0C12CW2QOKP309 Pyle portable bluetooth pa speaker gadget – 2000w energetic powered out of doors bluetooth speaker portable pa gadget w/ microphone in, celebration lights, usb sd card reader, aux/rca/fm radio, wheels – psufm1043bt

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  • 2000 watt electricity: the wi-fi karaoke pa transportable bluetooth speaker is geared up w/ dual 10″ subwoofer, twin three” tweeter w/ 2000-watt peak power / 1000 rms at four ohms for full range surround stereo sound duplicate and spectacular bass reaction
  • well matched with bluetooth: this box type loud bluetooth speaker system is well matched w/ bluetooth for wireless audio streaming and works w/ devices like iphone, android cellular smartphone, ipad, pill, laptop. Best for non-public indoor domestic and out of doors use. Exceptional like minded audio source include wav, flac or aiff.
  • 6 inputs: pyle bluetooth speaker karaoke pa machine is geared up w/ a usb flash force & sd card reader so it may function an mp3 participant, rca (l/r) & aux (three. 5mm) inputs, 1/four” mic/guitar enter, & fm radio w/ vehicle scan. Comes w/ wi-fi microphone. Most spl:128 db
  • flashing dj lighting fixtures: the bluetooth celebration speaker with lighting fixtures on wheels features multi-shade flashing disco led lighting a good way to upload life to any occasion that is super for patio events or gatherings at night time when a colorful presence is substantial
  • removable rolling wheels: those pyle pa wireless speakers with bluetooth are exceptional for karaoke, level performances, & crowd manage. It’s far fully transportable w/ detachable rolling wheels, & manage so that you can take it everywhere you pass
  • blanketed components: lively speaker tower, wireless hand-held microphone, strength & audio connection cables

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Speaker System, Speaker System + Microphone

5 reviews for 0C12CW2QOKP309 Pyle portable bluetooth pa speaker gadget – 2000w energetic powered out of doors bluetooth speaker portable pa gadget w/ microphone in, celebration lights, usb sd card reader, aux/rca/fm radio, wheels – psufm1043bt

  1. Jasen M.

    We had a DJ cancel last minute on my wife’s 40th party. We thought we would roll the dice and order this although it didn’t have the best reviews. This speaker blew us away. I didn’t expect nearly the volume or sound quality we got out of something like this. The price has dropped quite a bit since we purchased it so at it’s current price, it’s a steal. Our party only went until 10 PM but the cops showed up and made sure we shut the music off at 10. That’s a win!PROS:Great sound qualityPretty easy to transportGreat light show (especially with a fog machine)Easy setupCons:Cops may show up :DRead more

  2. Junglist Killah

    **Update**Had this speaker about a week. It started making static noises whenever I touch any of the volume control knobs. The sound is getting worse and it makes feedback noises if you use your cellphone nearby.More than likely not grounded properly.I bought this speaker for family BBQ’s and get togethers. I have a home recording studio with JBL pro monitors and I have gotten tired of having to unplug them and carry them to and from the backyard for BBQ’s or transport in my car for family gigs.As soon as my DiscoJam2 was delivered I threw the wheels on. Once the wheels are on it moves around so easily. I rolled it next to the TV and now I have sound reinforcement for watching Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go etc. It came with RCA’s but if you have a smart TV you will need an (digital to analog) adapter.Next I tried the Bluetooth function. Now this is probably where most peopl complain about audio quality. Keep in mind people you are playing MP3’s through Bluetooth. MP3′ are compressed audio files so they do not sound nearly as good as WAV, FLAC or AIFF. With that being said, the bluetooth function works as expected and it does get pretty loud. You can adjust the bass and treble so that’s helpful.Next I rolled this lil speaker box into my studio to see how it sounds if plugged directly into a DJ mixer while playing full WAV audio files. I gotta tell you for the price this lil speaker box puts out some good enough audio. I wouldn’t take this to a venue to rock a party but for BBQ’s, family gatherings, TV sound reinforcement or just next to your bed in the bedroom because that’s where I rolled it into next. I love and play music every day of my life and I fall asleep to loud music. This thing has wheels and I’m rolling it every where I go…the wifey even made a joke…she said “are you going to take that into the bathroom with you?” To which I replied “no kidding huh?” LolAll in all for the price this is a very cool lil speaker. The lights are just the icing on the cake. I have a fog machine that really adds another layer of dopeness to this lil speaker box.Boom Pyle driver…good job yo.Read more

  3. RPV

    Ordered this speaker for my son to give it to him for Christmas and when he connected his playlist via bluetooth the speakers had horrible interference in the sound. He really liked the style and the lights that synchronize with the beat of the music, so we sent it back for a replacement with the same exact speaker. The second one arrived with the same problem. My husband googled the issue we were having to make sure that we were not doing something wrong when connecting only to learn that other owners of the same speaker had the identical complaints when using the bluetooth function. By now we were frustrated with this product and decided to return it for a second time asking for a full refund. WELL, when we finally received the refund, the company charged us a $44 restocking fee!!!! Think twice before ordering from this company!! It wasn’t our fault they sent us a faulty speaker twice!! We didn’t send it back because we just didn’t like the speaker, we sent it back because it did not function properly. Why charge us $44 restocking fee for a “broken” product. Never will I order from this company again, AND you shouldn’t order as well.Read more

  4. James Williams

    This speaker is the truth Period! Purchased this speaker because my neighbor is always playing their music loud night and day. Gotten fed up decided to get something to combat this. Many reviews I read about this speaker say their is an annoying hum when using Bluetooth. So far I don’t have this problem. My only con about this purchase is the included remote isn’t responsive fast enough to connect bluetooth. But it isn’t an ugly lag. I’m just guessing with the other Bluetooth devices I have responds a bit faster.As far as it’s Bass , when speaker arrived I had it at 75% and my entire upstairs was shaking! My wife went outside and the music can definitely be heard way across the street while it was playing in my home!Yesterday afternoon I was playing it at full throttle in my garage and a neighbor who lived in my cul-de-sac came to my house IRATE about the “noise”. After, I checked her about the way she came to my home and she read dressed me kindly,i did agree to turn it down (my beef wasn’t with her) since I probably was dead as wrong – but it was in the mid-afternoon.In the end I think this is a great purchase. The music is absolutely clear and clean. The party lights are an added bonus. My kids luv the lights. I Don’t see how anyone could be disappointed.Read more

  5. Aldo A

    Unfortunately I got very unlucky with this speaker.I thought I could use it as a karaoke machine.What a surprise after turning the Bluetooth on and connecting my iPhone to play music, this very annoying static noise that wouldn’t stop, not even turning on and off the speaker several times.Not everything was too bad. Speaker is very powerful and the Quality of the sound it is great. The only problem with the speaker was again the “noise”Microphone works really good feels cheap but good overall.So what I did was, after running into this issue I decided to call Amazon right away and let hey know about my issue with it. I was told to contact the manufacturer which I did. Next called the manufacturer and then they said the product was defective and I needed to send back to Amazon so I did. I guess I just had bad luck with my purchaseRead more

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