0C12DSQWA5H278 Bluetooth speakers, doss soundbox contact transportable wi-fi bluetooth speakers with 12w hd sound and bass, ipx5 water-resistant, 20h playtime,touch control, handsfree, speakers for domestic,outdoor,journey- white

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  • advanced sound pleasant: revel in your music in 12w full-bodied stereo found out through dual high-performance drivers and unique stronger bass.
  • capacitive contact control: clean-to-use contact controls permit you to increase the temper and electricity of the celebration. Change tracks, volume and pair effortlessly with just a simple touch.
  • water-resistant protection: with ipx5 water-resistant, doss soundbox touch speaker can in opposition to water and different beverages mild splash. An amazing choice for summer time days, poolside or beach birthday celebration, keep the track to your manner. Tool, permitting you to reconnect effortlessly.
  • portable and versatile: revel in excessive definition stereo sound with marvelous quantity whether or not you’re lounging, partying, tenting, hiking or biking.
  • extended playtime: integrated li-ion rechargeable battery powers up to twenty hours of playtime at 50% quantity. Recharge in 3-4 hours with the blanketed micro usb cable.
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product description

approximately doss

with 22 years of innovation and a international design crew from the usa, canada, and germany, doss remains competitive in the audio industry as a professional all around the world. We’re a properly-installed producer that develops the maximum modern audio generation in addition to proudly owning one of a kind tooling. Further to creating the kingdom of the artwork audio technology, we pride ourselves in making sure the client enjoy. Our enterprise model has enabled our top class high-quality merchandise to be marketed at pleasant fees for the customer.

approximately doss soundbox

at the start glance, you may underestimate the pleasant of this type of compact speaker. The actual attraction of doss soundbox 12 watt speakers lies in its capacity to deliver full sound with dramatically deeper bass. Its portability, lengthy-lasting battery, and metal design make it an appropriate audio companion for each indoor and outside. Track is phrases unstated, and doss soundbox interprets those words fantastically to our ears.

sensitive touch, stylish control

touchy touch button with laser carving end. Easily transfer between your three options of a way to play your soundbox (bluetooth, micro sd, aux-in).

control your music with our elegant controls. The easy touch machine at the top lets in you to play, pause, or pass your music at your amusement in addition to answering phone calls.

adjust the extent in fashion with the pinnacle ring of the speaker. Clockwise rotation to boom the quantity and counter-clockwise to decrease.

smooth design, best associate

the doss soundbox bluetooth speaker render a fantastic listening experience while taking on very little space. Increase your enjoyment of song with its excessive-definition stereo sound and staggering extent.

the extremely-compact bluetooth speaker may be easily slipped into your backpack or bag. Whether or not you’ re lounging around the house or doing out of doors sports, take the sound of doss soundbox with you every time, anywhere.

revel in your track with 360-degree stereo sound via 12w excessive-performance drivers and more desirable bass. Much less than 1% harmonic distortion ensures greater clarity and constancy.

compact and advanced

experience your track with 360-degree stereo sound via 12w excessive-performance drivers and greater bass. Less than 1% harmonic distortion ensures greater clarity and constancy.

song at the pass

by no means fear about a protracted adventure. Experience up to twenty hours of seamless track powered by using a high-efficiency li-ion battery.

huge compatibility

bluetooth allows an immediately reference to all bluetooth-enabled gadgets as much as 33 ft. You also can revel in music with a provided audio cable and micro sd card (not provided).

doss soundbox

with over two decades of expert audio-tuning revel in, the doss soundbox speaker brings musical power to life with particularly crisp and clean sound. Its compact and light-weight length makes it a high-quality gadget for days on the seaside, nights out via a bonfire, and picnics on the park.

powerful complete-range sound

2*6w complete ranged drivers deliver a especially-loud and fantastic sound and the passive radiator complements low bass frequencies. Carefully balanced to create the most accurate representation of the track you adore with much less than 1% harmonic distortion.

intuitive touch manipulate

more touchy than a physical button, letting you play your track smoothly and effects. A easy touch system with a laser-carved finish makes it smooth to play track and answer cellphone calls.

premium layout

doss soundbox bluetooth speaker appears as good as it sounds. A continuing frame with a elegant finish, easy to enjoy the benefit of transportable, song from pretty much everywhere.

prolonged playtime

the integrated li-ion 2200mah rechargeable battery ensures up to twenty hours of playtime at 50% extent. With lengthy-lasting battery lifestyles, never run out the juice wherever you cross.

multiple connectivity

prepared with bluetooth 4. 0 era, enjoy wireless and seamless music up to 33 toes. Additionally, you may play music with a supplied line-in cable and micro sd card (not provided).

suit your song

combined with superior aba fabric with friendly paint, offer six bursts of clean, colourful colours to in shape your tune and fit your mood. It’s miles a great digital present for men, ladies, and teens.


Black, Blue, Grey, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

7 reviews for 0C12DSQWA5H278 Bluetooth speakers, doss soundbox contact transportable wi-fi bluetooth speakers with 12w hd sound and bass, ipx5 water-resistant, 20h playtime,touch control, handsfree, speakers for domestic,outdoor,journey- white

  1. Amazon Customer

    Pros: 1. I love the sound of this speaker. Gets plenty loud for its size. 2. I can get my phone over 100 feet away from speaker and have zero signal issues. 3. Battery life is great.Cons: Only 1 thing bothers me about this product. When battery gets low the speaker makes a phone busy signal type sound every minute or so letting you know battery is almost dead. Trouble is I have had this speaker make the low battery tone for over an hour before getting so annoyed with the intermittent tone I just turned off the speaker.(NOTE TO DOSS) PLEASE! Remove low battery tone from this product. It is not needed. If you must indicate low battery make the led ring flash red or something. Please NO annoying tones.Read more

  2. bev

    I just received this last night so I can only make an initial review. Ita adorable and THE MAIN REASON I am make such a hasty review….I recall many of the reviews I read stating that your device did not affect the volume so I was really disappointed in the output of this speaker…. UNTIL I decided to turn up the volume on my iphone 6. WHOAAAA! Amazing sound. I was able to wander around 40 feet before loosing bluetooth coverage. So far I am very pleased. If there are issues down the road I will update but just wanted to inform reviewers about the volume infoRead more

  3. Kevin

    What a wonderful speaker! First off, the packaging it comes with is very nice and it comes with a micro USB charging cable, an AUX cord, and a waterproof protective sleeve for the speaker! As for the sound quality, beyond superb. The built-in sub-woofer gives amazing bass for how much and how big the speaker is. The battery life is very long and it doesn’t take too long to charge. Another thing I really like about this speaker is the fact that the volume control is touch-controlled rather than just buttons. Overall, amazing bluetooth speaker for the price and if anyone is reading this right now, BUY IT!!!Read more

  4. Frugal.Momma.of2

    I’ll update in a few weeks! But my initial reaction is WOW. For the price the sound is great. The base is not bad either. I can feel it on the floor from where i was standing.Only “con” when you reach max volume the music pauses for like 2-3 seconds, meanwhile the speakers will play a tune, to let you know max volume. Why cant the tune play over the music?Read more

  5. Frankie

    I’d purchased this “stereo” speaker primarily because of the available option to play my music via the SD card slot. Less hassle not having to use my phone. As luck would have it the unit that I received was defective in that one option. It would not play via the SD card. I e-mailed their tech support and received a reply within an hour. I tried several different size SD cards formatted with FAT & FAT32 and trying a specific song they had me download the SD card still would not work. It worked fine via bluetooth and even the AUX connection. So all within a couple of hours of e-mail exchanges they determined it was defective (hey, it happens) and immediately shipped me out a replacement. Couple days later I received the replacement and the SD card in this one worked fine. THANKS to Milla for the great tech support!!! Ok, after using the speaker I can highly recommend it! It has very good sound for the price. I wish I had this when I still worked and had a small AM/FM/CD radio to listen to. For it’s size it’s got some hefty weight to it. The controls are “BRIGHTLY” illuminated and responsive. It has 4 rubber feet on the base that if it’s placed on a smooth surface it will practically stick in place and not slide should you push it. It can play very loud and in my use the loudest for my liking is half volume. It comes with a water proof drawstring pouch for storage/carrying, both an AUX cable and cable for USB charging either via PC or phone charger. I am currently playing it at my desk as I write this review where I used to play music thru my PC. Using the SD card for music, when you shut off the speaker it remembers where you left off in the cue or mid song next time you turn it back on. If you like the convenience having the SD card & not dealing with your phone/tablet via bluetooth this is soooo convenient. Edit: Someone asked this so FYI songs play by title alphabetically from the card. I’d never even noticed and assumed it was random until I checked to respond to the question. As for the option to answer your phone with this I haven’t tested it and quite frankly can’t see using it if you’re among others like an outdoor barbecue or the beach where all can hear your conversation.Read more

  6. Amazone customer

    Sounds crisp & good, new trend designed, looks attractive at any location, bass is ok but depend type of music listen to. can play the next mp3 song from my cellphone galaxy note 4 by touching the button on top of the speaker, cool, very convenience feature, battery life as advertised. Price range is about right. Nothing to complaint.Read more

  7. Andrew C

    I purchased this to connect with my Amazon Dot. I wanted a nice sounding bluetooth speaker that doesn’t break the bank and would have decent sound. Purchasing this was a great choice and I would highly suggest purchasing this product if you are in the market for a great sounding portable speaker.The addition of using a micro sd card to play music is nice. However, this unit really shines with the touch controls. Reminds me of the classic iPod with volume, mode, and skipping tracks. It’s very smooth and intuitive to touch.Sound wise you will be amazed at that sound coming from a speaker that is less than $100.Read more

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