0C12ELHQ6SJ588 House of marley get together mini wireless portable bluetooth audio speaker, denim

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  • advanced sound: dive into perfect sound and awesome audio readability wherever you go with our portable get together mini speaker. Proposing 2. Five” woofers, 1” tweeters, and a passive radiator, experience vibrant and crisp info from your preferred songs.
  • rechargeable & well suited: enjoy a non-stop 10 hours of playtime from the powerful and rechargeable battery for all-day listening. The superior bluetooth technology allows your device to be as much as forty five feet far from the speaker while nonetheless preserving connection. Like minded with ios and android, you’ll revel in that conventional marley sound no matter the way you connect.
  • convenient functions: get together mini gives a integrated microphone so you can use it as a speaker telephone to take or make calls, making it brilliant for your private home office. Additionally, an auxiliary enter jack permits you to attach it to file gamers, tvs and different audio devices. This speaker additionally capabilities a usb port that permits you to price your telephone or different usb devices at home or on the street.
  • sustainable materials: embody your natural style with marley’s message of workmanship and sustainability. Our wireless speakers are designed with solid bamboo, our eco-friendly rewind fabric, and added in one hundred% recyclable packaging.
  • residence of marley: residence of marley is constructed at the principles of superior pleasant, sustainability, and a dedication to charitable causes. We’re driven to decorate lives thru first rate product stories as well as the use of proceeds to aid international reforestation and ocean conservation.

Denim, Signature Black

8 reviews for 0C12ELHQ6SJ588 House of marley get together mini wireless portable bluetooth audio speaker, denim

  1. flute player Victoria

    Great sound quality and an investment. I’m a music major and I use this to practice with orchestra backing, so that I’m prepared for rehearsals. Sound quality is amazing across the board. You can hear every voice in the orchestra, but is not too bass heavy for Drake and Post Malone. Great clarity. It does have better sound projection when plugged into the wall compared to running off of battery power alone. I purchased this open box and there were 0 defects.Read more

  2. Turbinado

    Good speaker,essentially spoiled by the overly miked voice prompt. H O M…listen to your fans. The female voice SHOUTS when turned on and off. Very annoying. Without that,you would have some pretty nice speakers.Read more

  3. ‘Cece’ Welch

    There were two things I was looking for in a bluetooth speaker for my bedroom:1. Great sound quality.2. Something that would fit my decor.I want to surround myself with beautiful things and love natural woods. The cold metal and painted plastic of most modern-day speakers really turns me off. And while there are other wooden speakers on the market that would look nice in my space, this one was designed/created with the environment in mind – a HUGE plus for me.My son recommended I purchase a Flip 5. JBL’s ‘Eco’ version is made from recycled materials, however, the look of it turned me off. At first I was concerned that the sound quality of this speaker would disappoint, but quite the contrary. The sound is incredible! Since I use it in my bedroom with other people in the house, I never come close to maxing out the volume. I would love to hear what this amazing little speaker can really do!I do have one concern moving forward. Last year I purchased a much smaller speaker that had the same power connector as this one. Putting the charging cord in and out over time broke the inner connection. It was irreparable (by me), unfortunately, and my 90-day warranty was long gone. I spent a lot of time looking for an eco-friendly speaker with a different power connection, but sadly was unable to find one. The opening to this speaker’s power connection is pretty tight and I am concerned that the same issue may arise, so I purchased an Asurian protection plan just in case.Read more

  4. Lucky Lani

    I have a Marley Get Together and love it, great sound quality. I expected the same of the Mini, but it turned out not to be the case. The Mini’s sound quality is fuzzy, especially with the spoken word (e.g., pod casts, sleep stories, movies), so you can’t actually understand the words unless you concentrate very hard. It seems best suited to loud music. Speaking of which, the lowest volume setting is *loud* so it is impossible to softly play anything. Finally, you cannot turn off the voice prompt. So, for example, if you are listening to a sleep story, about ten minutes after the story is finished (and about 20 minutes after you’ve fallen asleep), the very loud “powering off” prompt will wake you up. You’ll get much better sound quality and features in much lower priced speakers.Read more

  5. C-Dubs

    Brief Summary: I will not purchase these again, nor would I recommend them to anyoneOverall I was satisfied (though not blown away) with these (I have 2) after I purchased them in May 2018. Obviously they was better then smaller Bluetooth Speakers I had owned in the past that did not connect to one another for “stereo output”, However I have been let down when comparing to similarly priced products from Bose, JBL, Sony, and Harman Kardan.Sound Quality – Average at best (even using androids equalizer). They have a difficult time “filling” larger rooms being unidirectional speakers. Regardless of location and room size, I am unable to get over the dominating mid range and lack of low end. Placing them in a corners in an attempt to improve the bass makes them relatively unlistenable. It reminds me of being outside a club or venue listening to a band thru concrete. All low and no flow.Connectivity – pairs with Bluetooth relatively easily, connecting to other Marley speakers is a bit on the tricky side though this is common for most products I have used.Battery – charges slow (even with AC adaptor included with the purchase), and lasts 6 hours max.Quality – Materials are decent, However the “Prongs” for the micro USB charging port bent rendering one of mine an unchargeable, yet sustainable (Bamboo) paperweight.Read more

  6. Ryan A.

    Great design and build quality. It was a tough decision between this and the Vava Voom 21. The Voom has more options and an AC adapter, which is huge if you plan to put it on a shelf or keeping it paired with Alexa. Like most decisions based on looks, I have minor regrets choosing the Get Together Mini. After hearing both, the Voom sounds better. It’s clear and crisp with tons of depth, while the Mini has more of a hollow sound. Still very good, but the Voom is the best sounding speaker under $100. We shall see how annoying the voice prompts get over time. I have a feeling my initial 4 star rating won’t last.Read more

  7. SA

    Awesome sounding speaker. Pretty good battery life when it charges. The micro usb charging port sucks badly. It has an obnoxiously loud voice during power on/off and pairing. WTF is that all about? My neighbors can hear it power up. It’s not worth the money for how “sustainable” and “environmentally friendly” it claims to be if it doesn’t last. The manufacturer should have used a USB charging port. It’s essentially going into the compost bin when I pry out the bamboo. There is a copy made in China for half the cost. And I’m sure this Marley speaker is made mostly of Chinese parts. So, what’s the difference?Read more

  8. K Reid

    I really love this mini audio speaker. So much that I now have 2 of them – couldn’t resist!! So easy to connect to laptop, pair and you’re ready to go! Excellent sound too! I use it especially for my zoom meetings and for church. I can stay in bedroom and hear everything in the living room as clear as day! Yes, it’s a definite winner all-round!Read more

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