0C129W0CI6N513 Meze 99 classics walnut gold stressed over-ear headphones with mic and self adjustable scarf traditional wooden closed-returned headset for audiophiles

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  • the meze ninety nine classics are featured in head-fi’s pinnacle 10 nice closed-lower back headphones of all time and are a regular fixture on internal fidelity’s wall of reputation. Electricity efficient with any device because of low impedance (32 ohm). No want for amplification.
  • real wood earcups presents natural sound isolation that’s suitable for studio recording, video editing, and podcast monitoring. They without difficulty plug in together with your laptop, smartphone. The use of it with a dac, amp, or a dap will enhance the tune listening enjoy.
  • self-adjusting pu leather-based headscarf that spreads the weight out and fits all head sizes, making the meze ninety nine classics a comfy premium excessive-stop headphone. It capabilities a lightweight hi-res headset weighing simplest nine. 2 ounces, with smooth at ease earpads made for long listening sessions with no ear fatigue. Suitable for all tune lovers, guitar, midi keyboard, and instrument gamers.
  • blanketed accessories: hard carrying pouch for higher protection, detachable 1. 2m thread kevlar ofc cable with microphone and far flung, detachable 3m thread kevlar ofc cord, three. 5 mm to six. 3mm gold-plated jack adapter, airplane jack adapter, cable pouch.
  • absolutely serviceable: no glue, simply nuts, and bolts. We guarantee that all the ninety nine classics are fabricated from replaceable parts. These headphones are built to remaining.
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the trendy within the classics collection, the meze ninety nine classics guarantees to supply perfect herbal sound even to the pickiest of audio fanatics.


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3 reviews for 0C129W0CI6N513 Meze 99 classics walnut gold stressed over-ear headphones with mic and self adjustable scarf traditional wooden closed-returned headset for audiophiles

  1. Tech Junkie

    I own an embarrassing number of headphones priced from $800.00 to $10.00. I own open back, closed back, semi open back, ANC, iem’s, bluetooth headphones, bluetooth iem’s.These headphones stand out in the crowd for their performance, build quality and outstanding looks. They are extremely comfortable and can be worn for hours without fatigue.They feature a enjoyable sound signature with a slightly boosted low end. While many headphones today boost their lows these don’t sound muddy or boomy like most of the other companies. The bass goes deep but never bumps up against the mid’s or gets unnatural.Mid’s are well represented and very smooth and accurate. High’s sing a very nice song without sibulance or fatigue.For closed back cans their sound stage is impressive with good width and depth. Instruments are well placed and easy to pick out.These have become my favorite closed back headphones because they have such an enjoyable sound. I do have a more detailed and technicaly accurate pair of closed back headphones but they reveal every flaw in poorly recorded songs or don’t sound good with lower bit rate recordings. The Meze’s just shine no matter what the source, bit rate or quality of the recording they just make songs sound better.In addition they scale well with better sources and amps. Very nice with tube amps.Wow, beauty, comfort and just plain enjoyable sound. What more can you expect from a headphone.Read more

  2. DJ M&Ms

    I’d like to start off with the packaging and accessories. Simply amazing. Once I opened the plastic wrapping, the smell that emanated from the box reminds me of the smell of a new piano, which is weird out of a box of headphones. That being said, it is not unpleasant. It’s a pleasant surprise. It comes with a case, 2 length of cords, a 1/4″ adapter and the included in most headphones airline adapter (not too many US airlines use them any more). The case is very nice, and the cords are great as well. Also, for those of you who like stickers, it comes with 2 stickers with their brand name on it.Enough about the accessories. Let’s talk about the sound. Without using all the silly words and tags people use in headphone and audiophile forums, all I can say is: Amazing. The sound characteristics compare with headphones costing significantly more. I own quite a few headphones and IEMs, so that’s saying something. Most of my headphones are priced under $300, but I own a handful that are significantly over $309 price I paid for this headphones. I have a pair of headphones costing nearly 5x as much as the Meze 99 Classics, and the difference is ever so subtle that I can’t justify $1200 difference in the two headsets. Is the $1500 headset better? Yes, but not by much, at least not by $1200 much.You can definitely hear every instrument, breath of the vocalist between passages, the separation and sound stage is definitely clear in a good way. It is not bass heavy, but the bass is very clear and full of energy without conflicting with the lower mid range and mid range as most of the bass heavy headphones do. I listened to softer, more gently recorded songs, as well as classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, EDM, Hip Hop, Country, Vocals, and even watched movies. I can clearly hear everything without any weird harshness or a lack of space, nor did I notice any boosting or cutting of frequencies. I never had the urge to EQ something.Simply put, if you are looking for an improvement to your sub-$300 headphone, do yourself a favor and try one of these. I tried this headphone directly into an iPhone and Android device, as well as through multiple DAC/Amp combos, and of course the latter sounded better, but it was still a pleasant listening experience sans the DAC/Amp. Check out this headphone as it is probably the best headphones I have heard (and yes, I have more headphones than fingers and toes) that are under $1000, and can get close to ones costing more.Caveat: Your mileage my vary, as everyone’s ears are unique (shape, size, canal depth/shape, previous damage from loud music at concerts, etc.) and how you perceive music or audio in your ears are completely different from mine.I would love to listen to the Meze Empyrean. If you’re seeing these reviews, Meze, I’d be happy to do a full write up for online sites, and be happy to clean/disinfect/dehumidify, and return them after my review. Would love to compare the Meze Empyreans with some of my top priced headphones. Cheers!Read more

  3. Tetsu Noguchi

    Great pair of headphones for when you’re on the go.A really good amount of detail and clarity, similar to M50x.But much better bass thump.Great vocals.Like many warmer, thumpier headphones between $150-$500, these are very forgiving of whatever source/dac/amp you use, so I never feel the need to use a specialized dac/amp with these. It does improve with the H2, of course, but the difference is not as dramatic as it is for the m50x, Utopias, HD800, T1. The Meze 99 Classics are as forgiving as the tr80/250.I also think the Meze 99 Classics have struck a really fun, musical balance between the different frequency ranges. Not flat by any means, but foot tapping fun.The sound profile and forgiving nature of the sound and the lightness of the Meze 99 Classics are ideal when out and about town, but not needing noise cancellation.The original headphones I used for “being out and about, but not needing noise cancellation” was the tr80/250. It has a nice thumpy sound, isolates okay, gets in a good amount of detail and clarity, is very forgiving of the source, but somehow lacks the toe tapping fun of the Meze 99 Classics.The only thing I wish is that these had the fold flat capability of the m50x (the analytical headphones I reserve for audio recording). Fold flat is useful for both getting into my thin iPad bag, and also when I want the headphones around my neck and out of the way.Read more

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