0C12A6K7EG3446 Pioneer ts-a1676r 6. Five inch three-manner 320 watt automobile coaxial stereo audio system 4 (4) audio system protected

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  • 6. 5″ three-manner coaxial speaker – 4 audio system + cellphone magnet holder
  • 320 watts max power (50 watts nominal)
  • three/eight” pet (polyethylene terephthalate) tough dome tweeter
  • 1-5/8. Cellulose fiber cone midrange
  • 6-1/2. Carbon and mica strengthened
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product description

open, clean soundif everyone is aware of the way to make music sound exceptional in your vehicle, it is pioneer. With their a-collection speakers, you’ll revel in their signature open & smooth sound which enables overcome the limitations of off-axis listening in a car whilst making sure a unbroken transition among woofer and tweeter playback. Exceptional of all, pioneer gives you this powerful speaker answer with a friendly fee tag so you do not go over budget constructing an entire gadget. Pair these ts-a652f 6-1/2″ 3-way speakers with a brand new vehicle stereo for a clean sonic upgrade, or move all of the manner and energy them with as much as 70 watts rms with an outboard amp. Optimized substances and designthese 3-manner speakers deliver extreme punch and readability. A woofer cone made of carbon- and mica-reinforced polypropylene method superb pressure, low-frequency responsiveness, and climate-resistance. Pioneer adds a midrange cone so you get the most out of chunky guitar riffs, effective drums, and distinct bass strains that otherwise could stay hidden whilst listening on sub-par audio system. Pioneer dome tweeter provides in all the high-frequency details that make tune interesting. Packaged with streamlined grilles for custom set up, you may count on those flexible audio system for an entire life of amusement on your vehicle.


TS-A1670F (4 Speakers), TS-A1676R (4 Speakers), TS-A1680F (4 Speakers)

8 reviews for 0C12A6K7EG3446 Pioneer ts-a1676r 6. Five inch three-manner 320 watt automobile coaxial stereo audio system 4 (4) audio system protected

  1. Scooter017

    I needed new speakers in my jeep. I saw these speakers at a store and they were not sold in a set of 4 and the price per speaker was outrageous. I guess that is the mark up for the store. I was so happy to find these not only sold as a set but for a much better price than at the store. My husband put them in my jeep and I turned on my stereo, turned on the Bluetooth and played my favorite station (from Amazon music) and the sound was glorious since I hadn’t had speakers for my jeep in at least a year and I was using a Bluetooth speaker for sound. I am very happy with this purchase!Read more

  2. Ian N Hanson

    The speakers work great! I can’t believe how inexpensive good speakers are these days. Be sure and set your high/low pass filters (HPF LPF) so they aren’t picking up any damaging frequencys, this can be done on most aftermarket decks or you can buy physical filters you solder into the wire itself. If anyone is curious about power, a 400 watt RMS (not peak!) Amp is ideal for these speakers. 75 watt RMS each speaker. I’m using the pioneer champion series 2000w(800wRMS) 5 channel amp. It sends 400w to the speakers and 400w to a subwooferRead more

  3. Corie G.

    Arrived in good condition. I used this to replace old stock speakers on. A 2008 chevy LT but i had to do some modifications. The sound was ok but the stock was better. I eventually replaced them with cera-vega because they started to distort after 2 months with regular use, on medium to low volume.Read more

  4. Carlos

    I purchased these for my 2011 Honda accord- sedan and they fit nicely with the mount-brackets in the description bellow. They sounds good. They are not high-end speakers and base is not gonna overwhelm you or anything like that but they definitely sound better than the stock speakers that comes in hondas, toyotas and other mid-tier vehicles. I recommend.speaker mount-brackets for 2011 honda accord (sedan): more

  5. David

    These are the most popular speakers for a reason. They are reasonably priced and sound great for a lower end coaxial speaker.Read more

  6. Mike

    Nice speakers for the money. They have a clear crisp sound, good mids and highs, not great bass, but they are 6.5in speakers.Read more

  7. Kiandra

    For my Jeep they are great. I think they could be better. The cost of the speaker wasn’t bad at all. I just want to hear the words more than I hear the beats!Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    These speakers do sound great however the adapters did not fit my honda like it said they would. I had to use self tapping screws instead. Hope this helpsRead more

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