0C12DPFOA8L458 Wi-fi transportable pa speaker device – 1000w rechargeable battery powered bluetooth well matched active outside speaker – usb sd mp3 aux rca fm radio – 35mm mount microphone transmitter – pyle pphp109wmu

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  • one thousand watt strength: this rechargeable battery powered 2 way full range audio projection loudspeaker pa system has a maximum power output of 1000 watt top energy/ 500 watt rms at 4ohm so you can play your favorite tracks as loud as you want and w/ style
  • 10″ subwoofer 1. 34″ tweeter: this transportable energetic pa speaker kit is prepared with 10″ subwoofer, excessive overall performance 1. 34″ tweeter and compression driving force w/ titanium diaphragm for surround stereo sound duplicate and astounding bass reaction.
  • like minded with bluetooth: this pa loud speaker is like minded with bluetooth for wireless audio streaming and works with gadgets like iphone, android cellular telephone, ipad, pill, computer. Perfect for personal indoor domestic use or for out of doors dj celebration
  • 5 inputs: ready with a usb flash pressure/ sd card reader so it could function an mp3 participant, rca, and 2 1/four” microphone enter for karaoke. It additionally has fm radio w/ digital show. Comes w/ hand held and headset microphone, transmitter, electricity cable
  • eq configuration: this high powered heavy duty pa device also capabilities an liquid crystal display display and rear panel rotary dial/ button control center to alter the grasp volume, mic extent, treble, echo, bass so that you can balance the audio tiers to your liking

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from the manufacturer

  • instantly circulate track from your bluetooth gadgets
  • works with all your favourite bluetooth devices
  • (iphone android phone ipad tablet computer and many others.)
  • bluetooth model: three. Zero
  • pyle 10″ compact transportable pa device battery powered energetic speaker

    the pyle bluetooth pa speaker device is extraordinarily person-friendly and smooth to control. In case you ever need to ask a friend to join in on the amusing or simply want to refresh the connectivity on your device, it’s quite simple. We’ve got made resetting the tool a breeze that may be achieved in seconds. And a huge-insurance, 2-way loudspeaker that gives high-powered sound where you want it. Cover the entire audio spectrum with the ten” sub-woofer 1. 3” tweeter and titanium diaphragm compression driving force.

  • 2-way complete range audio projection
  • integrated digital audio amplifier
  • convenient carry handles
  • fm radio with virtual liquid crystal display show
  • this amplifier speaker and mic set can document audio as streamed through the speaker or through the protected outside microphone. It additionally has volume, bass, and treble controls.

    this box type battery powered heavy duty transportable pa loud speaker has a constructed in rechargeable battery which makes it convenient and transportable.

    this indoor / outdoor speaker system has a built-in bluetooth with wireless range of as much as a hundred toes. So that you can play tune or track from your favored gadgets.

    the speaker is likewise prepared with usb / sd card readers that helps mp3, wma audio documents and it also has a built in fm radio with automatic station.

    satisfaction guaranteed

    if this object fails to meet your expectancies we can be given it again for a full refund within the first 30 days. We additionally stand behind this product with a restrained 1-yr manufacturer guarantee. Contact us if the item should display any disorder in the first year, we will help alternate it for a brand new one.

    what is inside the box?

    wireless hand-held microphone.


    strength cable.

    (4) x ‘aa’ batteries.

    product description

    wireless & portable bluetooth pa speaker, energetic-powered loudspeaker gadget, built-in rechargeable battery, usb/sd readers, includes handheld microphone, recording capability, fm radio (one thousand watt, 10” subwoofer)features: versatile excessive-powered mobile cupboard speaker device’s> rugged, long lasting & reliable sound> bluetooth wi-fi track streaming potential> speaker machine: 10” woofer, 1. 34” tweeter> compression driving force with titanium diaphragm> built-in rechargeable battery> 2-manner full variety audio projection> integrated digital audio amplified> rca (l/r) stereo line input connector> rca (l/r) stereo line output connectors> connect & circulation audio from external gadgets> usb flash drive & sd memory card readers> usb reader doubles as device charging port> fm radio with digital lcd show> id3 tag track readout information: lcd shows track identify/song artist rear panel rotary dial & button manipulate middle> grasp extent, mic extent, echo, treble, bass settings> (2) 1/four” microphone inputs> convenient bring handles> 35mm speaker stand mountable> engineered heavy duty abs housing bluetooth wi-fi streaming: easy & trouble-unfastened pairing> works with all of nowadays’s contemporary bluetooth device> (smartphones, drugs, laptops, computers, and so on.) bluetooth model: 5. 0 bluetooth network name: ‘pyle audio’ wi-fi range: a hundred’+ toes. Mp3 audio recording capacity: it’s smooth: one button document activation> record audio as streamed thru the speaker gadget’s> capability to record vocals through microphone> also can report audio thru line & aux inputs> facts to usb flash & sd reminiscence card> smooth switch to laptop & mac what is in the container: pa speaker> wireless hand-held microphone> headset microphone> belt percent transmitter> strength cables> faraway manage technical specs: energy output: 1000 watt max> amplifier magnificence: ab impedance: four ohm t. H. D.: 250mv> frequency reaction: one hundred-18khz> virtual audio report compatibility: mp3, wma maximum sd/usb flash memory assist: 32gb battery operated mic/ beltpack, calls for (4) x ‘aa’, -every (covered> energy supply: one hundred twenty/220v dimensions (l x w x h): 10. 2” x 12. 5” x 19. Three” -inches> bought as: 1 weight: 24. 68 lbs.

    Product Dimensions

    10.2, x, 12.5, x, 19.3, inches

    Item Weight

    20.3, pounds


    Sound, Around



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    3.9, out, of, 5, stars, 143, ratings, 3.9, out, of, 5, stars

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    #3, 368, in, Portable, Bluetooth, Speakers, #27, 585, in, MP3, &, MP4, Player, Accessories

    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


    Date First Available

    March, 8, 2016

    3 reviews for 0C12DPFOA8L458 Wi-fi transportable pa speaker device – 1000w rechargeable battery powered bluetooth well matched active outside speaker – usb sd mp3 aux rca fm radio – 35mm mount microphone transmitter – pyle pphp109wmu

    1. Peter Copeland

      I will first say that I am an Audio Visual professional, so I get to work with a large variety of high end audio equipment. This is not high end, but it is also not priced as such. I got two of these as a solution for a party in the woods as an alternative to renting or buying a generator. The accessories are absolute trash. The wireless mics cut in and out, feed back easily, and just plain sound terrible. They feel cheap holding them. If you say plug an ipod into the line in, it is very quiet on full, if you plug into the mic inputs, it gets loud but distorted, if you use the Bluetooth you have significant quality loss and, frankly its just not that loud. I ordered a Pyle PAD20MXU battery powered mixer from amazon and this fixed pretty much all of these issues. First I plugged in my trusty Shure SM58 and gave it a go, the audio quality was vastly superior to using the built in mixer on the speakers, like night and day. Then I threw on some tunes, yes, finally I got something that was both loud and enjoyable to listen to. If you dont really care about the quality and just want something loud you could skip using an external mixer but I promise you it woulds a heck of a lot better if you do. Now my only concern really is battery life. Pyle’s documentation of their products is a joke, like a lot of low quality Chinese products, their information leaflets that they send you are both completely lacking in information and full of misinformation. Not once anywhere ever does it tell you how long this darn thing is supposed to last, my guess is because they do not want to make any promises. Right now I have them fully charged and blasting full tilt. I will check on them once an hour and see how long all this gear will hold up. I will update this review when the testing is completed. I am hoping for a solid 8 hours. One thing i noticed when i had them charging, ones charging light would blink, the other would stay constant until fully charged and it would turn off. No info about this in the leaflet.Edit, Ran these two line input for 8 hours solid full tilt no problems.Read more

    2. Mistrblank

      So I want to write a fair review because it’s really hard to get a good review of a product. So to start let me state, I like this product, I’m not in love with it, but I like it enough for what it can do. That may change after time if the unit fails me in time.First let me frame what I was looking for and what I got. I needed a powered speaker strong enough for a 20’x20′ area or so outdoors for a movie night. I needed something with a bit of bass kick as I have a small amp with small speakers to bring out the highs. I wanted something that could be mounted to a standard loudspeaker stand as well as cheap enough if I liked it I could buy another and potentially build a stereo set. I did not need the mics, though I did want the inputs for regular wired microphones. I wanted something with a line out so I could chain together with other sound devices if necessary. I wanted something that would travel well and not unwieldy to carry and had a battery to use whereever. If I didn’t need either of these I have a 75w Line6 Amp that I could just as easily have used. It does this well.What are the cons though:1. It’s not THAT loud. It’s not deafening. In fact, I’m pretty sure that the 75w Line6 with similar sized speaker is FAR louder but that did cost alot more though. But when you advertise 600w, you kind of expect similar RMS and I doubt this gets anywhere near there. While we’re discussing that, let’s jump to documentation. It is loud enough to do what I need it to though which is fill a 20′ x 20′ outdoor area with sound.2. There is little to no documentation with the product. Figure it out yourself I guess. Though I did pull down some documentation for this model online, yet it doesn’t match what came at all and still doesn’t explain anything. So it took me a while to even figure out how to get radio channels on the radio. (You have to let a scan complete and then cycle through the channels it automatically creates, lame). No clue what antennas are for what functionality, I’m assuming one is for the wireless mics and the other the FM radio, but they aren’t marked. What little is identified in the manual is awful anyway, the front page advertises 1000w system, inside it lists it as a 600w system. It says the Bluetooth Name is “Pyle Audio”, it’s just “Pyle” and though it lists a password, I didn’t need one when I tried connecting. It just feels cheap with all of these mistakes.3. It came scuffed. A lot. Also the Pyle logo was installed off center and I could see some stuff that at first I thought was broken under the speaker grille only to realize it’s meant to be that way, it’s just expected to be covered by the logo. The unit feels relatively solid, but I suspect the case itself won’t take too many if any drops. I don’t treat my stuff that way so I don’t expect it to get too broken up, but if you’re looking to make stage gear out of this where it will be traveling all of the time or where it might get knocked over or kicked, it’s probably best to look for something more solid or you’ll end up with cracked and broken gear.4. There is one control for the mic volume. This was disappointing. You can use the wireless microphones together. You can even control the gain on the wireless headset/lapel mics to psuedo control the mics, but the unit lacks the ability to differentiate the levels of all of your mics.5. The title to the product says XLR, there are no XLR inputs. There are 1/4″ jacks for the mics and RCA for line in/line out. There is bluetooth. That is it, so you will need a headphone to RCA cable if you want to wire something like an MP3 player into it.6. There is some minor functionality that only exists on the remote. Specifically there are auxilliary volumes for bluetooth and the radio. They effectively work like gains for those inputs. Fortunately they reset when the unit is turned off.7. The unit has no memory of the last mode it was on. So if you shut it off and turn it back on, it’s always defaults to radio, which if you forget to turn the master volume down the volume can be accidentally deafening.I have not tried playing music from sd card or usb, I can’t comment.I do feel like I get a little more sound out of this unit than I would from the ION Block Rockers I could have bought at my local price club, but not by much and those units feel less Chinese knock-off and much more solid than this “Pyle”. Would I buy it again, probably not but it will get the job done for me for now. That is enough for me to justify a 3-star “It’s Okay” rating.EDIT: 4 Week update:I just have to update my review into the I don’t like it territory. The fact that there is no product documentation at this point is abysmal. I have no clue what the flashing light red charging light means except that it didn’t do it the first few times I charged it. Also I have to complain the “line out” is not a true line out. The volume level of the speaker affects the output which means it isn’t a true line out source. It should pass an unamplified feed for the next source to decipher. That made adjusting volume levels horrendous. There is also a noticeable constant white noise output from the unit which you won’t hear much at 10 feet but if you’re anywhere closer, you will hear the degraded quality.One thing I will say, the few days I’ve used it on this holiday weekend, the battery did last at least 8 hours of music through bluetooth and was plenty loud for our outdoor theatre, but I don’t know what this flashing charge light means now and the unit honestly might be getting returned at this rate. If I could have tried something like this in store this would have been a quick hard pass.Read more

    3. CAMKoi

      I am very happy with this product. I bought this for a couple of reasons. 1, to announce the names of participants as they crossed the finish line of a 5k race and 2, for my daughters, who both sing in choirs, to practice with.I have been the MC at many different events and had to use many different microphones. The one that came with this unit is not metal, but I can say that it performed excellent. I was at least 50 feet away and I was still broadcasting perfectly.The unit comes with 1 handheld mic and 1 other mic that can use a headset or a lapel mic. With regard to the headset mic, if you adjust it well (which took me some time to do) it can sound just as good as the hand held.During the 5k, I was also streaming music via bluetooth to the unit and again, I was at times 50 plus feet away and had zero issues.Update 12/19/2016More uses than I thought. So I bought this for announcing local races but I have found so many other uses for it. When I work in the back yard, I bluetooth my iphone to it, and mowing the grass is not so terrible. I also bluetoothed to it from my pc and streamed a movie onto a large projection screen in the back yard. Lastly for halloween, I bluetoothed it to my home stereo and placed it in the bushes and played scary sounds. The bluetooth feature is fantastic and the range is excellent.As much use as I have put this through it looks just like it came out of the box. I would argue that the sturdy construction may be a little heavy, but the benefits of it’s good construction make it worth it.Read more

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