0C1259OOLUD236 Acer r240hy bidx 23. Eight-inch ips hdmi dvi vga (1920 x 1080) widescreen display, black

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  • by way of getting into your model range.
  • 23. Eight” full hd ips widescreen with 1920 x 1080 decision
  • reaction time: 4ms, refresh charge: 60 hertz, pixel pitch: zero. 2745 millimeter. 178 degree huge viewing attitude, show colours: 16. 7 million
  • the 0 body layout affords maximum visibility of the display screen from side to area
  • sign inputs: 1 x hdmi, 1 x dvi (withhdcp) & 1 x vga. Does not guide hdcp 2. 2, the version this display helps is hdcp 1. Four
  • no image visible the usage of the osd menu, regulate brightness and contrast to maximum or reset to their default settings. Brightness is 250 nit. Working strength intake: 25 watts

from the producer

beauty from all angles

the acer r240hy 23. 8” ips show indicates every detail truely and shiny with out coloration difference from any viewing attitude. Its zero frame design places no boundary for your visual leisure whilst the brushed hairline end stand matches any surroundings. It additionally supports vga, dvi & hdmi inputs so you can without difficulty power and increase the enjoyment from your smartphone or pill on complete hd display.

  • 23. Eight” complete hd (1920 x 1080) widescreen ips display
  • 178 degree viewing angles
  • 0 body design
  • -five to 15 degree adjustable stand
  • vga, dvi (w/hdcp) & hdmi (v1. Four) ports
  • functions

    this 23. Eight” lcd affords superb detail with a stunning 1920 x 1080 resolution, making it ideal for productivity and multimedia applications.

    ips provides superior in plane switching technology for premium colour overall performance at any viewing attitude.

    the 0 body design creates a completely unique visible enjoy without boundaries which is likewise ideal while adding 2 or greater monitors aspect-by aspect.

    with an smooth adjustment, the display tilts from -5° to 15° letting you pick the excellent sightline for media enjoyment and to have the first-class view feasible.

    with acer flicker-much less era say good-bye to stressful display flickering, and with a blue mild filter you’re protected from eye straining blue mild.

    designed with eco-friendliness in thoughts, the r240hy features acer ecodisplay layout that emphasize recyclability, waste discount, energy efficiency and protection.


    21.5-inch, 23.8-inch, 27-inch


    Monitor only

    7 reviews for 0C1259OOLUD236 Acer r240hy bidx 23. Eight-inch ips hdmi dvi vga (1920 x 1080) widescreen display, black

    1. Joshua Rhine

      This monitor is definitely a good value. Does it have superb color and contrast? No. Does it boast the best refresh rate on the market? No. But if you’re tight on money, this thing looks and preforms great for the money. It has a Matte screen which does a great job at eliminating glare. The chassis it’s enclosed within is absolutely stunning. It features a VGA and and HDMI port. The screen automatically detects signals and turns on when a source is turned on. When the selected source turns off it quickly scans and switches to any other sources. If no connections are available it goes into standby automatically. The power chord is a good 6 or more feet and easy to wrap with half of it being very thin wire. The ON LED is not distracting or too bright. When it’s off it looks like a borderless monitor. And unlike what other people say it does have tilt, just not forward or left to right. It stands up straight or leans back. Unfortunately it doesn’t have VESA mount holes, but under 100 you can’t be that serious about your monitor setup. Small text has some problems fully rendering when using VGA so I recommend using HDMI. If you use the Windows 10 settings to configure how text is displayed though it fixes this, but not all will know how to do that. It doesn’t have speaker, and I am thankful that most monitors don’t. This monitor has A LOT of settings for gaming, night use, color adjustments, and general settings and all can be saved into 3 different gaming profiles. You can even change what settings appear in the quick menu. When u press any of the menu buttons, the menu pops up and clearly illustrates all the buttons. This monitors menus are super easy to understand and navigate and that’s a rarity in its own. Also worth noting; it can display crosshairs and display the monitors current refresh rate. It also packs FreeSync for AMD graphics card users. If you only have DVI, you can get DVI to HDMI chords as long as your computer’s video out supports it. The base and monitor couple together with one screw that features a hand flap so you don’t need a screw diver if you don’t want to use one. It is decently sturdy and the screen doesn’t distort even when pressed on with strong pressure. The base is quite large, but wont be a problem for most. I haven’t noticed any screen delay compared to my 300 dollar 1ms response time monitor (and I’m pretty picky). It’s contrast is a little flat in some scenarios but appears much more dynamic in games, especially with some tweaking. With that said, I like that it looks flat when working on documents because it makes it much easier to focus.All in all, this monitor is filled with a good balance of features and looks like a very solid 1080p 75Hz IPS screen for any monitor under $160, let alone the $80 I paid. If you don’t absolutely need a better refresh rate and aren’t planning on spending more than 200 dollars then I would say just buy this monitor. It’s durable, feature packed, and looks fantastic in all use-case scenarios. I’d give it 1000 stars if I could.Read more

    2. Seth

      I’ve seen many other reviews saying this monitor does not tilt, but it in fact does. I’m guessing people didn’t take a close enough look at the hinge mechanism in the base, which attaches to the main display and allows for backwards tilt of approximately 15 degrees. The monitor is very light, thin, has small bezels, and produces reasonably good colors. It doesn’t have a vesa mount, but I knew that before purchasing it, and wasn’t planning to mount it. For $89, it is a great value.Read more

    3. Gergly

      Aside from my computer and PS4, this is probably one of the best things I’ve ever purchased. I use it every single day without error and everything always looks amazing. I’m a broke college kid and really needed something sufficient for PS4, homework, movies, everything really. I was torn between this and the HP pavilion and I have no regrets from picking this one! The screen is definitely big enough (perfect for having multiple pages open for homework) and is insanely vibrant and good quality for the price. I have absolutely no complaints, and even with a horrible $2 thunderbolt to HDMI cable for my Mac, it still looks absolutely amazing.Read more

    4. Rayna

      I bought two of these and enjoy them quite a bit. A few reviews complain about ghosting, which I experienced until I realized in the default settings on the monitors had “overdrive” or “OD” on. As long as you disable this feature you will no longer have ghosting trouble! Hope this helps anyone who bought these and was disappointed, I saw nothing online about fixing this issue other than figuring it out myself by chance.Read more

    5. Sam A

      I just got this monitor few days ago and setting up literally took a minute. Colors are so vibrant and bright. Darks are good and brights are rich. I work in a IT field and I’ve seen and used a lot of monitors, this is by far the best I’ve used till date. I’ve only used vga and it’s already better than using hdmi in most of the monitors. I can only imagine what it would be after using with an hdmi cable. Its a steal for the price I got.Read more

    6. George M McColgan

      I very rarely write reviews, but am so disappointed with this monitor, that I felt the need to warn others. Originally bought this last year to use for school and work. After a few weeks, started having issues with it turning off and repeatedly blinking in mid-use, as well as dead pixels in the middle of the screen. Contacted Amazon, and they sent a replacement and I returned the original. Again, a few weeks of perfect operation. Then on the replacement unit, the power and menu buttons stopped working. The only way to turn on and off was to physically unplug the unit. Contacted Amazon again, and they referred me to the manufacturer. After several attempts, I finally got a hold of a person. They said they would look at, but I would have to ship it back on my own dime, and they would not replace it. I declined (mostly because I didn’t have a box to pack it in, and was severely unimpressed with customer service).So I continued using it for several months with few issues. I stopped using it earlier this year, mostly because I got tired of the physical unplugging, and started using an old TV instead. Just now, went to fire it up again for my wife to use. After not touching or using it for the last few months, the screen is cracked in the middle, and as far as I’m concerned is unusable. And no, this is not a case of “oops I dropped it and now I’m going to blame the hardware.” I have other Acer electronics, and have been for the most part satisfied, but this monitor has been nothing but problems. Would rate less than 1 star if possible.Read more

    7. Henry

      I am somewhat satisfied with my purchase. The price was great, and looks great too. Easy to assemble. Came with vga and power cord. Colors look amazing, no annoying power indicator lights. The options menu is very easy to navigate. I didn’t want to do this, but I had to dock a star as it lacked the ability to tilt. It’s at a permanent position so I’m gonna have to stack an extra book below to go the position I want. Otherwise, 10/10Read more

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