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remaining ears growth 2 is the 360 degree wi-fi speaker that blasts loud, insanely terrific sound with deep, effective bass in each direction–anywhere you move. It changed into designed to get moist, muddy, and beat up. Partyup allows you to wirelessly hook up with up to 50 closing ears speakers and takes your birthday party wherein no other sound machine can go. Caves. Mountains. Lakes. Rooftops. You name it. It is waterproof*, shockproof and made from the sexiest and most uninhibited premium substances within the recognised universe. And with siri + google now voice integration***, you simply open your mouth and use your phrases — so in preference to achieving for your telephone, you may pick out up boom 2 so not anything comes between you and the track. *ipx7 rated water resistant (up to 30 minutes and a depth of 1 meter). ** calls for modern firmware & software replace.


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5 reviews for 0C125N90P9T185 Ultimate ears growth 2 portable water-resistant & shockproof bluetooth speaker – patches

  1. Ohrwurm

    I am on my third UE Boom. I have a background in digital film making and sound editing. I handle my equipment with care. No drops, no spilling, no kicking around. Nevertheless, all of my 3 Ultimate Ears booms lasted only for about 1 year, not even that. They look cool, but always same story: Without any apparent reason, from one day to another, they stop working properly and instead put out tinny, clanking, and weak sound. Sometimes it helps, when Bluetooth gets rebooted. I am done with this brand. Don’t know what the quality issues are, given thousands of great reviews. Either, they are selling counterfeits here on Amazon, which I happened to get, or the speakers are really built not to be durable.Read more

  2. FatDogOne

    My cousin’s daughter gave him a Boom 2 for Father’s day. He brought it over and we listened to it outdoors. Didn’t even know about the UE Boom App to upgrade firmware and the like. I was blown away by the clean and full sound from such a compact package. And it is H2O and shock proof too? Shut the front Door! I ordered one on Amazon as soon as he left and I got to my tablet. Not sorry I did. I’ve had this little jewel for a couple months now. Now, it ain’t gonna blow your hair back, but I’m out of that phase of my life anyway. I have no buyer’s remorse at all. As long as it keeps working the Boom 2 and I will be cool.UPDATE: Unfortunately my Boom 2 stopped connecting via Bluetooth after 6 months of service. I received excellent customer service from Amazon and received my replacement yesterday. I did miss my speaker. Good to have one again. It works great with my Tablet when I don’t feel like earbuds. Dilly.Update 2: 4/14/18: The replacement speaker I received never worked properly. The on/off and connection/disconnection sound the speaker is supposed to make never worked. This concerned me but because the Bluetooth function worked I let it slide. That was a mistake. I don’t know if I received a remanufactured Boom 2 speaker or what but 40 days after getting it (10 days past my return date) the Bluetooth feature failed to connect on this one too. I tried all of my Bluetooth devices with no joy. That makes me 0 for 2 with these speakers. Strange because my cousin’s Boom 2 is still going strong. Not only that but he has two Mega Boom speakers that are working well. They did drastically reduce the price of both the Boom 2 and especially the Mega Boom speakers at many audio/video stores a couple of months ago. Maybe it was just my turn to get “screwed in the drive thru.” My speaker still works by an audio cable but that sorta defeats the purpose don’t it. It also cancels the extra features that come with the Boom Ultra Ears app. It sucks to be me.Read more

  3. Wizekracker

    I’ve gone through many Bluetooth speakers trying to save money. Finally had the means to step it up a bit. I’ve been seeing these for several years and couldn’t justify spending the money. They’ve gone down in price since.What first sold me was being in a Verizon store, waiting to have my new work phone cloned and thought the music playing through their PA system was really good sounding. Thinking they must have had a BOSE sound system, then I found out it was one of these (just one) sitting on top of a display rack in the middle of the showroom filling the room with what I thought were high-end ceiling speakers.Though that wasn’t enough, I needed resilience due to my filthy work environment. Even in the office, magic black carbonated filth makes it’s way in and ruins everything, and I’m not a big fan of cloth mesh.What closed the deal was when I watched a couple YouTube video reviews. One in particular where a guy tossed his model in a mud puddle while it was playing, then washed it off in the kitchen sink. That sold me on it’s use at my work. I can clean it periodically with a soft dish brush and mild soap.Sound is subjective to people. I don’t think anyone’s gonna be satisfied when it comes to speakers of this size. You’re not gonna get the best of all worlds in something the size of a 22-ounce beer can. One company puts such an emphasis on bass, but it causes a drop in mids. Another is good for vocals, but bass is muddy and muffled. I prefer a clarity where I know the bass is there, but it doesn’t mean I have to feel it to be satisfied. The downloaded app will allow a user to tweak the settings to their liking with the EQ feature. I keep mine on “Confined Space” and it does well in my office, which isn’t confined.The build is rock solid feeling. I didn’t think I was gonna use the *slap* feature for pausing music. But low and behold, an incoming call comes in and it’s quicker to pick up the speaker and smack it than it is for my iPad to keep trying to read my fingerprint in order to pause through whatever streaming app is being used. About my streaming app, I subscribed to their monthly paid service so I can get a full 320Kbs quality to do this speaker it’s well-deserved justice.Something I noticed when doing my homework is a stronger marketing on the feature where one can link many of these together for a full-out house party, rather than it’s better features. Don’t know about most people, but there’s not many (if any) people in my circle that would see justification in spending this kind of money on a Bluetooth speaker. Must be a generational thing where someone has a three-digit priced speaker but can’t make their car payment. To each is own.This little treasure contributes to my favorite part of the work day. That’s when business is closed, I’m the only one left in the building when I can be uninterrupted, get into my zone and bang out three hours of administrative paperwork in 45-minutes. All while listening to my choice of music in really good quality.Three weeks into having it, average 1-2 hours a day, five days a week and it’s only at fifty percent. I read where some people haven’t been as lucky with battery life.Read more

  4. kosteg

    I have a JBL 3 which I am obsessed with and my boyfriend became obsessed with in turn. When his birthday came around, I was just about to order the JBL Charge but then saw the BOOM 2. After reading another customer’s lengthy review comparing the two, I went with the BOOM 2 because they claimed the sound quality was equivalent plus it’s smaller than the JBL Charge 3. It does sound great given its size BUT the JBL Charge 3 definitely has better sound quality. Maybe other people won’t notice the acoustics between the two but I am really nitpicky when it comes to sound quality. Wishing I would have just gone with the known and trusted product (JBL Charge 3).Read more

  5. James

    Ive had jbl speakers for years. I was looking into getting a updated bluetooth speaker. I read a ton of reviews about ultimate ears and this speaker hasnt disappointed me at all. It’s great sound.Read more

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