0C127BQQ7OP364 Lyxpro spa-10 10″ inch portable expert pa speaker powered energetic compact lightweight loud amplifier machine with equalizer, built-in bluetooth, sd card slot, usb, mp3, xlr, 1/4″,3. 5mm input

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  • perfect clear sound and overall performance: lyxpro spa-10 comes with a professional powered 10” inch effective energetic pa machine – compact and light-weight to carry round for indoor and out of doors use easy as 21 kilos
  • tremendous for any ocassion and region: experience limitless awesome tune playing and listening whether or not its guitar piano or drum gambling, indoor or outdoor birthday party, or speaking to an target audience
  • a couple of clean connections: without problems connects for your cellphone with the built in bluetooth, onboard intuitive tune controls for mp3 eq manage section, sd card slot & usb input, r/l rca inputs w/in step with-input level knobs, xlr 1/4″ inputs with mic/line switch
  • hyperlink multiple audio system immediately: with a easy xlr cable you can daisy chain multiple energetic audio system with one easy setup to your favorite tool or microphone

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Active, Active Rechargeable, Passive


10" Inch, 12" Inch, 15" Inch, 8" Inch

5 reviews for 0C127BQQ7OP364 Lyxpro spa-10 10″ inch portable expert pa speaker powered energetic compact lightweight loud amplifier machine with equalizer, built-in bluetooth, sd card slot, usb, mp3, xlr, 1/4″,3. 5mm input

  1. JDan the Amazon man

    I ordered this PA speaker because they said it had bluetooth. Most of the reviews said that the bluetooth worked great. However, I could not get the bluetooth to work on the item I purchased so I am sending it back. I tried to contact the manufacturer with no response. Evidently they just want to sell their junk and don’t want to support it. I actually wanted to exchange it but I could not find a way to do that. It does sound pretty good for what it is. Some reviews said it didn’t have enough definition but it only has bass and treble EQ so what did they expect? It is LOUD though and at least the PA part of it works great.I have to update this review in all fairness to the vendor and the manufacturer. Also to anyone who may have the same problem I had experienced.I was sharing with my Barber about my experience with this LyxPro SPA-8 Power PA, and he said he has a powered PA also with bluetooth. He said that he has trouble connecting his bluetooth also due to interference from other wifi systems in his house!So I thought about it and decided to try to get away from my wireless systems in my house my wireless router and my wireless phone system which operates at 2.4ghz.I took the speaker out into my backyard and plugged it in to an outdoor outlet. Then I turned on my bluetooth on my smart phone and turned on the PA speaker and voila it worked!So I am a happy camper now and have cancelled my return. BTW I cranked the volume up half way and it filled my backyard with sound! I believe it truly is a 100 watt amp!UPDATE: I am still having issues with the bluetooth on this item. It is not dependable sometimes it connects and sometimes it doesn’t. I was going to return it for another one but I found out that I would have to pay $10.00 more for another one. So I have decided to keep this one. So I change my review to 3 stars if bluetooth is not important to you then this is a good speaker. The EQ is not really that great but you know the saying “you get what you pay for”.So all in all it is an OK product for the money there is another one out there called Rockville that looks exactly like this one and it is a lot cheaper on ebay but I think I will just keep this one it works for me for now…NOTE: UPDATE ON PRODUCT REVIEW: 01/22/2017 After complaining to DBROTH the company which this item came from, I was contacted by their Customer Support person, Bianca.After going back and forth a few times by email explaining what was wrong with the product, Bianca asked if I would like to replace the item for a new one free of charge! So I said yes that would be great. So she sent me a prepaid postage return label and I packed up the defective product and shipped it back. And this past Saturday, 1/21/2017, I got the new replacement product. I unpacked it and checked out the bluetooth feature on a few of my devices, and it worked on every one of them!!So I am very pleased with the product and the Customer Service at DBROTH store! They are very easy to do business with and the LyxPro SPA-8 is a very good speaker for a novice beginner like me and it is loud enough to fill my back yard with sound and cause complaints from my neighbors lol. I am now a happy camper at Amazon!Read more

  2. oracleofthejedi

    I got the 12 inch. My only regret was not getting the 15 inch. I got my LyxPro so I could use the bluetooth on my Galaxy S6 to play Amazon music. I am simply blown away by the sound quality for the price. Excellent highs, midrange, and lows. This unit could easily provide enough high quality music for a small club. It weighs around 30lbs. I suggest going with the 15 inch and doing so would be over kill. This unit can also serve as a PA, Kareoki machine, and TV auxiliary speaker. I’m debating about getting another for more of a stereo experience if they can be phased properly. I just got mine today so cannot speak of longevity. I would skip the 8 inch and go with 12 or 15 inch. You will not be disappointed.Read more

  3. Greg Vaughn

    Let me just start by saying…WOW! This little speaker blew my mind. I’ve been involved with sound systems now for nearly 10 years so I’ve dealt with a lot of cheap equipment and some top of the line equipment. I’d place this in the top 10 best speakers I’ve ever used. Out of box it is small but this thing puts out some sound. I used the usb to test the play back ability and it works fanstastic, just plug and play. The volume at about half was literally loud enough for a school size gym. Bluetooth hooked up to my phone easily, but I didn’t have any music to play. I also tested the line in with a microphone and that works great. The sound is super loud abd super clear. I’m already planning on buying another one to use. You won’t go wrong If your looking for a compact portable all in one PA.Read more

  4. Dr. Gregg Lanzen

    This is a very well built all-in-one compact sound system at a very reasonable price. The unit plays music very well, but I believe is better suited as a PA or AV speaker in a classroom / video projection setting. I’m using the system in a classroom setting that seats up to 75 people, in a location where there is a lot of ambient noise right outside of the classroom and the 100 watts of sound power effectively fills the room with good and clear sound quality. The unit does not have any annoying “vibrations” when the volume or bass is turned up, and there is no noticeable distortion at maximum levels (which I would not recommend). The system has just about every type of hook-up anyone could use and all of the control knobs feel solid and do not create any “static” through the speaker when operated. I especially like the fact that the microphone jacks have a separate volume control from the in-line jacks. I also like the simple, but effective eq controls. This is a very easy to transport, set up and use portable PA system, at a very reasonable price. One minor improvement I would suggest is a place to wrap the power cord for transporting or storing the unit. I highly recommend this small but effective PA system.Read more


    I am a professional musician performing all over the island in Puerto Rico in private and public presentations. I love this speakers for their size and volume. They are really loud.There is a HUM when you turn up the volume. Is not audible when playing music but it bothers. This little speaker offer a really good sound. It is really loud and with reasonable good bass. I read the negative reviews and some people pretend to fill the Madison Square Garden with it. It is loud but is only 8 inches. The connecting options in this little speaker are great. The size and weight also are great. I used the blue tooth connection to reproduce my music and I can hear it all over the house. The sound is so good that I decided to get a second one and use them as monitors in my performances. They work so great that I order a third one for my son and he is loving it. I have been playing and singing with them for 3 or 4 hours of practice and they performed really good. No overheating and reproduction of guitar and voice is really good. I hope they last. Time will tell. For $99 they are a great deal.Read more

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