0C12F0FP2RL235 Alpine enterprise qlp542slr-br bluetooth enabled rock solar speaker, brown

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  • out of doors bluetooth speaker: like minded with any bluetooth-enabled device to play your favourite tunes. 50-foot sound range fills your area with tune
  • sun powered: no wires required for charging! Honestly place for your backyard and permit the sun electricity the speaker
  • excessive nice design: excessive-constancy sound helps you to fully revel in your preferred songs. Battery works up to 12 hours on a complete price and includes an on/off transfer
  • durable construction: long lasting resin constriction is lightweight, weather-resistant, and water-resistant. Perfect for leaving for your yard or taking up the go!
  • ideal size: rock speaker measures 112″l x 10″w x 11″h for an unobtrusive appearance that fits in any out of doors space
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flip up the track with the alpine company out of doors bluetooth rock speaker! This out of doors speaker is ideal for your garden, pool area, yard, deck, patio, treehouse, cabin, and more! The patented, contemporary solar power generation eliminates the need for messy charging cords – without a doubt area outside and let the sun power the speaker. Use the bluetooth reference to your apple, android, windows, or other clever device to pay attention for your preferred tunes – the excessive-constancy sound plays as much as a distance of 50 feet. Resin construction makes the alpine rock speaker long lasting for years of satisfactory use. At the same time as the speaker is transportable and light-weight, it’s also weather-resistant, designed to face up to extreme weather trade so you can leave it outside or take it on the pass! The rock design allows it to combo flawlessly into your panorama. Measuring 12″l x 10″w x eleven”h, the speaker packs big sound and appears brilliant in any sized space. Alpine organization is one in every of the usa’s leading designers, importers, and distributors of advanced nice domestic and lawn décor products. Alpine’s award triumphing in-house layout team continuously develops new and progressive “statements portions” for your house and garden. Your out of doors dwelling areas will be the envy of the community with our extensive assortment of fresh, stylish and contemporary products, from superbly crafted sun garden stakes featuring patented movement and fiber optic lighting fixtures technology to suitable glass and glow-in-the-darkish birdbaths and feeders.


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7 reviews for 0C12F0FP2RL235 Alpine enterprise qlp542slr-br bluetooth enabled rock solar speaker, brown

  1. lisa

    UPDATE 8/8/2019: I’ve had this rock speaker for 1 year and 5 months. It has worked flawlessly all this time. Last week, it started to play music for 5 minutes and then would shut off with a beeping sound. Clearly the rechargeable battery is now failing to hold a charge. Bummer. I’ve made a claim to Alpine (warranty is only good for 1 year on the item), and I am waiting to see how they respond on a possible fix or replacement. Will update when I get the info. Knocked off a star for the issue.Yes! This thing does work as advertised! The sound is fantastic in the yard. We keep it out there permanently and have never had to plug it on after 2 months of owning it. I charged it the first time indoors before the first use, and otherwise its been sitting outside charging in the sun. I have it paired to Amazon Echo/Alexa to stream my pandora tunes and it does it like a charm. Haven’t had a hiccup yet! No need to constantly be schlepping a speaker outside every time you want to listen to music. Pairing was simple and the sound it produces is good for the money. We have a hot tub outdoors and use it at night at least 5x per week. Great for BBQ’s and grilling outside too. I have mine in a plant bed and it just fits right into the landscape. Very happy!Read more

  2. VJ

    I did a lot of research and this one stood out! It works perfectly, just as described. Sound is amazing, connects to Bluetooth quickly, great range, solar works amazing! I haven’t had to plug in to charge one time yet and I’ve had this about 2 months and use for hours a week. I even used it inside when my 2 Verizon Bluetooth speakers stopped working.Attractive, lightweight.I did consider buying the two speaker set up but this single speaker is all we need for our backyard with a pool.Update: I’ve had this over a year now and still going strong. I have never had to charge with the cord. Amazing! I leave it outside year round through the weather.Update September 2019 Still going strong.Has worked flawlessly and weathered outside consistently. :)July 2020Still going strong! One of my best purchases ever!Read more

  3. Bronski

    I am really disappointedbecause I like the design and features. It would’ve been perfect for our pool. But I couldn’t get it to stay connected, not matter what the source or distance from the speaker was. The speaker would intermittantly drop the connection. I connected it first to an Avantree Oasis long range bluetooth transmitter 20ft from speaker. I next connected a Samsung Galaxy S7, then a S9, and an iPhone. All three phones were sitting right next to the speaker. No matter what I did, re-sync bluetooth, I could not get a stable connection. So I returned it.Read more

  4. J. Sidwar

    The speaker arrived promptly however appeared to have been assembled by a 10yr old with a glue gun. I am 100% sure this unit was a return prior to being sent to me. The screws were stripped in the loosening direction only so I could not remove the battery cover plate. The unit would not charge on the power cord maybe bc the plug in was loose? the green “power?” button would illuminate when in the sun, but not turn off or connect or display a Bluetooth signal….. I am not a novice tech user and assure you the unit I received was junk….. awaiting to see if it was just the one or if the replacement will be the same qualityRead more

  5. Billy Sutherland

    Arrived damaged. This is the SECOND unit that arrived damaged. The outside box from Amazon appeared undamaged, but the product’s own box showed signs of crumpling, and the product itself was damaged beyond use – the bottom cracked completely open. The unit itself charges well, pairs easily, and sounds great – but the outside is cracked, making it anything but weather resistant!Read more

  6. B. Palacio

    I did not buy this to bass out the neighborhood. I did not buy this to host a dance party. I bought this to put out on our back deck by the pool to have some tunes to listen to when we have a small gathering for a BBQ, or for when my daughter and her friends swim. For these purposes, it is perfect. It’s solar power, so no cords to hide. And when you leave for vacation (as we recently did) you pick it up & put it in the house. It’s lightweight, it’s simple to set up & use (I didn’t even have to read instructions on it) and the sound quality is good.If you’re looking for something loud – go for a DJ set up, or wired speakers. If you’re looking for the music to be in the background, this little guy is my suggestion. I’ve had it about a month, and have had zero issues. It’s been out in the rain, the sun, Kansas 105 heat (before the heat index, which made it closer to 120) and it still “rocks” out. : )Read more

  7. GR

    We got this speaker to keep out by the pool. We liked the idea of having it solar powered so we didn’t have to worry about a cord or keeping it charged. But, we didn’t have high expectations on the quality. Turns out it sounds great and the solar charging works well too! At first we tried to be diligent about bringing it in if it was going to rain, but we have gotten lazy and left it out through several major thunderstorms and it keeps going like a champ…no problems with huge downpours. Definitely a good buy!Read more

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