0C12F0W46RV117 Kasa clever mild transfer hs200, unmarried pole, desires neutral cord, 2. 4ghz wireless light transfer works with alexa and google domestic, ul licensed, no hub required

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  • by getting into your model number.
  • smooth guided install: neutral twine is required, popular wall plate size. No want to apprehend complicated switch wiring or grasp vs auxiliary transfer configurations; the kasa app publications you through easy little by little set up. Want 2. 4ghz wi-fi connection
  • manipulate from everywhere: screen your mild reputation. Turn electronics on and rancid from anywhere along with your telephone the usage of the kasa app, whether or not you’re at domestic, in the workplace or on vacation
  • voice manage: revel in the palms-free comfort of controlling the lighting fixtures in your private home along with your voice via amazon alexa or google assistant; ideal for times when your palms are full or coming into a darkish room
  • scheduling: use timer or countdown schedules to set your smart switch to routinely turn on and rancid whilst you are domestic or away. Allow ‘away mode’ to randomly turn on and off to trick potential intruders
  • trusted and dependable: designed and developed in silicon valley, kasa is depended on by using over four million users. Ul certified for protection use. 2-yr warranty

from the producer

voice manage

use simple voice commands to manipulate your switch with alexa or google assistant.

manage from anywhere

manage your lighting fixtures, ceiling lovers, and different fixtures from everywhere via the kasa clever app.

set schedules

automate your connected furniture to follow your every day agenda and options.

away mode

set your clever light transfer to show related furniture on and off at random intervals to give the advent you’re home even whilst you are away.

grouping & scene

organization your smart transfer with other smart devices to manipulate all of them simultaneously, or set custom scenes to healthy any occasion like waking up.


Smart Light Switch

4 reviews for 0C12F0W46RV117 Kasa clever mild transfer hs200, unmarried pole, desires neutral cord, 2. 4ghz wireless light transfer works with alexa and google domestic, ul licensed, no hub required

  1. Alex B

    As advertised. Easy to install and keep in mind it was my first time ever that I had to change or touch a light switch more than turning on/off the light. My main concern was that in my garage I have a 2 gang switch (one switch for the garage lights and the other for the outside lights) and was worried if one of these smart switches will fit next to the regular switch and under the same main original cover….Let me tell you, everything was on point.Read more

  2. Joe

    I’ve spent a lot of money on Smart Home tech lately, buying myriad brands and devices, to include Wink, Hue, Smart+/Lightify, August, Schlage and GE). I’ve found that, by a huge margin, the Kasa brand has been the most reliable, and caused the least amount of heartburn out of the bunch! They typically respond immediately (nearly imperceptible delay, seriously!) to Echo commands with only the occasional exaggerated delay, none of my other devices respond as fast, nor do they work at their fastest as often as my Kasa devices have. Once installed they are easy to connect, the schedules are easy to program (I’ve never had one glitch yet, which I can’t say about the others), and the app is the absolute quickest to connect and respond when “away” (it might even be faster than when using the Echo).That is why I’m actually sad to only give it 4 stars. What could Kasa possibly do to make themselves worthy of that 5th star, you ask? Simply offer a toggle design instead of only decora/rocker style switches. These simply don’t fit the aesthetic of my home and my wife will only let me put them in out-of-sight places (under the cupboards and in the garage so far). I would happily pack up and sell off every other of my myriad devices to replace them with a Kasa offering of equal ability and a “rustic” design, but that’s not an option, and since I’m sure that’s not going to ever happen, I’ll have to stick with the GE toggles until I can convince my wife “Rustic Futuristic” is a thing.Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    I have had this for about a month and really like it. It works consistently both with the app and Alexa. Installation was easy too.The best feature is that it is more energy efficient than competitive switches. I bought a Leviton switch initially (DW15S-1BZ) and found it disconcerting how warm it was. I bought this TP-Link switch and installed it in another room to compare. This switch is cool to the touch. It uses a little bit of power even when the light is off, but not a noticeable amount. The TP-Link Switch is about 8 degrees warmer than the ambient room temperature. In comparison, the Leviton switch was 20 degrees warmer which is warm enough to notice.My biggest compliant is that it requires you to push the lower section to both turn it on and off. When you go to turn it on, you expect to be able to push the top. Nothing happens there though (you can’t depress it, so you know something’s not right). When you push the lower section, it will toggle on/off. It works great, but isn’t as intuitive as the Leviton switch which allows you to use the upper/lower section to turn it on/off. Even so, you adapt quickly. I plan to buy more of these despite this shortcoming.I attached some photos showing temperature measurements on this switch and another one. Both are off. It shows this one is much cooler because it is more energy efficient. Temperatures were taken using a Fluke IR temperature sensor. I also took current and voltage waveforms using a Keithley DMM7510 (see various attached screen hots). I found the power to be about 0.5 W when the switch is off or 1.62 W when the switch is on. This was 3 times less power when the switch was off when compared to the Leviton switch (1.86W whether on or off)Read more

  4. biggestbamboo

    My gosh, there are a bunch of techically inept people throwing shade. This thing is awesome. Works perfectly. Step 1: Install the switch per instructions-easy Step 2: download KASA app Step 3: Set up your account at the KASA site-easy Step 4: From your account at the Kasa site tap the device name; a screen for that device appears, with selections for Schedule, Away, Timer, an off/on button and at the top right corner an icon that looks like three little sliders. Tap that icon to open the Device Settings screen and then slide the Remote Control slider icon to the right so that it lights green. (Remote Control ON is required for use away from your network AND/OR by Alexa.). (Alternative step 4: configure the switch as “local” or “remote” connected in the Kasa app in the Device Settings menu.) Step 5: go to ALEXA app to link accounts and enable skill. If you screw up: In KASA app delete switch and on the switch press reset for 10 seconds then start over.11/29/19 Update; after 2 years and 9 months, Zero issues.Read more

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