0C12FITY39N263 Taotronics bluetooth 5. 0 transmitter and receiver, 2-in-1 wi-fi three. 5mm adapter (low latency, 2 gadgets concurrently, for tv/home sound gadget/vehicle/nintendo switch)

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  • low postpone: low latency for excessive-constancy stereo sound, lag-unfastened content streaming in transmitter mode. Low latency supported bluetooth headphones/audio system are required.
  • make it : upgraded 2-in-1 bluetooth v5. Zero transmitter may be paired with two bluetooth receivers (like headphones + speakers) simultaneously. Be aware: low latency does no longer aid dual hyperlink mode.
  • constantly on: taotronics bluetooth 2-in-1 adapter continuously streams even whilst charging. Built-in battery for up to 10 hours use – enjoy your favorite wireless content material all of the time.
  • bluetooth anywhere: in transmitter mode, flip a non-bluetooth tv, computer, cd participant, ipod, mp3 / mp4 into bluetooth transmitter. Receiver mode: ideal for domestic or vehicle song streaming sound system.
  • natural sound: high definition codec for a richer and deeper sound revel in. Concentrate to cd-like audio nice at no compromise. Plus, 12 + 18 month prolonged warranty and 24/7 pleasant customer support

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how to work

1. Set the tt-ba07 to tx mode and join it for your non-bluetooth tool with audio output consisting of tv.

2. Region your bluetooth audio receiving device inside a 3 ft / 1-meter variety and set it to pairing mode.

three. Press and maintain the electricity button for five seconds and tap two times to enter pairing mode. After approximately 30 seconds, the pairing could be done.

• transfer to tx mode: tt-ba07 can circulate audio from non-bluetooth audio assets consisting of non-bluetooth tvs or cd players to bluetooth headphones/speakers.

• transfer to rx mode: tt-ba07 may be a bluetooth receiver to non-bluetooth stereos which includes stressed headsets or stressed out audio system.

1. Set off the bluetooth feature for your cellphone and search for nearby bluetooth gadgets.

2. Discover “taotronics tt-ba07” in the seek effects and faucet on it to attach. Once related, the led indicator will flip strong blue.

three. Connect tt-ba07 on your non-bluetooth headphones, audio system, and so on.

note: the adapter enters pairing mode robotically when powered on for the primary time.


q1: the way to pair tt-ba07 with your bluetooth headphones/airpods? (see films above to get more info)

1. Make certain you have got set the tt-ba07 to tx mode and connect it on your audio transmitting tool.

2. Activate the bluetooth headphone and set it into pairing mode or open the lid of airpods.

three. Press and preserve the strength button of the adapter for five seconds and tap two times to enter pairing mode. After approximately 30 seconds, the pairing might be carried out.

be aware:

• please ensure your bluetooth headphones/airpods are not paired with other devices whilst you try to pair it with tt-ba07. (please flip off the bluetooth of all cell telephones or computer if necessary.)

• please location your bluetooth audio receiving device within a 3 ft / 1-meter variety when pairing.

• in case you still can’t get them paired, please reset the tt-ba07 and try once more.

q2: how to reset tt-ba07 whilst it’s miles unable to pair? (see videos above to get greater information)

1. Press and maintain the energy button to turn off the tt-ba07 whilst it is unable to pair.

2. Switch tt-ba07 from tx mode to rx mode. Press and keep the strength button of the adapter for five seconds to turn on the tt-ba07. Then flip off the tt-ba07 again.

three. Transfer tt-ba07 again to rx mode. Now the adapter is reset. Switch on the adapter and it will robotically input pairing mode.

q3: how to pair two gadgets at the same time?

in tx mode:

in tx mode, the adapter can pair with bluetooth stereo earphones/speakers on the identical time.

1. Pair the tt-ba07 with your first tool.

2. Flip off the bluetooth feature in your first tool, tap the energy button twice to pair, and connect with your second device.

3. Switch on the bluetooth characteristic on your first tool. In approximately 30 seconds, the primary device will robotically connect in.

in rx mode:

in rx mode, the adapter can pair with two bluetooth devices at the identical time. But notice that simplest one tool’s audio may be played.

1. Pair the tt-ba07 along with your first device. Disable the bluetooth function on your first tool. Faucet the strength button two times to pair with the second one tool.

2. Activate the bluetooth of the first device, now the tt-ba07 adapter is correctly paired with each devices.


• for a better low latency experience, please make sure that your tool also supports low latency. Otherwise, the receiving device may use another codec (e. G. Sbc, aptx), resulting in a 70-200ms audio put off which can be major by way of some customers.

• no longer recommend for streaming stay song (even as gambling guitar, keyboard, digital drums, etc.)

product description

tx mode:inside the tx mode, the bluetooth transmitter may be used to stream audio from non-bluetooth audio resources such as non-bluetooth tvs or cd players to bluetooth headphones/speakers. This transmitter is supported to rca connectors and aux connectors, consequently, please kindly have a take a look at see whether or not your audio resources have such a styles of jacks. Please note that the adapter have to be plugged into the “l&r audio out” jack or the “aux out” jack on the audio supply however now not the “component in” jack.

rx mode:in the rx mode, the bluetooth adapter can be used as a bluetooth receiver to non-bluetooth stereos consisting of stressed out headsets or wired audio system. Pair the bluetooth receiver along with your mobile smartphone, and plug your headsets into the jack on this unit, then you’ll be capable of hear the music out of your smartphone.

note:if the television does not have the “aux out” jack or the “l&r audio out” jack, a headphone jack have to additionally work. If the television simplest have a “virtual audio output (optical)” jack, a convertor is needed or you could pick out another version of taotronics bluetooth transmitters, tt-ba09, that’s supported to each aux audio output and optical audio output.

what’s within the box:1 x taotronics bluetooth 5. 0 2-in-1 adapter (version: tt-ba07) 1 x three. 5mm audio cable 1 x 3. 5mm female to 2 rca male cable 1 x usb charging cable 1 x consumer guide

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April, 26, 2016

6 reviews for 0C12FITY39N263 Taotronics bluetooth 5. 0 transmitter and receiver, 2-in-1 wi-fi three. 5mm adapter (low latency, 2 gadgets concurrently, for tv/home sound gadget/vehicle/nintendo switch)

  1. Aaron

    I bought this for the Nintendo Switch but what made me really love it was in flight entertainment. It declutters your whole flight experience; less hassle with the trays, meals, people getting up to go to the bathroom, etc. It’s small and light enough that I just leave it dangling by the audio cord (in flight or on the Switch.)The battery lasts longer than my bluetooth headphones plus it can charge while operating so battery life isn’t an issue.Read more

  2. plofstof

    I’d say this is the best Bluetooth TX/RX model you can get right now. Much more reliable than many others I have tried. The model can both transmit and receive. In reality people will use the receive mode most often (e.g. in an older car or older hifi that cannot receive bluetooth). Or if you have a new iphone that you want to use with existing non-bluetooth headphones. Transmit will most likely be used in aeroplanes (if you want to use your own bluetooth headphones rather than the ones provided by the airline) or perhaps if you have like a very old iPod without bluetooth that you would like to connect to a bluetooth speaker.Pairing is comparatively simple. Note that the device clears its entire pairing history every time you flip the RX/TX (receive/transmit) switch to the other side. Pairing the TX(transmit) mode is perhaps more difficult because you will typically be pairing with a BT headphone or speaker. Once pairing is activated, the TaoTronics will pair with the “closest” BT device. In reality I guess it just pairs with the strongest audio-capable BT signal it can find. So if there are plenty of BT devices around it could in theory pair with the wrong device, but you’ll know when you got it right. I would recommend that you try to pair with your headphones in a space away from other BT noise to keep things simple. For example, I once tried to pair the TaoTronics to my BT headphones without success… until I realized it kept pairing with my TV’s soundbar in the room next door 🙂 Moving away solved the problem. Of course, once paired, everything will work fine until you flip the RX/TX switch (which you’re unlikely to do often).Pairing in RX mode is much easier because typically you would be pairing with e.g. a smartphone which allows you to control the the pairing process in a more user friendly way.The TaoTronics has an internal battery that charges through a normal USB phone charger. It can charge while it is being used.Highly recommended if you are looking to add BT capability to an older audio device.Read more

  3. mslawson70

    I wanted a bluetooth transmitter for my non-bluetooth Samsung smart TV so I can use bluetooth earbuds. I already have a Sony bluetooth transmitter that has the over-the-ear headsets which work fine, just wanted the option for smaller, less outside sound inhibiting earphones so I can still hear what’s going on around me if I want. The TT-BA-07 is small, light and easy to set up, once I figured out how to pair it to my LG earbuds. It recognizes my earbuds every time I turn the transmitter on, so I don’t have to pair it every time. Con features: very short (6“)3.5 mm cord for using off the back of a TV audio jack. I purchased a longer cord to connect with the transmitter to the TV. It also comes with a very short (12“) charging cable, so I purchased a longer compatible charging extension for it so I can keep it charged all the time rather than charge it every 10 hours. I am pleased with this small, but powerful device. I would recommend it.Read more

  4. Arty

    I love this device. It works greats for almost everything. Here is a break down of all my uses. I’ve plugged it into my 47″ LG TV’s 3.5mm Head phone jack and I’ve been able to connect through Bluetooth, Sony XB20 speakers for surround sound. I have two XB20s and the only issue I’ve had is that I have to turn off the TV’s built in speaker, otherwise I’ll get an echo effect. However, there is no lag between the audio and the video, everything sounds in sync. When I don’t want surround sound I can still pair it to my Jay Bird older model ear buds with full volume control and no sounds issues. I have also plugged it into a PS4 Controller’s 3.5mm connection and used it with the same ear buds while gaming. Battery life is awesome and charging time has given me no issues. The only down side I’ve experience is recently with the new purchase of Beat By Dre Ear Buds Powerbeats3. These do not seem to work well at all with this device. You can get a connection and receive sound, but I have no volume control what so ever, and the volume is very low. I have to use my old ear buds for now if I want to watch TV using ear buds. I have not tried any other Beats such as the solo, so I’m not sure to what extent those would work with this device, if at all. Still a 5 Star product in my opinion.Read more

  5. Christine Murphy

    I love my old iPod Classic, but I was unable to use it with my Bluetooth headphones or speaker. I Googled to see if a gadget such as this one existed, and sure enough, it does. I took a chance and ordered it, despite the reviews saying that it was difficult to pair. I got it, charged it up, and it easily paired with my headphones, as well as my Bose portable speaker. It is very small and lightweight (you can see the size compared to the iPod in the photo).It comes with cables to connect it to a TV or cable box so you can get TV sound on Bluetooth speakers or headphones, but I have not tried it that way. I bought this just to make my iPod Classic Bluetooth-compatible, and it does the job for that. So I’m happy!Read more

  6. cmt

    Very SATISFIED. Exactly what I wanted. I’m using it for Bluetooth TX, but it can be switched to RX and has a variety of adapters.Read more

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