0C125RRBPVF795 Jbl xtreme transportable wireless bluetooth speaker (blue)

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  • through getting into your version number.
  • listen the bass, experience the bass, see the bass. Dual external passive radiators reveal simply how powerful your audio system are
  • splash proof approach no extra annoying about rain or spills; you can even easy it with strolling tap water. Simply don’t submerge it
  • take crystal clear calls from your speaker with the contact of a button thanks to the noise and echo cancelling speakerphone
  • built-in rechargeable li-ion battery helps up to 15 hours of playtime and expenses devices via twin usb ports
  • wirelessly join up to 3 smartphones or capsules to the speaker and take turns playing earth-shaking, effective stereo sound
  • energy financial institution: yes; unmarried usb fee out: 1 x 2a; dual usb price out: 2 x 1a.
  • transducer: woofer 2 x 63mm; tweeter: 2 x 35mm

from the producer

you may consider jbl xtreme to convey the exhilaration anywhere you need it

packing a huge rechargeable 10,000mah li-ion battery that supports up to 15 hours of playtime and twin usb fee out, this speaker without problems continues your tune and your gadgets going for as long as you need them to.

you can trust jbl xtreme to carry the pleasure anyplace you need it – whether or not interior or exterior, poolside birthday party or outdoor barbeque – with its splashproof cloth design it really is to be had in black, blue, or red. It also capabilities a noise and echo cancelling speakerphone for clean convention calls, and jbl connect which can wirelessly link a couple of jbl join enabled audio system collectively to enlarge the listening experience.

dual outside passive radiators display just how powerful your speakers are.

splashproof approach no greater traumatic about rain or spills; you may even smooth it with jogging faucet water. Just do not submerge it.

take crystal clean calls from your speaker with the touch of a button thanks to the noise and echo cancelling speakerphone.

product description

jbl xtreme transportable wi-fi bluetooth speaker (blue)


Black, Blue, Camouflage, Red

5 reviews for 0C125RRBPVF795 Jbl xtreme transportable wireless bluetooth speaker (blue)

  1. Hezi

    I was replacing my amazing little Sony SRS X-33 with something I was hoping to be a big upgrade. I initially purchased a Sony SRS X-55 but something there was missing for the high price tag so I returned and after an internet research I set my mind on the UE Megaboom. While the Megaboom design and features were fantastic, it had a disappointing bass. I decided to stop at Best Buy for a quick survey of what’s available and what’s on display. My visit extended from 10 minutes to an hour. Best Buy has probably 20 portable wireless speakers connected to a music source one could test. Out of all the models, one shine above all the rest; the JBL Extreme. Best Buy didn’t agree for a price match so I decided to go home and buy it from Amazon.At home, I continued researching and I came across OontZ Angle 3XL ULTRA. One of the reviewers claimed to listen to it side by side with the JBL and wrote he and his friends picked it over the JBL for loudness and bass. I am not looking for loudness (though it can’t hurt) but I am looking for a rich and full sound. I decided to order the JBL and the Oontz. Today I was listening to the Sony, UE, JBL and Oontz side by side and here are my conclusions:#4 Sony SRS X-33: my little Sony still have an amazing sound, it just that it’s small and so is the sound.#3 OontZ Angle 3XL ULTRA: while louder than the Sony, the highs are not as clear as the JBL or UE and the lows are better than the UE but don’t come nearly close to the JBL (thank you dishonest reviewer with an agenda to glorify an undeserving speaker for probably personal profit)#2 UE Megaboom: the highs and mids of this speakers are fantastic and better then the JBL by a small margin. The design, waterproof built, size, battery charge via any micro USB are far superior to the JBL but the sound is missing on lows big time. Placing the speaker in a corner helps, but still, no pronounced base. More like a ghost of a bass.#1 JBL Extreme: while twice as heavy and large with an inferior tech in comparison to the UE, this was my speaker of choice. The sound is so rich and full, much superior to all the rest I tested. It worth noting it can get real loud and still sound fantastic. There are more features I didn’t mention like internal battery life and spec that does make a difference but I focused on what’s matters, the sound.I hope this helpRead more

  2. Curtis J

    I want to say first that this speaker rocks! It is loud with great quality sound. It only lasts about 6 hours with the volume all the way up. It also does not connect to the Flip 4…yet. I called JBL customer service and found out they are planning to update the software August 2017 to allow the xtreme to connect to the Flip 4.But BEWARE of Amazon units. The unit I bought from Amazon said “Europe” on the bottom of the box and there was no serial number on the speaker itself. However, I did not realize this until I bought a second unit from a local store. I like my xtreme so much that I wanted a second and there was a sale locally. When I got my second unit I saw that the UPC on the box says “Americas” and the speaker itself has a serial number on it. I added to pictures to show the box and serial number. In both pictures, the Amazon unit is on top.Update 6 Jul 17:The new one I bought that is an American edition has lasted much longer on the battery. I have not tested it straight, but I would say I have over 6 hours on it and still have over half battery. That is at about half to 3/4 volume. In the upcoming weeks I will be at the beach and I intend to do a full volume test to see how much life I can get.Read more

  3. Emanuel Griego

    Product worked great and I loved it. It’s the best sounding bluetooth speaker I’ve heard. I began having issues with it about a year after buying it. while on it would make a loud click sound and turn off. It is then unable to be turned on unless you plug it in to its power cord. This happens even when its fully charged and even when on and not playing music. While trying to get the problem fixed, I called JBL, they asked for a serial number and I found out my speaker does not have one. Makes me believe I was sent a knockoff and not a genuine JBL product. Very unhappy considering this was $300 when I bought it.Read more

  4. Adam

    Sound quality is great. Purchased in 2016. Can no longer recommend the product as it will no longer charge properly. Has to be plugged in so no longer portable. Contacted JBL and was told that since it was purchased via TechGiant on Amazon that they cannot help. This being my first of 3 JBL speakers is frustrating to know that they only last a couple years.Read more

  5. Junior

    I purchased this JBL extreme a little over a year ago. Battery started to have issues where it wasnt holding its charge or fully charging after leaving it plugged in. I decided to open it up and found that the battery was not 10,000 but a 5,000 mah battery named Great power. Now i have to keep it plugged in just to listen to it. Make no mistake the sound is awesome, but battery isn’t.Read more

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