0C12G2Q3ILZ276 Jbl expert eon208p portable all-in-one 2-way pa system with 8-channel mixer and bluetooth

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  • mythical jbl audio quality and versatile operation
  • the detachable 8-channel mixer functions professional i/o, thoughtfully designed controls and bluetooth audio for first-rate-in-class overall performance.
  • compact and light-weight suitcase-style layout lets in for handy one-handed wearing and easy setup.
  • inputs: combination ¼” / xlr (x4), ¼” balanced trs (x4), rca jacks (x1 pair), 3. 5mm jack (x1); outputs: ¼” balanced trs, rca jacks (x1 pair), three. 5mm jack (x1)
  • ac input voltage: one hundred – 240vac (±10%), 50 / 60hz
  • purchase consists of: eon208p (2 audio system with self-powered mixer), akg microphone, speaker cables, power cable, and person’s guide

from the producer

for 70 years we’ve employed one of the excellent technique and tools, and, as mounted on the very starting by way of our founder, james b. Lansing, we broaden the whole lot from the floor up. This no longer handiest ensures fulfillment in the marketplace, it solidifies our efforts exceed the wishes and expectancies of audio experts all through the sector. It’s a adventure this is mythical global and has placed jbl as one of the world leaders in expert audio.

  • #hearthetruth
  • jbl eon208p

    get mythical sound excellent with the eon208p all-in-one portable pa device, complete with an 8-channel mixer, bluetooth audio and included akg microphone. With a convenient suitcase-fashion layout, the portability of the eon208p makes it easy to get remarkable sound anywhere. Plus, with three hundred watts, you’ll have extra than enough extent to be heard.

  • ergonomic smooth grip cope with for smooth portability
  • built-in, 8-channel powered mixer
  • powered speakers with 8″ woofers
  • 4 stereo inputs
  • included power and cable garage
  • ships with a hand held akg vocal mic to get users started out right away
  • connecct with a cellphone, tablet or bluetooth streaming audio
  • top notch for musicians, singers, dj’s, instructors, or everybody in want of a really compact, transportable sound gadget
  • portable layout

    eon208p places expert audio within arm’s attain—literally. The dual eight inch speakers and 8-channel mixer clip together to form the maximum comprehensive, light-weight and transportable pa device. Carry it in a single hand with a guitar slung over your shoulder to play coffee stores and medium-sized gigs or remodel any out of doors occasion into an epic overall performance. Then take it to the workplace for the massive presentation on monday. With uncompromising jbl sound exceptional and handy portability, you’ll want to take it everywhere. The versatile enclosures facilitate stacking, pole mounting and display function.

    bluetooth streaming

    with bluetooth connectivity, eon208p lets you circulate audio from your cell device. Now you may dj a party proper from the dance ground, or play pre-recorded fabric in your assembly, worship event, or gymnasium—all without the problem of wires.

    superior performance

    jbl expert uses custom designs and builds their drivers to attain foremost performance. The 8-inch woofers and 1-inch dome tweeters at the 208p integrate to deliver crisp, deep bass response, clear, unmuddied mids and amazing detail and stability in excessive frequencies.

    bendy manipulate

    the 208p capabilities an 8-channel mixer for a spread of packages. Channels 1-four can take delivery of either a 1/4 inch instrument cable or an xlr cable and feature volume, reverb, treble and bass manage. Moreover, channels 1-3 permit for each phantom electricity and hi-z input. Channels 5 and 6 take delivery of both a stereo pair of 1/4 inch trs plugs or stereo rca cables. Channels 7 and eight take delivery of a stereo 3. 5mm enter for mobile devices like phones, tablets or bluetooth streaming audio from any compatible tool. The 208p also gives a surprisingly-strong output phase, allowing separate channels to run monitors, headphones and a subwoofer channel at the identical time.

    product description

    convey legendary jbl sound satisfactory on your degree with the eon208p all-in-one portable pa system. Presenting a convenient suitcase-style design, the eon208p makes it clean to get top notch sound for performances, conferences and events. The eight-channel removable mixer affords professional connections for mics, instruments and line-level sources, while the 8” two-way stereo speakers supply fine-in-magnificence target audience coverage. Bluetooth connectivity lets in you to flow audio from your cell device. Way to 300 watts of strength, you’ll have sufficient quantity to be heard loud and clear. Plus, the compact and lightweight shape thing makes transportation easy—you can carry the whole gadget with one hand.


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    8 reviews for 0C12G2Q3ILZ276 Jbl expert eon208p portable all-in-one 2-way pa system with 8-channel mixer and bluetooth

    1. D. Hansen

      I’d love to give this PA system 4, even 5 stars, but frankly it doesn’t deserve it. And depending on your planned usage, it may not even deserve 3 stars. I’ll explain.Minor Quibbles:JBL seems to have adopted Apple’s approach of “It’s so easy to use you don’t need a manual” — and so, they don’t include one. Not a huge deal, and you can find a User Guide on the JBL website, but come on, JBL, you couldn’t include a measly 16-page manual? On the other hand, there are errors in the manual — it misidentifies the sub-woofer output and Channel 7/8 inputs as RCA-plugs when they’re actually 1/4″ TRS and two 1/4″ TS receptacles respectively. Maybe omitting a manual with bad information is a good thing.The Bluetooth input works well, though there is no volume control for that channel. The Master Volume level will adjust it, of course, but if you want to mix a Mic input with the Bluetooth, you’ll have to adjust the volume level at the Bluetooth source device (phone, laptop, etc.). Bluetooth pairing is straightforward — just press the “Bluetooth Pair” button. The range seems decent but not exceptional.The Good:The sound quality is terrific for the unit’s price point. I mean, these aren’t the greatest speakers on the planet, but they sound very, very good, particularly if you get them off the floor. The Bass/Treble/Reverb controls work well. The controls feel good, the layout is clean. The unit packs up neatly. Latches are secure. There’s plenty of built-in storage for mics and cables. It has Monitor/Line-Out capabilities. It has Sub-woofer Out. It has Headphone out. I really want to love this unit…The Bad:The pre-amp circuits on all 4 mic channels are pathetic. Using either the included AKG vocal mic and its cable, or a Shure SM-58 with Shure cable, I have to crank the Mic level to Max and the Master Level to 75% to get a comfortable listening level in a 20×20 room. If I want to mix that with tracks from a laptop or what-have-you, I have to set that input very low, and it’s difficult to balance levels when you’re working within one degree on the Volume Level knob. I thought perhaps there was a problem with my unit so I called JBL Tech Support, They confirmed this is a frequent complaint with the EON208P. They also suggested trying a few really cheap mics as they’re often “hotter”. How nice.Is there a work-around? Of course. Buy an external Mic pre-amp. Which is what I did (a BEHRINGER TUBE ULTRAGAIN MIC200 works well but it’s only one channel). Problem solved for an extra $50. Am I happy that I had to do that? Resoundingly, no. The EON208P product manager should be ashamed. So should JBL. In all other respects, it’s a great unit, and there’s nothing else on the market with the same feature set at anywhere near the price point so spending an extra $50 made sense for me. Of course, if you need 4 mics at once, then the pre-amps add $200 and maybe the EON208P isn’t such a good fit.Read more

    2. me

      For its size, this system offers great sound and power. Very portable, the storage space for the cables is a plus. The mixing board has its limitations, is pretty basic, however, does what is supposed to do.The bluetooth is great and easy to set up. Sounds great indoors and outdoors.Make no mistake, this is no 15 inch; – 1000w loud speaker, and to get the most out of this system you need a subwoofer. I paired it with a Bose F1 sub, and have no complaints: it’s loud and clear. I would guess this is perfect for events up to 50 maybe 75 people.Reliability… I guess is too early to tell.Update…. issues with the locking system (the speakers don’t stay together all the time) however… an additional strap/bungee cord could fix the problem.Update 04-15-2020 – Upgrade from 4 to 5 star “minus” system still works well, great quality.Read more

    3. Gaurav Anand

      When I bought these speakers it arrived as a open box item with some cables missing. After contacting Amazon I informed them and was told it cant be returned. Seems it came as is from JBL. As I continued to use them they started giving me issues at high volume with bluetooth connection. They dont work very well if you re trying to use it with music at high volume. Seems they are not meant to be used for music but only PA. I have bad speakers now which cannot be used. In-spite of calling JBL they are not backing up their product anymore. I would not recommend these to anyone. There are other speakers cheaper than these one which work very well. Never buy these.Read more

    4. TexasBookReader

      Loved the carrying case feel of it (it is heavy, but at least it is like a suitcase), music input options, 4 mic capacity. Comes with a mic with an on/off switch. Cords are long. All packs into the speaker system. Did have to buy stands for the speakers, which fit nicely onto stands, and a third one for the amplifier would be good so all is high and easy to work with.Read more

    5. Boni Federici

      Excellent sound system. Easily covers a room with 200 people. Easy to transport, set-up and tear down. The bluetooth is great because I can be away from the system and cue up songs. The voice (singing) sounds good although we use our own mic but for speaking the included mic works great. We are very happy with this system and highly recommend it.Read more

    6. Amazon Prime Customer

      I purchased this portable sound system for a function I was hosting and it worked beautifully. The crowd was impressed.Read more

    7. CY Liang

      Overall very good speaker! With all the features I need. Built-in Phantom power which is nice. Portable and lightweight. Bluetooth function was great and easy to pair.Read more

    8. K L Moreno

      This is a good setup for small house parties, or like a catering hall, or a restaurant, bar. The bluetooth works well, pairs quickly, stays connected.Read more

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