0C127H7YAXD438 Transportable outdoor water-resistant bluetooth speaker- wi-fi 10 hour rechargeable battery existence, effective 5w audio driver, pairs without difficulty to all bluetooth devices, phones, tablets, computer systems, soundfit (blue)

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  • great sounding shower speaker: pinnacle rated bathe & out of doors bluetooth speakers feature audio with more potent bass and higher great sound. Best for outside sports, journey, bicycle/motorcycle, biking, hiking, tenting, hiking, jogging, fishing use. Lifetime warranty.
  • brief & clean to pair: ayl soundfit bluetooth bathe speaker & out of doors speaker makes use of bluetooth five. 0 generation, and it pairs with transportable gadgets a good deal extra speedy than other portable bluetooth audio system. The wi-fi audio system outside & bathe variety is 33 ft, so you can concentrate on your tool even if it’s far away.
  • authentic waterproof: ayl soundfit bluetooth audio system water-proof stage ipx6 – highest level of water-resistant – blanketed in opposition to low pressure water move from any attitude. It’ll live secure within the bathe, inside the rain, by the pool or on a ship! We built this speaker extra hard, even surprise proof, to ensure that it could be correctly carried everywhere existence’s adventures take you! (incase the speaker soaks moist, just use dry towel or hair dryer (bloodless/warm air mode) to dry the speaker)
  • listen on & on: our wi-fi bathe speaker has a high potential battery that may provide as much as 12 hours of endless tune, even at eighty% extent! The bluetooth audio system outside model can be recharged in just 3 hours with the included micro usb cable! It truly is a lot quicker than different outdoor wi-fi audio system.
  • lifetime warranty & time-honored compatibility: our transportable speakers may be paired with all forms of gadgets that use bluetooth generation! Use the waterproof bluetooth speaker to movement song from an iphone or android telephone, an ipad or android pill, an ipod touch or maybe a pc or laptop with bluetooth.

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Black, Forest Green, Ocean Blue

7 reviews for 0C127H7YAXD438 Transportable outdoor water-resistant bluetooth speaker- wi-fi 10 hour rechargeable battery existence, effective 5w audio driver, pairs without difficulty to all bluetooth devices, phones, tablets, computer systems, soundfit (blue)


    I live on the river we kayak & tube all the time. We’ve spent lots of money on waterproof radio’s that never work long after getting splashed.. I actually dropped this one, submerged under water accidentally… We have used it 4x’s since…. Didn’t phase it..I LOVE IT!! Its very loud and acoustics are great! So easy to connect, and it has a bag to keep all the stuff in..I’ve spent 7x on others that weren’t near as good!!! 10stars!!! Update: 2 months later…still works great after being dropped and splashed in river at least five, 8 mile trips down the river, tubing, and biking… And we can use it for two days without recharging before battery dies…The BEST EVER!!!!So I’ve had it a year now and it has been submerged many times and it still works great!!!Read more

  2. Julie

    This is my first experience with a Bluetooth speaker and man it’s exceded my expectations. I use it in the shower, back yard, attach it to the bike and cruise around with the kids. Very neat. I bought another one for my dad for Father’s Day as he is always watching baseball on his iPad so I thought this would provide him better sound and it does! Great device!Read more

  3. Brandon B.

    All of the positive reviews on this thing are absolutely true. Keeping in mind it’s a single speaker, it’s the best Bluetooth speaker money can buy. Not only is it rugged, the sound quality is very clean. Lows, mids, and highs are all well delivered in this little powerhouse. As in you can go from feeling the bass of dubstep into the chilling clarity of a cello solo with Yo-yo Ma. I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone. The battery life is nothing less than the 10 hours at 80 percent volume as advertised either. I timed mine and got almost 11. I wasn’t offered a deal to write this review either, so I have nothing to gain from this other than offering praise of a product that truly deserves it. Do yourself a favor and buy it.Read more

  4. BuyAllTheThings

    This little speaker gets surprisingly loud. I’ve had it for a while and it’s been put to the test.I took it on a river floating trip. Strapped it to my tube and had it paired with my phone in a wet box. This was an all day float and the speaker was on the whole time and submerged probably half of the time. The other half it was playing music. It still played underwater too but I stopped it when we met up with other music. Also, there were some pretty rough spots in the river too and it survived.It lasted until the very end and I had used it the night before for at least 3 hours and didn’t charge it. It’s a little work horse!It’s also fallen from about 6 feet and landed on concrete a couple of times.The only issue I’ve noticed lately is that some times when I’m listening to a book from audible, it may cut off part of the first word of a sentence. Not all books but it will do it throughout the whole book if it has the issue. Maybe it has more to do with the way they were recorded or the way it receives it from audible?Or maybe that river trip..Easy to use as wellRead more

  5. Everett Kulkarni

    For less than $30 this thing should suffice for ANYBODY who wants good sound in a water filled environment. I’ve actually never heard a single portable (backpack fitting) Bluetooth woofer sound better than this at ANY price. Yes any price, of what’s on display at a store for example. $300 bose soundlink mini 3? This speaker sounds as if it was pulled straight from one of the woofers in that. And even if that’s ALMOST but not quite true, this is waterproof and the Soundlink is not.One things for sure, no waterproof speaker this size is gonna pump out more bass. So no concerns there either.If you’ve never had a bluetooth shower speaker before, well then, get ready for something Awesome!For me it belongs here replacing my suction cup shower speaker, RepelBox, that was already quite good/very nice to have.Read more

  6. Rustfire

    EDIT 12/11/18The speaker is still going strong! My dad liked it a lot too so he got himself one a while back.ORIGINAL REVIEW 4/7/18I ordered this product after doing a bit of research, and I’m really happy with it so far. I ordered this summer of 2016, and it’s still working fantastically! I needed a small, cheap bluetooth speaker, and I was pleasantly surprised with it. I have tested the water resistant claims by showering with it very often, and it still works great. Just remember to replace the plug on the side before getting it wet. Pairing is quick and simple, and it has a decent range. There’s a small led on the front top left that flashes blue when not connected to anything, stays a solid blue when connected, stays a solid orange when charging, and stays a solid green when you’re using an auxiliary cable. Very nice touches. Sound quality wise, the highs and mids are nice and clear, and it brings powerful bass without overwhelming everything else. If/when this speaker breaks down, I’ll probably order another one!Read more

  7. Jeff Wagner

    I am writing this review as I had my husband purchase this speaker for me. He had purchased one a while back and I was so pleased with how well it worked that I wanted one for myself. It is very durable and has good quality sound. Several of my co workers have purchased the more expensive brands out there. I would not trade mine for theirs. In fact they became disappointed with their purchase after testing out mine. One thing to keep in mind is this. If you Bluetooth your music from your phone to this, make sure the volume on your phone is up all the way, then you can adjust the sound from the box…this way it can reach the maximum volume if you need it…and it can get loud! Great for camping, the office etc. Love this product.Read more

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