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  • studio preferred: praised via top musicians, manufacturers, and audio engineers, the cb-1 headphones are an enterprise standard in recording studios round the arena. The cb-1s have received critical acclaim from the most discerning audiophiles at the net as well as pinnacle era editors.
  • 50mm drivers: large 50mm drivers deliver studio satisfactory audio with a extensive, expansive soundstage that places you inside the room with your favorite musicians. Hear tune the way the artists, producers, mix and gaining knowledge of engineers intended.
  • designed for consolation: the cb-1’s padded headscarf and overstuffed earpads had been designed to be cozy all through multi-hour recording classes. Its over-the-ear layout absolutely encloses ear, offering passive noise cancelling without placing more pressure for your head. The cb-1’s adjustable headscarf guarantees a snug fit for your head, and clicking ridges permit for full customizability. .
  • cables included + ¼ adaptor: the cb-1 comes with two 9-foot audio cables – one coiled, one directly. Both have a custom locking mechanism that continues them attached to the headphones, doing away with the chance of dislodging the cable. The cb-1 is well matched with any three. 5mm audio cable, but it will lack this locking feature. We additionally offer a ¼ adaptor plug for use with expert audio device.
  • understated style: the cb-1’s minimalist, unbranded aesthetic will by no means lose its luster or fall out of style. A slim frame doesn’t awkwardly protrude sideways, and the cb-1 can be folded to become compact for travel.

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meet the new studio workhorse.

the reputation audio cb-1 closed-back studio display headphones are quickly turning into an enterprise popular, pass-to vital listening headphone.

praised by using tech editors and members of the seasoned audio network alike, the cb-1 take a seat atop numerous “best of” lists, with consistent high marks from a number of the maximum discerning ears within the industry.

the comments is consistent: the cb-1 headphones are getting the new widespread for recording, mixing, gaining knowledge of, and another packages that demand “crucial listening”. Reviewers and customers alike have similarly praised the cb-1’s ergonomics and lengthy-term consolation, as well as their smooth and unbranded aesthetic.

however do not take our word for it. Check out the various critiques here and across the net – and take comfort in the famend provider reputation audio extends to its clients.

versatility – each inside the studio and out.

  • blending audio – for song, film, voice-over, and extra
  • stay monitoring/recording of vocals and instrumentalists
  • track production with daws which include seasoned equipment, common sense, and ableton
  • audiophile playback, paired with outside dacs and amps.
  • office use – for experts in search of long-term comfort and noise isolation
  • cell use, for listeners looking for reference pleasant sound on-the-cross
  • a expert solution, at a recreation-changing cost.

  • 50mm drivers offer wonderful detail and huge sound-stage
  • overstuffed memory foam earpads make sure long-time period consolation
  • 2x removable cables are protected, 1x coiled and 1x directly
  • round-ear, circumaural design
  • authentic gold metal accents
  • folding earcups fall apart the headphones into a small shape-issue
  • rugged, minimalist layout that can resist the pains of professional use
  • adjustable headscarf accomodates simply all head sizes
  • anything your desires, the cb-1 provides.

    superb for monitoring vocalists, voice-overs, and podcasting.

    over-ear design affords splendid passive noise isolation, best for instrumentalists.

    natural audiophile leisure – you may listen info in your music you have by no means noticed earlier than.

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    2 reviews for 0C12CEY2JWX891 Repute audio cb-1 closed lower back studio screen headphones

    1. Koan Jack

      I’m very much satisfied with these headphones and they impressed me. I paid $79.00 for these headphones. Let me give you some more details on these cans.First off, I’m a music producer, a mixing engineer, recording engineer, mastering engineer, and a songwriter myself. I do the whole works in the studio that I built myself, and I work with quite a few different clients. When it comes to hardware and equipment, I don’t buy the most expensive gear, only because you don’t need to, to achieve the best results. It’s all in how you research and review the gear to determine its quality. I don’t buy the cheapest gear either. I know better than that.So here’s what I like about the headphones:- Durability. The headband can be bent pretty far and show no signs of breaking or cracking. The can padding seems well stitched, and the 3.5mm input jack with the twist lock is a nice feature. You don’t have to worry about internal wiring issues inside the headphones.- Very Comfortable! Some headphones become uncomfortable after wearing them for a short period of time. I myself along with my clients love the comfort of these headphones. The cushioning on both the headband and the cans themselves is well padded. You almost forget you’re wearing them!- Isolation Factor. This factor was one of the biggest reasons for me considering a good set of closed back headphones. I didn’t want any leakage from the headphones bleeding into the microphone during vocal recordings. I was impressed with these! No leakage into the mic, even at high volume levels while the vocalist is doing an intimate, close micing recording! (though with a trained ear, you could hear the song faintly playing through them if you were in the same room sitting close to the person wearing them, but if the mic doesn’t pick it up, it doesn’t matter.)- Sound quality. These headphones have a flat frequency response, which is exactly what I was looking for! The frequency response matches my JBL studio monitor speakers almost exactly, which is very helpful and desirable. Also, the clarity and detail is very distinct, and the low end sounds crisp, rich and balanced with the mids and highs. I’m impressed with the playback quality. – My buddy has a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M40x headphones (and they do sound good, but don’t have a flat frequency response, and weak low end), and he wishes he had these Status Audio CB-1. We’ve also compared the Status Audio CB-1 to Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones (Which are the best for isolation, but tend to break. Not very durable. Must take special care with them. Ok sound quality) and Sony MDR7506 Pro Large Diaphragm Headphones (Which are ok at isolation with little leakage, better than Vic Firth at sound quality and durability). Overall, the Status Audio CB-1 Closed Back headphones are better.- Cables included. I love the fact Status Audio included a coiled cable, a straight cable, and a 1/4″ jack adaptor. The cables appear to be good quality, and none are faulty. The jacks are gold plated, which offers the best signal processing and durability. There are springs behind the jacks to help prevent strain on the cords themselves. The cables were a bonus feature that made me lean towards these.I only have one concern, and that’s how well the actual foam/cushioning inside the can padding will hold up. If they start to scrunch up over periodic use, it may become an issue either with the isolation factor or the comfort factor. But so far, they seem like they retain their full shape.I recommended these to a few of my music enthusiasts. Unfortunately, these headphones are temporarily unavailable on Amazon right now. I’m hoping Status Audio will continue to sell these. With as good reviews that it had on Amazon, I would think it would be an unwise business decision to discontinue them.I would definitely like to buy another pair of these headphones! Make it available again!Read more

    2. davguitar

      If you can afford $79 or whatever special sale price that might be available on this set of headphones, buy them!! Don’t listen to the naysayers who say these are made cheaply and that they are not good because they are not made by Audio-Technica, AKG, Sony, Sennheiser or Grado or some other brand which are made from “hand-carved wooden shells,” as though being made by one of those companies guarantees a product better. I mentioned these companies in particular because they are in the transducer business and make products which use electro-mechanical devices to reproduce the sounds of live and/or recorded music. They are experts in sound, but they are not alone in knowing how to make a great transducer or driver. I don’t know where the drivers in these headphones are sourced but they are of the highest quality and they reproduce sound and recordings which are true to the original source. Buy these and don’t worry that you don’t have industry standard monitor headphone with overripe bass or ear-splitting treble which allows you to “hear how bad your recording is.” I’ve read those statements in reviews here and elsewhere and they don’t make any sense. I’m a musician and I’ve been a rep in the electronics business for more years than most potential readers of my review have been alive. I’m not a “golden eared audiophile” but I am a music and audio equipment enthusiast. Golden Ears tend to listen to equipment and would not recognize a good recording or live performance if they heard it, but they would strain to find a flaw in a product. If you have a lot of money to spend and you can afford some electrostatic headphones or some high-end Fostex headphones, go for it. The rest of us who appreciate good sound reproduction as our main motivation for buying headphones will be very content listening to hi-res digital, vinyl, tape, CD’s or live performance with these Status CB-1 headphones.Read more

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