prices smartphones and tablets thru usb.
  • ipx7 water-proof
  • take crystal clear calls out of your speaker with the contact of a button way to the noise and echo-cancelling speakerphone.
  • construct your own environment by way of connecting multiple jbl join enabled audio system together to expand the listening enjoy.

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4 reviews for 0C12G35SJ7N849 Jbl charge 3 waterproof transportable bluetooth speaker (gray)

  1. Michael Tracy

    (Disclaimer: This is not a much a review as it is advice for avoiding getting ripped off.) As for the review on the JBL Charge 3, it definitely does not disappoint! It gets very loud for the size and the mids and highs are very crisp. The bass is decent, but it’s not gonna shake any windows. I dont own a flip 3 or 4, so I can’t do a side-by-side comparison, but I have used one in the past, and from what I can remember, this one seems to get about 20-30% louder. So that is nice for a $20 price difference. I have owned several JBL products over many years and have never had an issue, and I definitely do not anticipate having one with the Charge 3 ***THIS NEXT PART IS VERY IMPORTANT*** There are a LOT of 1 star reviews of this speaker, but if you read through them, you will see that the majority (probably 90%) of the negative reviews are due to the fact they the purchaser received a counterfeit unit. This is easily avoidable. Amazon uses multiple vendors to ship the same product, and these vendors change quite frequently. Once your item is in the cart, you are able to see who is actually selling it. It is extremely important that you make sure the seller is listed on JBL’s authorized seller list. I bought mine on Amazon from Acoustic Sound Design, and they are listed on JBL’s authorized seller list, as are several others. If the name of the vendor does not show up on their list, chances are, you are going to be receiving a refurbished soon-to-be paperweight or just an outright fake.Read more

  2. Joshua J. Parks

    Received this item on Friday for my daughters Bday. On Saturday she opened it all excited and within minutes had it ready to play. That’s when we noticed something was off. The sound was crap!! Which was hard to believe because my brother has the exact same speaker and he loves it. So we played around with it and noticed something seemed off, so we pulled up the Amazon order and noticed that the item inside the box was what we thought was the charge 3 but it was some crappy looks like knock off speaker. Duffle differences were the logos and once my brother brought his over it was very clear on the switch. This made a great day feel like I got ripped off so back in the box this price of trash went.If you buy, open first and give it a good looking at.Read more

  3. Lucian Ionescu

    I’ve had this for about a year and 4 months and it worked great. I use it at work where we can’t have headphones but we can use a portable speaker. It would run for 4-5 hours every day and had to charge it every 2-3 days. A few weeks ago the battery started to die after about 4 hours playing at 60-70% volume.Today I plugged it in when I got home and after an hour charging the battery caught fire and almost set fire to a dresser that the speaker was sitting on. It ruined my white furniture anyway.Amazon customer service was excellent. They refunded me the money I paid for the speaker. I also contacted JBL but they didn’t respond yet. I will update the review when I get a response from them.Read more

  4. AlexF1

    I wanted to get a portable travel speaker in addition to my home Sonos setup. Googling for ratings and reviews, I came up with UE Boom 2, JBL Charge 3 and Bose SoundLink Mini II as the frontrunners from nearly all reviewers. All 3 of these have very high ratings on Amazon both in the US and the UK, so the choice likely comes down to personal preferences.I decided against the Bose since it can’t pair with a second speaker for a stereo setup, is slightly older, doesn’t look as attractive (quite a dated look in fact) and the sound quality reviews do not put it above the other two.Then I couldn’t decide between the UE and JBL, so purchased both. I compared them side-by-side for a week with the following observations:1) Batteries on both last for a ridiculously long time. Yes, JBL lasts longer, but the 15 hour battery on UE is a week of regular use. What other electronics do you charge so rarely?2) Both speakers are very loud. Assuming you’re not hosting an actual dance party, it would be surprising for either to run out of volume. JBL stays composed all the way to the max, maybe keep UE one notch above the very max on the bass-heavy songs.3) UE has crisper high and mid frequencies, while JBL has a deeper, bigger bass. It took me a week to decide that this constitutes a tie for me, but most people would likely prefer the bigger bass of the JBL. Also, UE gives you the 360 sound, which is quite neat: you can put it in the middle of the room rather than against a wall. This could work as an effective sound multiplier since you reduce the distance to people if using it in a group.I compared both to a single Sonos 1 speaker (much heavier and non-portable), and Sonos is significantly better across the entire frequency range than either UE or JBL. This is not to say that that UE or JBL produce low quality sound: they both sound surprisingly good for their size. My point is that we shouldn’t obsess with the sound quality comparison between the two because neither is close to being a reference sound device.4) Size is important here. JBL is over 50% larger than the UE, which makes a huge difference. Please see the photos: the JBL is longer, wider and heavier than the UE. This was the main factor in declaring UE the winner by a good margin. The speakers are roughly tied before the size comes into play, and the UE is just a lot smaller. I am simply more likely to take it with me when travelling.5) Other features. Both speakers are waterproof. Charge 3 will charge your phone, which is not exactly useless, but probably not a deciding feature. UE feels much sleeker design-wise, with fewer buttons and better symmetry.To summarize: JBL Charge 3 is a great speaker, worthy of a 5 star rating. However, for my preferences, UE Boom 2 was the clear winner given its much more compact size and neater design due to them being close to tied in other areas, including sound quality.Read more

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