0C12BWDGH01527 Jlab audio crasher narrow- metail construct rugged transportable splashproof bluetooth speaker with 10 hour battery – black

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  • premium satisfactory sound : two highpowered drivers and a top-of-the-line rear passive subwoofer synchronize to supply vibrant highs and deep bass. Affords great stereo sound and stronger bass from proprietary full-range drivers.
  • crash in fashion : our sleek, simplistic design makes those audio system perfect for any setting, from formal occasions to amusing nights out. Ultralight and brilliant portable layout is best for on-the-cross song and smooth to healthy in your bag or backpack.
  • long battery existence : with over 10 hours of battery lifestyles, a 1500mah battery, 30 feet variety, and bluetooth 2. 1 capability, you could hold the birthday celebration going all day without having to recharge.
  • wi-fi sound : maintain your audio tanglefree and hasslefree with bluetooth 2. 1 era. Connects to all bluetooth-enabled gadgets together with iphones, ipods, smartphones, macs, pills, and laptops. Also well suited with all other audio gadgets with three. 5mm audio cable.
  • two yr warranty/30 day guarantee: we are so positive you’ll be happy together with your buy that we provide a “30-day cash-lower back assure” to make certain customer satisfaction of our jlab products. Also covered with our products is a 2-year restricted guarantee to make certain you’re blanketed for up to 2 years in case any problems with our merchandise arise.

from the producer

crasher narrow

underestimate. Judge. Disregard. Think a speaker so flawlessly compact can’t % the punch? Crasher slim by way of jlab audio is ready to prove doubters incorrect. Effective, transportable and insanely tough, crash slender is simply smaller and better than the whole thing else.

with a full-metallic frame and a dash-proof layout, crasher narrow brings the soundtrack no matter your adventure. With two drivers and one passive subwoofer, crash slims fuels your existence along with your favourite tracks.

play your tune wirelessly — from up to 30 ft away — through bluetooth connectivity. And for up to ten hours. Birthday party-stealin’ sound. Small package. Crasher narrow is usually ready for more.

hi-fi neodymium drivers and subwoofer provide jlab’s signature c3 (crystal clear readability) sound in a great-narrow, 9-ounce bundle. Weighing less than a soda, crasher slim is built to roll in any state of affairs.

crasher slender boasts 10 hours of playtime with serious sound. Recharge the battery and get after it. Time and again.

  • bluetooth four. 0 – 30-foot variety.
  • 10-hour battery lifestyles, 1500mah.
  • charge time: 6 hours.
  • speaker phone and mic.
  • metallic frame.
  • c3 (crystal clear clarity) technology.
  • (2) hi-fi neodymium drivers (2x 1. 5”, 5 watts) (1) passive subwoofer (2. 5×1. 5”).
  • 83db quantity max.
  • ipx4 – splashproof.
  • frequency range: 20 hz-20khz.
  • consists of micro usb cable.
  • aux-in port.
  • jlab’s world-magnificence service.
  • 30-day cash-back assure.
  • restrained 1-yr warranty.
  • with a steel body and splash-evidence design, crasher narrow is ipx4-rated so it could withstand splashes and even a short rinse-off. Simply don’t submerge it — he receives cranky. Plus, a full-steel, tremendous-long lasting frame protects it out of your worst birthday celebration fouls.

    unburden your lifestyles from useless wires. Integrated with bluetooth four. Zero, crasher slim can move your song from as much as 30 feet away. Adore it antique school? Plug for your phone immediately.

    from beachside to the board room. A integrated mic and speaker cellphone makes taking calls less difficult than ever. ‘so profesh’.

    product description

    crasher slimrugged transportable bluetooth speakerunderestimate. Judge. Disregard. Suppose a speaker so flawlessly compact can’t p. C. The punch?


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    Blue, Grey, Midnight Black/ Gunmetal, Silver/Yellow, Gunmetal, Pink, black, blue

    5 reviews for 0C12BWDGH01527 Jlab audio crasher narrow- metail construct rugged transportable splashproof bluetooth speaker with 10 hour battery – black

    1. J.J. Danek

      I recommend avoiding this device for multiple reasons.1. I wanted an ENTIRELY metal device because I had that matte rubber material companies use for every tech device nowadays. That stuff is nice at first but always ends up getting sticky and gross over time. But this thing failed at that- the underside is matte rubber.2. The battery… where do I begin? Most devices hold some semblance of a charge if you don’t use it for a few days. This thing loses its charge entirely within 24 hours whether you use it or not. It takes hours to charge. Perhaps I have a defective one, I don’t know. But the battery is truly awful.3. The sound. It’s fine most of the time, but if you play a song that has deep bass on it, you’ll get a distorted rumble sound from the speaker. So, not great.4. Bluetooth connectivity. I wish this device had a master volume on it, instead of using the volume buttons on the device to change your phone’s volume. Also, when you turn it on, it makes a very loud beep that you can’t adjust the volume of. I hate this turn on sound.5. The port area. There is a rubber strip covering the USB and AUX ports. I understand that they need this, but the nub you’re supposed to use to open it is about the height of a human hair. I cannot open it without a knife or flat metal item.The device is basically unusable. I have to charge it for hours to use it even just for a few minutes, and by the next it’s totally dead. I have to believe I have a dud, but based on mine I can confidently say that this thing sucks.Read more

    2. Lillith

      Great speaker in almost every way….except one. I’ve had this little beast for months and no matter what I put it through it survives. Still connects great, still holds a charge long enough that I forget to bring the charging cord, still miraculously in one piece. The downside?There’s no volume control.If “loud” is important to you, this is not the speaker for you. It’s no wimp, you can hear the music fine. But if you want to wow your neighbors with your impressive Jimmy Buffett collection, or blast Rhianna til it doesn’t hurt that your ex is currently seeing your best friend… It’s not the right speaker for you.If all you need is something to play light jazz in your Zen inspired cubicle Mon-Fri….you’ve hit the jackpot.TLDR: Great speaker, passable volume. Won’t get the cops called on you, but also won’t help you get over your ex.Read more

    3. Eden O.

      i enjoyed this bluetooth speaker for a while, i was impressed by the volume, sound quality, and durability. but, those were not the reasons i bought this speaker. i was under the impression that the battery life on this was worth the hype, but that was not the case. if you left it to charge to a full battery before each use, it definitely lasted a while. but it took several hours to charge, and if i didn’t leave it to charge to 100%, the battery wouldn’t last very long at all (no more than an hour, two if i was lucky). and worse yet, after about six months of use, the charging input on it broke. not an issue with the cables, but the speaker itself.the other issue i had with this were that the rubber on the bottom didn’t pad the speaker very well, so if you leave it on a hard surface at a moderate to high volume, you will hear the speaker rattling from vibrating against the surface it is sitting on.i have had much better luck with the 20 dollar amazon basics speaker, i’ve owned several, and only ever had to replace them because i lost them. if i decide to splurge on another bluetooth speaker again, i’ll probably go back to that one.Read more

    4. Gadget Enthusiast

      This is one of my favorite speakers. I own both the aluminum white and aluminum green speakers. The battery life is superb on these speakers, sound clarity on highs, mids and lows are flawless. You can fill a 12×15 room with sound very easily. It is portable, charges fast, lets you charge your other devices and power retention has given me over two months of standby without any significant power loss.The speakers are only in one direction however, despite the looks (I believe the bass reverberates more strongly from the back), and sometimes I have difficulty pairing new devices to it. Any drops will dent/damage the exterior aluminum housing easily, as there is nothing to protect the metal.That said, these easily can compare to Ultimate Ears and Bravern in sound quality, the problem being that these speakers are so old now that I don’t believe they are regularly found in stores anymore. Snatch them up while you can, these are definitely a dying breed of exceptionally well thought out speakers.Read more

    5. Fixx

      Competitive pricing, great speaker for laptop, phone, tablet, alexa, whatever. Easy to pair, has a tripod or mounting bracket, almost like you could use these as individual speakers on array if you wanted. Battery life isn’t QUITE 12 hours like it advertises, but it is pretty close, charges from almost any USB outlet, or battery bank. The aluminum shell is prone to small dents and dings but only seems to add to the rugged character, and isn’t too harsh. The most important part is protecting the vital components witch it seems to do well, while offering ease of disassembly for modification or repair, later in it’s lifespan. Without sacrificing durability and water resistance.Have really enjoyed it, as it’s sound quality rivals that of an expensive, large 80’s boom box. And it connects to anything you want really, with a supportive input jack. It definitely competes with, or surpasses the JBL or Bose you are probably comparing it to. Deep base, wide response range, and clever acoustics. Sounds larger than it is.Read more

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