0C125YB7W8J692 Altec lansing existence jacket 2 – bluetooth speaker, wireless, waterproof, floatable, transportable, loud extent, strong bass, rich stereo device, usb charger, microphone, and 30 toes wireless range, ip67, black

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  • make certain this suits
  • by way of getting into your model variety.
  • boasting a heavy-responsibility, washable rubberized skin this is everything proof- ip67 rated -water-resistant, dustproof and shockproof; and it floats so the tune will play on- regardless of what.
  • be inspired with remarkable sound exceptional- dual 2. Zero” neodymium drivers, a passive radiator design, altec lansing dsp audio enhancement era, aptx cd-exceptional wireless audio and a bigger power amp, it pumps out huge quantity along side crisp, clean sound.
  • unique elliptical-fashioned form element that increases the fashion bar, and at just one pound and seven. 5″ x three. A hundred twenty five” x 2. 825″, the speaker isn’t tons bigger than a pockets
  • full of introduced capabilities which includes a 16-hour battery life, speakerphone with spoken caller identity and battery degree, voice confirmation pairing and it accepts voice commands, nfc well suited and a energy deliver for smartphones or different devices.
  • mountable with mounting bracket covered

from the manufacturer

when you consider that 1927, we have been imagining new approaches to enjoy sound. Our innovations have rocked song and given a voice to generations.

altec lansing imw577 lifejacket 2

the lifejacket 2 bluetooth speaker is packed with functions which includes ip67-rated water resistant, sandproof, shockproof and snowproof creation; floatable and submersible imparting a 30-foot variety in conjunction with greater audio horsepower, sixteen hours of battery life with spoken battery stage, and powerbank aid for charging mobile devices on the road. The lifejacket additionally capabilities a built-in popular mounting mechanism for smooth attachment to device and structures like motorcycles, kayaks, jet skis, and bikes.

  • ip67 licensed: water submersible and sand, snow and shockproof.
  • 16-hour battery lifestyles: built-in rechargeable battery.
  • strength bank: integrated electricity financial institution expenses mobile gadgets, even while playing tune.
  • speakerphone: listen and be heard with hands-unfastened speakerphone functionality. Answer and decline calls with vocal commands.
  • nfc: clean pair and easy on/off with nfc supported gadgets.
  • bluetooth: easy pairing to any bluetooth-enabled tool with vocal confirmation and 30-foot variety.
  • the party can ultimate all day with the speaker’s excessive-potential battery, that may play for up to sixteen hours on a unmarried charge. You may even fee up your own telephone by way of connecting it to the built-in electricity bank, which expenses your device as you pay attention to your tunes.

    rock out at your picnic or offer a soundtrack to your pass-united states of america ski journey with the greater-hard lifejacket 2, that’s encased in a long lasting outer shell which could get up to almost any surroundings. Proof against dust, sand, shock, snow, and water, the speaker maintains on rocking no matter what you throw at it. It even floats, meaning you won’t lose it to the waves if it takes a tumble off your boat or is knocked off the deck of your pool.

    without any cables required, this portable bluetooth speaker can without difficulty pair up together with your smartphone or computer to circulation music, extend telephone calls, or play your podcasts.

    the use of handiest the energy of your voice, you can skip songs, regulate the extent, or pause the jams with the voice command-succesful onboard microphone, which makes palms-free communication a breeze. If you get a name, the speaker may even act as a speakerphone, amplifying your calls without stopping the motion.

    product description

    need the last standard speaker which is great for each celebration and everyday use? Then the altec lansing lifestyles jacket 2 is for you! Proposing an intense, loud bass, a transportable-friendly, water-proof design, (ip67-rated) a usb port for charging your telephone, subsequent level bluetooth, a 30 foot wireless variety, and it even floats! With a massive battery lifestyles, and a clean, simple connective design, our loud, waterproof, charger wireless bluetooth speaker is the final package deal for the closing and everyday situations. We’ve designed our speakers right down to the inch to make sure they’re best for play! We’ve designed our speaker to be best for each person and for each telephone, which includes apple, iphone, ipad, android, samsung galaxy, google pixel, macbook, and even the kindle fireplace tablet! It’s loved by all ages and by way of all agencies, our speaker can be used everywhere! The pool, the beach, the shower, the house, a night time celebration, anywhere! It is the ultimate speaker for any and all activities, and a have to-have vital among your accessories!


    Black on Black, Black/Aqua, Black/Pink, Black/Red

    7 reviews for 0C125YB7W8J692 Altec lansing existence jacket 2 – bluetooth speaker, wireless, waterproof, floatable, transportable, loud extent, strong bass, rich stereo device, usb charger, microphone, and 30 toes wireless range, ip67, black

    1. Stephanie Corra

      This had lasted 6 months of almost daily use, by my special needs son. He chews on it, throws it, bangs it on the ground, turns it on and off and up and down constantly. If it can withstand that, I’m happy!! Before this one, we went through a speaker a month!Read more

    2. engineeringDynamo

      December 2018 I bought 2 IMW577 four days apart from Amazon.I can pair either by itself to my phone. But only the first one is capable of stereo pairing.Details:The first order I received MID 2390918. According to the instructions, it does stereo pairing.When I follow the instructions for stereo pairing, it will look for the second speaker.The second order I received MID 2390718. The instructions to not mention stereo pairing.I can not find an update the firmware on the second one so that it will do stereo pairing.Maybe there is no update.I bought the second speaker to run in stereo.Though I bought it with the “buy again” Amazon button, it is not the same MID number.If there is not a firmware update for the MID 2390718 to enable stereo pairing, then I will try to trade my MID 2390718 for a MID 2390918.Read more

    3. K. A. Hartvig-Nielsen

      Unbelievable sound. I don’t know much about speakers, but my ears know what they like: full, round, rich, sound that makes you feel like you are in the middle of the band of orchestra. I bought two of these as gifts for Christmas and each recipient was thrilled with the sound. I decided to buy one for myself, but the price went up from the sale price of $49.95 to almost a hundred dollars. I’ll just keep my eye on this product and hope for another sale! I can hardly wait.Read more

    4. kca

      I purchased this thing before Christmas of 2018 (Christmas sale) with the plan to take it on the river this summer. Well, I went on a 5 hour float in an innertube with a mesh bottom. The speaker was submerged about 2/3 of the float, off and on. It never lost sound or power and was on the entire time from a full charge! It certainly floats too! Sits a little low in the water when left to wander on its own but I was satisfied. Continual audio when sumberged. I do wish it came in more brightly colored options for better visibility (although the blue and black one has pretty florescent blue) in case it got lost in the water.Love this thing and use it regularly in the kitchen and througout the house! Now I can add water fun into the mix!Read more

    5. Seattle lad

      Before I delve into my dislike of this particular model, the lifejacket 2, let me provide some background. I’ve been using a $50 altec lansing XL soundblade for years (technically its a “blackweb” from walmart, just rebadged). It’s got amazing sound quality, similar speaker design to the lifejacket with 2 active drivers and a passive woofer. The soundblade has well rounded sound, with bass presence that makes all kinds of music sound full. Over the 5 years I’ve had it, ive dropped it many times and the magnet broke off the back of one of the drivers, several times now. I’ve been able to superglue it back, but now its finally hissing after the latest repair and the battery is about done. I tried some altec lansing bluetooth speakers in walmart a while back and was impressed, even the units that were smaller than the lifejacket 2, so I figured this would be a good deal – a $129.99 MSRP speaker on sale for $58. I couldnt be more wrong. It has no bass response at all, it sounds like cheap $15 computer speakers, but far more shrill, to the point of hurting my ears at (very small) room-filling volumes.I have another old bluetooth speaker, an iHome iBT33, which had an MSRP of $50 (but can be had for $20-30) – despite its smaller size and lack of a passive woofer, it has much better bass presence and a smoother, non-harsh sound at medium-high volumes.I worked in an electronics store for years which gave me a constant stream of bluetooth speakers to assess. I have to say this lifejacket 2 is pretty bad. Even if one could get past the lack of bass, the harshness of the mid-upper range is just too much to tolerate. It sounds like there is some kind of post-processing being applied to the bluetooth audio decoding, something to add a bit of reverb for a fake “surround” effect or to give the impression of a larger speaker. It just sounds terrible. I checked the directions to see if there was some post-processing effect that could be turned off, or different EQ settings, there are none. It sounds marginally better and less harsh with a wired 3.5mm connection to my LG V35 with a quad dac.Read more

    6. Guninstructor

      I have two of these, they work well. I have dual audio Bluetooth on my phone and can broadcast to both at once, it works. Both units occasionally have trouble connecting to my phone. Not sure if it is my phone or not, but I don’t usually have problems connecting to things via Bluetooth. This is the only reason for 4 stars, otherwise they work well, sound good, are definitely waterproof, and the batteries last all day.Read more

    7. Greg Hurst

      I was a little dissapointed with this purchase. $150 is a lot of money to spend on a speaker but I went ahead and bought it. I bought it to place on a fourwheeler so I could listen to music as I rode. I knew I was taking a chance with a speaker of this size and quality to be able to hear it over the engine. I had my doubts but I figured “Oh well, at least I can still use the speaker for other things.” Well, the speaker has been in the mud and in water and has gotten a little hot from sitting on the fourwheeler. It sounds like crap now (muffled noises.) I bought a 3 year warranty but I have a feeling that it means nothing. Im not much of a complainer so I was just like “Oh well, muffled music while washing the dishes in no biggie.” However, the cheap charger completely bent where it is supposed to insert into the speaker. Again, No biggie I thought to myself. EXCEPT, no other android charger will work because the case is so thick you need a charger where the metal piece is supposed to go in. SO I have spent a lot of money for chargers for this stupid thing but they are all not long enough to get past the thick rubber case and actually go in the speaker and charge it. I wish I never bought this thing. I am only giving it 2 stars because it is a loud speaker if you want to just listen to jams in the house or maybe do a little yard work in it.-Savanna HurstRead more

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