0C12E3J12K7560 Picozon gaming headset headphone with microphone for ps5, ps4, nintendo switch, ps 4, playstation 5, playstation vita, mac, pc, pill, computer, cellular telephones (three. 5mm plug)

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  • ensure this fits
  • via entering your version number.
  • light-weight design for optimum consolation.
  • mute switch
  • compatibility with: ps5, ps4, nintendo transfer, iphone, ipad, laptop, mac, mobile phones and different devices require a three. 5mm jack.
  • splendid for office, lecture room or home use – video/voice chat, gaming, commercial enterprise, enjoyment and more!
  • word: this headset with three. 5mm plug, isn’t usb-headset.

product description


Black, Camouflage

8 reviews for 0C12E3J12K7560 Picozon gaming headset headphone with microphone for ps5, ps4, nintendo switch, ps 4, playstation 5, playstation vita, mac, pc, pill, computer, cellular telephones (three. 5mm plug)

  1. Rebeca

    When I purchased this I understood this was a cheap headset, that the sound qualiy wouldn’t be the best and that I would need to be careful when handling it. I was ready for all of that, what I wasn’t ready for was for the dang thing not coming in one piece right off the box, in the photos you can see how it even has tape on the cables, I didn’t put that there, it came like that right off the box. Also I’m pretty sure it needed screws or something to keep the pieces that go over your ears in place but those areas are completely empty.Do not buy this unless you want some spare pieces that may not even work properly.Read more

  2. Apahllo Alexander

    Friends haven’t had any issues with my mic creating echo or feedback, they all seem to be able to hear and understand me perfectly, sound quality is very acceptable, and (most importantly?) they’re surprisingly comfortable. Most head phones make my ears pretty sore after 30-45 minutes of wearing them. With these I’m able to sit comfortably in them for 2-3 hours without any issue.Read more

  3. mrsimport

    After less than 10 uses it does not work right anymore i can hear everything just fine but no one can hear me and the mute is not on it just doesn’t work anymore complete waste of money.Read more

  4. Jessica Sacco

    Came broken — mic does not work. Wish I read the reviews before impulse buying.Read more

  5. F.

    Good quality for the price. Just not sure if the wiring will last long enough. Feels nice and smooth. Light weight headphone.Read more

  6. Austin Emerson

    UPDATE: I just plugged in my headphones for like the hundredth time and I can actually hear the gameplay in the headset! This changes everything! Absolutely the best for the price!!!Not a terrible headset. The bad part is that you can’t hear the gameplay in these. You can only hear people talking.You can hear other fine. And others can hear me fine. Just can’t hear what I’m playing.Read more

  7. WebShari

    While comfortable around the ears, these headphones were weird. The cord had every kind of connection you could want but no way to remove what you don’t which caused an issue. For whatever reason, they would pick up random signals while I was watching a movie or playing a game. I would hear telemundo in the background or what sounded like a phone conversation. It was really strange. Used it on three diff platforms and did the same thing. Very strange. I sent them backRead more

  8. Snarkwaffle

    The mic is way too small to reach anyone’s mouth. Even if the headset is adjusted to the smallest setting, it’s clear that someone with that size head would not fit correctly. You can verify this by looking at the product image. Sound quality, while not terrible, degrades quickly, and by day two of using this headset my right headphone speaker did not work. This was not due to mechanical failure (I handled the product with great care, as I’ve had other cheap mics go out on me if not stored properly). Additionally, the comfort is terrible. The pads on the ear pieces may as well not be there. Absolutely would not recommendRead more

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