0C12G35SFMR196 Jbl clip 2 water resistant portable bluetooth speaker (black)

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3.7, x, 1.7, x, 5.6, inches

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6.5, ounces



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1, Lithium, Polymer, batteries, required.

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4.7, out, of, 5, stars, 2, 156, ratings, 4.7, out, of, 5, stars

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#848, in, Portable, Bluetooth, Speakers, #7, 163, in, MP3, &, MP4, Player, Accessories

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May, 2, 2016



8 reviews for 0C12G35SFMR196 Jbl clip 2 water resistant portable bluetooth speaker (black)

  1. Steven Waka

    Ordered 3 of the top travel speakers on Amazon and did a quick rating of them.Victsing (blue)* $19.99* Quieter than JBL Clip slightly at max (matches about 85% of JBL clip at max)* Suction cup* Buttons: next/back track, call/play/pause, poweriFox* $29.99* Quietest – (max is about 70% of JBL clip)* Suction cup* Pretty large and bulkier of the 3* Buttons: next/back track, call, play/pause (separate from call), powerJBL Clip* $38.99* Loudest (pretty impressive)* Slight bass* Clip* About the same size as the 3* AUX cord* Buttons: Sound (up/down), call/play/pause, bluetooth, powerOverall, JBL clip for the win, only by a slight margin. Victsing sound quality was only slightly worse. The iFox was the most disappointing and did not come close to comparison between the two.These speakers at their max volume do not blow your socks off compared to the slightly larger travel speakers (like the JBL Flip 4, Ultimate Ears Wonderboom and Bose Mini). For the price, the JBL Clip is pretty comparable to the Bose Micro (which is a terrible speaker for its price – $100).Read more

  2. Michael Braislin

    Amazing sound and value! I’ve contemplated Bluetooth speakers such as Bose, but this fits my on-the-go needs better with its easy carabiner attachment for clipping to packs while backpacking, camping, and boating – hence the waterproof feature is essential although I haven’t really tested its H20 limits. Beyond the convenient Bluetooth connectivity, it also has an (out) aux sound chord for plugging into other none-Bluetooth capable devices such as older iPods. I use mine for connecting to my iPhone or older iPod for on-the-go movie time while camping. There is a reason I see this device sold everywhere – it’s got more sound per pound. Would recommend and buy again.Read more

  3. Kim Scipes

    The dang thing wont hold a charge. I try to turn it on, and it makes the noise, then immediately powers off. For the last month it has worked fine. But now it only works when it is plugged in.I have tried to charge it with a variety of cables and outlets, but the red charging indicator disappears after a few minutes. If its not going to work as a wireless speaker, then what is even the point? And of course the speaker died right after it left the return period, so I have to contact JBL to see if I can get it to work or get it replaced. I’m very disappointed.(UPDATE)A few weeks after posting this review I contacted JBL, and they were super helpful. They replaced the speaker quickly. This one seem to work.Read more

  4. Den

    Great speaker. I was working inside glass Tower at 87 feet high and accidentally dropped it down and for my surprise it was still working and I didn’t loose Bluetooth connection to speaker. So I had it playing music from there till the end of my shift. When I went down to pick it up it only had minor ding on the side and front screen felt off. I’m still using it thanks JBL for good quality!!!Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    Have had it for a little over a month and it won’t charge. Very disappointed. Out 60 bucks.Read more

  6. Caleb Freeman

    The JBL clip 2 is a small speaker with big sound! I carry this speaker often on my belt loop at the docks while working and driving boats. The main features i was looking for in a speaker, before i bought the clip, was small, lightweight, Bluetooth (so i wouldnt have to deal with cords), and the ability to atleast resist water. This speaker has displayed all of the mentioned features without fail, and has even been soaked with me in the pouring rain and continues to play my favorite music as well as ever. Well worth the price, and you cant go wrong with JBL.Read more

  7. GEE.

    I have had this unit for several months, bought after the first of the year on May 1, 2018. After I received it and got it Paired to my Tablet I used it a couple of times and then I was busy doing several other things and when I went to use it again the Battery was dead, I plugged it in to charge it and it would not take a charge. Several E-Mails later I was told by a person or machine that I had to have all this Documentation and I sent purchase order Numbers which they could not use, then I sent pictures of the Documentation in my Amazon Account and then they said that the USA was out of their territory. Well in the meantime I have been trying to find out how to send a Defective Item that is still in Warranty back and I seem to be in another of those Chase around the Tree and still have not found a return policy or a way to Get a refund on this Item. I no longer wish to get it replaced I have had to much Grief from this JBL Clip 2 Speaker I would prefer to purchase an American made unit. I have receipts for the JBL Clip 2 and a 3 or 4 year Extended Warranty and so far non has done me a bit of Good.Read more

  8. Mel

    After a month, my speaker is not working. After I left it charging, the battery light is changing from red light to blue light, it is not turning on and I also can not connect the bluetooth !! What can you do for me?Read more

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