0C126K3IP8B417 Low voltage led deck lighting fixtures kit chrome steel waterproof out of doors panorama garden yard patio step ornament lamp led in-ground mild, p. C. Of 10 (cold white)

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fvtled 10 % low voltage water resistant out of doors bloodless white led deck light package with transformer, create cozy and ambiance on your out of doors wonderful areas


– dc12v 1w bloodless white led deck mild dia. 45mm.  – lights are ip67 rated – suitable for use exterior.  – every light includes 6 leds.  – polished chrome steel bezel.  – designed to take a seat flush on any difficult flat floor.  – add immediate warm feeling to indoor/outside in a very low cost manner

power-green led lighting fixtures are low profile and emit cold white light


decoration small in size however huge in functionality and style, add immediate confortable feeling to indoor/out of doors in a totally affordable way

first-class desire for decorating, led mild can be used to create a smooth, romantic and comfy ambiance, and simplicity your mind effectively

every deck light is made of stainless-steel & laptop for long lasting and lengthy-lasting applications. Lengthy lifespan over 50000 hours, clean and handy for set up.

appropriate for indoor and out of doors ornament, can be hooked up anywhere you may drill holes, together with kitchen plinth, deck stair, deck step, patio, floor, eaves, pool,walkways, kitchen, lawn outside led panorama lighting fixtures, and so on.


1pcs, 6pcs, 10pcs, 20pcs, 30pcs, 50pcs


Cold White, Multicolor, Rgb+ww, Rgbw (Red Bronze), Warm White, Warm White (Red Bronze), Rgb Wifi, Rgbw Wifi

6 reviews for 0C126K3IP8B417 Low voltage led deck lighting fixtures kit chrome steel waterproof out of doors panorama garden yard patio step ornament lamp led in-ground mild, p. C. Of 10 (cold white)

  1. Sean G. Flanagan

    My neighborhood is somewhat rural and not well lit.My goal was to add just a subtle amount of accent light to the front of the house by installing these in the soffits (shining down).The results are actually better than I had hoped for – they provided:* Warm illumination* Not super bright to attract insects (or air planes)* Very small and trim design (they look classy even when they are off)* Did not impact seal (no openings for bugs to get in soffits/house)* Low voltage (1 Watt each)As others mentioned, the amount of wire between each light was not long enough for my application, so I spliced in some 20 gauge copper (speaker) wire. I installed each light in the soffit about 9″ out from the face of the house (I tested other distances but 9″ seemed to provide just the right amount of cone or “splash” onto the face of the house). I bought 20 lights and only used 10 but it’s good to have extra.It was NOT a fun project (my attic is pretty low), but after seeing the results I have zero regrets.Read more

  2. Keith

    Bought and installed 10 lights with the recommended photo cell and 5 pack extension wires. I bought the multi color light set. The first time I used it I loved them, I used the remote and turned the lights to white. Two hours later the lights turned to RED. I thought it was a glitch so I turned it back to white, The next night the photo cell turned the lights on and RED again. I called customer service and got this explanation. When the lights are turned on they default to the red color every time, If I want white then I must use the remote and select white and push the pause button to stay on white or in 2 hours it will turn red again. So here is the reason for 1 star, Nowhere in the description of the product does it describe a red default when the lights are turned on, My intention was to have the white light mostly but color lights at the holidays, Because the red is default I will have to change the color every night to white. I bought a photo cell so the light set comes on automatically at darkness so I dont have to turn it on. But because of the default I have to turn on white every night anyway so it kind of defeats the purpose of the photo cell. I hope this review helps someone to be warned about the default to red. The customer service of Amazon said they will get the seller to add this to the description of the lights.UPDATEAFTER TALKING TO CUSTOMER SERVICE AGAIN THEY SENT ME A NEW UNIT this one stays on white it’s not default to read and it’s been working perfectly for several months I would recommend these lightsRead more

  3. Amir F

    These lights are very easy to installed. They look amazing. Very good quality. Had a minor issue with installation and the company was great in getting back to me to resolve it. I highly recommend these lights.Read more

  4. N. Ford

    Let’s get the essentials out of the way first, these lights look great, they are very discrete, but capable of going from “subtle” to “these would work for a Helipad”. Everyone who has seen them has really loved them and I credit them with inspiring us to us our new deck further into the night that we would otherwise. I was really impressed with the range of colors displayed and the seamless transitions across their available palette. At first I thought I would probably leave them on white most of the time, but we typically let them slowly fade between colours. Incidentally, you can use the remote to control the speed of transitions. The remote is pretty simple, though the color wheel is harder to make register than the soft buttons (I have the dimming model -FVTLED Replacement LED Light Remote Control and Controller Waterproof for Changeable RGB LED Light Kit ). I had cause to contact the manufacturer with a defective light and they were super-responsive and very helpful. Weeks later they also generously helped me after my daughter managed to drop and break the remote control. Very impressed.Installation is straightforward, but I would recommend you test a couple of 1.5″ bits to find one that gives the best fit – some leave a hole that’s slightly too large, and the lights benefit from a snug fit. I used this bit (Freud FB-011 1-1/2-Inch by 3/8-Inch Shank Forstner Drill Bit ) but if you are drilling TREX as I was, be prepared to get through a couple of them. The cables aren’t very long, so make sure you get some longer ones at the same time as you order your lights if there’s any doubt as to whether you might need them. Other than that, link them all together, add power and off you go.Update: 2020 – Coming back a few years later, I’ve added another deck and another 30 lights. I really do like this product, I’ve had no issues with my 3 year old LEDs beyond some discoloration in the clear covers, which I only noticed with the new set alongside. All are still working perfectly. I can control two sets with one controller, and they really do provide everything from a wow factor, to subtle light effects – you will appreciate the amount of options that are available through the remote, even if it can take a while to find your preferred setting. Again, my thanks to their customer service, who expedited an additional set when I changed my design and needed a few more.Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    Very pleased with this product, bright lights for how small they are. I installed these in the soffit to shine down on the house. It was a days worth of work, in and out of the attic. I wanted to spread these lights further than the original wiring and connectors allowed, so it took a little extra work splicing in some landscape wiring but well worth it. These lights add a great look to the house. May look at adding some to the back of the house in the future.Read more

  6. gogofletch

    Love these lights. They are fun and look great. The company was great to work with as well. They are very responsive and supportive.Read more

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