0C127OJPPI3318 Mee audio join typical bluetooth wi-fi audio transmitter for up to two headphones / speakers with aptx low latency era for tvs and other devices

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  • connectivity generation: stressed/wi-fi
  • bluetooth stereo audio transmitter permits tvs to move high definition sound wirelessly
  • three ways to hook up your television – 3. 5mm headphone jack, rca, or optical toslink s/pdif (notice: device will not convert dolby virtual sign. Ensure to exchange audio output to pcm while the use of optical connection)
  • streams audio to up to 2 bluetooth headphones or speakers concurrently
  • bluetooth four. 0 with aptx era for high-constancy, low latency audio
  • compact and transportable design with integrated battery for use on the pass; 1-12 months producer’s guarantee

from the manufacturer

for more than 5 years, mee headphones and earphones have received acclaim from informal listeners and audiophiles alike. Focusing on sports activities, wi-fi, and high constancy headphones, mee is dedicated to imparting one of the best person experience, overall performance, and price with every product, turning in tune entertainment for each person.

connect widespread dual headphone bluetooth wireless audio transmitter for television

the join wireless audio transmitter enables tvs and different gadgets to stream super virtual audio to up to two bluetooth headphones or audio system, wirelessly. Experience full freedom of movement, listen with out bothering those around you, and block out distractions with the connect and your preferred pair of bluetooth wi-fi headphones.

  • join bluetooth transmitter
  • micro-usb charging cable
  • three. 5mm audio cable
  • 3. 5mm to rca adapter
  • toslink virtual optical spdif audio cable
  • dual headphone support

    streams audio to up to two bluetooth headphones or speakers concurrently with unbiased extent adjustment.

    bluetooth 4. 0 wi-fi generation delivers clear, distortion-unfastened digital audio to bluetooth headphones, speakers, and different receivers up to 30 feet away.

    connects via 3. 5 mm headphone jack, rca, or optical toslink for standard compatibility with tvs, speakers and different devices.

    helps the aptx and aptx low latency digital audio formats for high-fidelity, low latency audio with aptx-enabled headphones.

    tour-friendly design

    integrated rechargeable battery and compact form issue make the connect the ideal move-anywhere accomplice to your bluetooth headphones.


    Transmitter, Transmitter + Low Latency Headphones, Transmitter/Receiver

    6 reviews for 0C127OJPPI3318 Mee audio join typical bluetooth wi-fi audio transmitter for up to two headphones / speakers with aptx low latency era for tvs and other devices

    1. Bob

      I bought this in 2016, to use with my TV. I wanted to be able to use headphones with the TV via BT, so I wouldn’t disturb anyone else. Nothing too fancy about that trick, and it worked fine using the optical output from my TV as the input to the transmitter.I am writing this review 3 years later in 2019 because now I am impressed. The transmitter has been sitting in my drawer for a few years because I no longer needed it for what I bought it for. But I am getting ready to take flight and I wanted to see if I could use it to let my wife and I watch a movie on the iPad, with both of us using wireless headphones. I decided to experiment and see if I could make it work OK.I just got the 2nd generation Apple AirPods and I wanted to see if they would work with this transmitter. They do!! Not only do they work, but I experienced no latency, at all, with the AirPods connected as the “A” device, and a pair of cheap ($30) BT headphones as the “B” device. I got no latency at all when watching a Netflix movie on a 2017 iPad. When I listened with an AirPod in one ear, and one of the headphone ear units on the other ear, the sound was delivered to both devices at the same time, and in sync with the image on the screen. Very impressive!!! I was about to buy a newer BT 5.0 based transmitter, but that little test showed me that I didn’t have to.My configuration was as follows:1). 2017 iPad Pro via headphones cable to this BT transmitter2). AirPods connected via BT as the “A” device on the transmitter3). $30 BT headphones connected via BT as the “B” device on the transmitter4). Netflix movie playing the movie on the iPadBoth the AirPods and the headphones connected to the transmitter easily and painlessly, in a very straight forward fashion.I can’t comment on the battery life of the transmitter, since I have not used it that way yet.I also don’t think the transmitter has any kind of noise cancellation feature, so I’m not sure why that is even a ratable item for this review, but I gave it max stars since everything else works great.This device costs more than cheaper ones out there – and maybe they are just as good I really don’t know. But I already had the money spent on this one, and despite a newer BT standard being available, and despite newer low-latency technology being available, this 3 year old device works like a charm. I am very impressed. Someone knew what they were doing when they designed this thing.Read more

    2. CS

      I read multiple reviews looking for a Bluetooth transmitter that would function properly with my Bose QC 35II. Thankfully I found one review that suggested this MME and it set up right out of the box with the TV the very first try. There is a slight delay that is ok with me. I was a bit concerned at the price of $60.00 but I am totally happy it works!Read more

    3. S the K

      FIRST IMPRESSIONSThe transmitter is small. A little larger than two Oreo cookies, one atop the other. It comes with a micro USB cable for power, an optical audio cable, a 3.5 mm audio cable, and an RCA audio adapter.I used a spare USB power wall wart, and connected the TV’s optical audio out to the transmitter.As long as the Bluetooth headphone or receiver has a basic pairing code, e.g., 0000, 1111, or a couple others, it will work fine. Press one of the two pairing buttons and a blue light flashes. Put the receiver in pairing mode. The light flashes slower as it pairs, then goes steady when connected.I turned off the TV and turned of the BT receiver. The blue light on the BT transmitter turned off. I left the BT transmitter turned on but powered from the wall wart. I turned the TV back on and turned on the BT receiver. It connected right away. I have not tried turning off the BT transmitter and unplugging it to see if it reconnects as easily.Pros: – Easy to hook up, but will need a powered USB hub or a wall wart. – Easy to pair with two BT headphones or receivers.Cons: – Um… haven’t found one yet, but will update my review when I do.Read more

    4. Terry Owens

      the item that was sent to me had been used and after I got it took it out to our camper and hooked it up confused why it was out of it bag and wires where just crammed into the box. We went on a trip and because the camper air conditioners are so loud we have to use headphones to lesson. We needed the MEE to work but it didn’t; what a surprise. After we go back from the trip we went down to Best Buy and bought a new one and it worked just fine. The company who sent us the USED MEE I feel was dishonest.Read more

    5. szisme

      I must have bought and returned at least 4 pair of ‘good’ headsets because of mike issues. I work an international crisis line and have a phone that interprets unclear foreign accents. Because of this extra translation box, every headset I could hear them perfectly but my clients kept on complaining there was a lot of crackle and cutting out of the mike. So I did a little research, called the company who makes my phone and they recommended these headsets. Pricey because of additional wifi booster but worth every dime. My clients now hear me clearly, no cut outs.The only downside is the mike is built into the earpiece and I am used to a mouth mike. You have to remember to wear you headsets pushed a little forward to be heard clearly. If they slip to the back of your head, the listener complains of not being able to hear you very well. As soon as I make the adjustment of sliding the headset closer to my face at an angle, problem is always solved. Just an FYI…the reason I had such a hard time finding a good headset is my translator phone is a desk phone and they don’t make quality headsets for desk phones anymore, I guess because no one uses them.SZR/NCRead more

    6. The old crab

      I was always straining to hear what characters in TV dramas were saying. The music would blast at a high volume, then the actors would lean in and whisper to each other. I was always asking, “What did she say?” to anyone watching with me.My brother-in-law turned me on to this device that pulls the audio off of your TV and sends it to head phones. I owned a pair of low end Blue Tooth head phones but they didn’t control the volume very well. I bought the MEE package with the head phones included with the small transmitter. The head phones were great. They gave me good control of the volume so I could set the level where I needed it without bothering any other viewers.I don’t know about the battery life since I plug them in before the batteries die.Read more

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